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Winter has not even properly touched down yet and I am already annoyed. The first day of rain we had it started again. Babyice is waking up soaked every morning, Huggies Gold and all. I have no idea what to do anymore. Every morning we have to change his clothes. He seems to sleep through it, but he is wet and smells like pee and has to be completely undressed in the morning chill. WTF. I mean really! This is ridiculous. I really don’t want him not to drink a milk bottle at night. He loves it and it really soothes him and is a part of his night time routine. I thought I would take him off the bottle when he stops asking for it or says he doesn’t want it. I’m pretty sure the double nappy didn’t work for us last time, not to mention the different sizes and brands. Nothing works. Do I really have to resort to using feminine hygiene products with his nappy?! So frustrating!


Speaking of pee…For a while now I’ve been putting Babyice on the toilet before his bath. Usually nothing happens, even though he ‘pushes’ and plays with the toilet paper and as soon as you put him down in the bath he goes. I don’t want to push him to potty train. He will when he is ready. Last night I undressed him and when I came into the bathroom he had put the smaller toilet seat onto the bigger one and was trying to climb onto the toilet. I put him on the toilet and he started peeing! I was so elated! He actually managed to pee IN the toilet! I called Rudi to come look and he tried to stop him (afraid he would mess), so I kicked him out of the bathroom and clapped and told Babyice how very proud his mommy is of him. He peed some more in the bath, but he definitely has the right idea. The day mother said he was on the toilet this morning (she also has the smaller seat on the bigger seat) and when he got off the toilet he wet his underpants. When I was on the phone with her earlier he asked to go to the toilet, but didn’t pull his underpants down, so he sat on the toilet and wet the underpants. I’m happy he asked to go to the toilet when he needed to! We’ll work out all the details later 😀


Our flat was sold a while ago and the transfer of ownership went through last week. Over the weekend the new owner came around to do an inspection and have us sign a new lease. We scrubbed the flat from top to bottom for the inspection. The new owner showed me the contract and said that he would keep our rent the same amount it is now for the next year if we sign a lease for a year. We’ve been looking for another place for at least that long anyway and just couldn’t find anything, so we signed the lease. At least we know our rent will be the same no matter what happens in the next year.


Last week Monday Rudi dragged me to gym. I didn’t want to go. I hated every minute of it. I was exhausted and did not feel like exercising in the least. I performed dismally and managed to dodge going for the rest of the week. We’re going tonight again and I don’t feel as negative as I did about it before. Even though I’m sitting at my desk yawning right now, I hope it will be better tonight. I want to start doing yoga again too. I enjoyed that. The Monday night class is pretty full though and I am not sure if I am ambitious enough to haul ass to the gym on a Saturday morning at 08:00 for a yoga class. We’ve been able to get Babyice to sleep till around 07:00 some weekend mornings and I don’t know if I want to jump and and head straight to gym. I think I’ll peek into the class just before it starts tonight and see how full it is nowadays. I haven’t done yoga for months. It’s been too long.


P.S. Blogging about my cycle really DID help! New cycle started yesterday – 36 days, not far off the 32 days it was before we conceived Babyice. Hopefully it will stabilize in length now 🙂