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Party Time

So the party went beautifully. Despite the jumping castle we ordered having a big hole in it being replaced by a different one. Despite Babyice being in a particularly foul and tearful mood.Luckily the jumping castle guy noticed the problem before they delivered the jumping castle and called me to arrange a replacement before delivering it, well in advance of the delivery time.


I slept late, till after 9. When I got up I made up all the party packs. I have pictures of these since I used my phone camera to take the photos! I was really chuffed at how they turned out!


Ready to fold
In the box
All done!
Names from the top


I had a shower and was then picked up by my friend helping me with the arrangements who had taken half day at work for the event. We went to fetch the birthday cake and buy some chips and ingredients for the punch before heading to the day mother. The birthday cake wasn’t as awesome as last year’s one in my opinion, but it did taste good. Also, they gave us a voucher for the cake at the shop and we ended up getting it for free! That was quite a pleasant surprise 🙂


When we arrived at the day mother the kids were busy eating after they had slept. The jumping castle was laid out on the lawn ready to be switched on. Babyice was really happy to see me. Every time I left his sight he thought I must be leaving and would stand and cry on the spot, despite reassurance from me. Eventually we just brought him outside while we were setting up, which didn’t really help since he continued to cry every time I went to fetch something inside. We set up the tables and while we were busy the kids started showing interest. We switched on the jumping castle and they began having a blast. The jumping castle was quite a hit, for everyone except Babyice. I really thought he would love the idea of climbing up the one side and sliding/jumping/bouncing down the other, but he refused. ‘Mommy scared’. What he seemed to enjoy the most was playing in the sand under the tree and then playing with the water in a bucket that the day mother had given him to rinse his hands off in.


We managed to make the singing and blowing of the candle a big deal this year. Last year it was sort of an afterthought instead of being part of the party (hey, I’m new at this!). We had a bit of a fail when the time came to light the candle. Nobody had a lighter or matches! Luckily Rudi managed to dig some stray matches out of the car, but then we had to contend with the wind! We somehow got the candle lit and we started singing. Babyice seemed to realize that everyone was singing for him, so he smiled and dug his face into my shoulder (I was holding him at the time). He blew the candle (which Rudi had to re-light while we were singing). This time everybody got a piece of cake and we then handed out ice cream. The kids loved it! I bought 3 different kinds of ice cream and the kids all seemed to want a specific kind…I was lucky that I didn’t run out and that they each got the one they preferred! We then went to open gifts in the kitchen. Babyice is an awesome gift opener. He will tear the paper open and it doesn’t matter WHAT is inside he will stretch open his eyes and say ‘WOW!’. It’s so very adorable. He mostly got clothes, which is great, but for some reason most of the clothes purchased were size 3- 4. At least that means we can use it in future 🙂 My grandmother bought him the most awesome soft towelling night gown with a hoodie. It is blue with red warsaws (dinosaurs) on it. Babyice loves it (because he loves warsaws) and I love it because I love hoodies and have been looking for a gown for him for a while now. It has just been too hot for us to let him wear it yet 🙂


I think all the kids enjoyed the party. That was totally the point and I am happy with how it all turned out. We also didn’t run out of camera batteries or punch this time!


Here he is playing with his gift from us:


From Mommy and Daddy 🙂


And here is one other mobile picture I got…trying to eat his candle (and regretting it):




He was suitably dirty at this point from playing in the sand, getting wet, eating ice cream and being a boy.


He has been in quite a foul mood for the past week and a half or so and this didn’t lift for his birthday. It’s still happening. He slept poorly this weekend, but it has been sweltering with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees in our province yesterday. Around midnight last night he was hopping around our bed and keeping us out of sleep for quite some time. Not crying or moaning at all this time, but seemed to be in a playful mood when we wanted to sleep. He threw tantrums in church yesterday and another epic tantrum at home. We had to give him his dummy for most of the weekend, just to soothe him! You all know how I feel about that dummy. I’ve gotten him so far as to take it out of his mouth when he talks to me at least 🙂 He has also had a runny nose for a couple of days now. I wonder if his moods are not being caused by the infamous two year molars. They are the only outstanding teeth and are renowned for causing bad tempers. As it always is with teething, we shall have to wait and see. So much guesswork.


My weekend turned out to be more interesting than I anticipated. Rudi arranged a potjie with Lindor’s friends for Saturday. I did not want to go, but thought I would make a concession for him since he has been home  A LOT more than usual since the darts season has ended and Lindor has moved away. Just before we left Sarah contacted me and she was in need. Rudi took one look at me and said ‘Go’. This is indicative of how serious the situation is. I had to drop him and Babyice off at his friends and make a detour at the bottle store and ended up at Sarah’s place an hour after I had spoken to her.


We shared a bottle of wine and spoke. It was lovely spending an afternoon with her on a Saturday, something we almost never do. Despite the dire circumstances I enjoyed my afternoon there, but cut it short to honour my original invitation. We agreed she would come over that night after we were home for a little more girl time and comfort.


Today, although nothing weird has happened I have started getting that “anxious” feeling again. The beginning of that feeling I had when my blood pressure and heart rate were elevated and I thought I was going to die. I still don’t know why. Leebeesa gave me a mild sedative and it has taken the edge off. Perhaps it is work? There is nothing bad going on at work at the moment, but there is a continuous tension in my team which could cause it? One of the people I have conflict with most often is not here today and I started feeling this way after I knew that they wouldn’t be at work. This has been going on for months though…so it’s not recent.


Maybe it’s gym. I know we have to go back today. I was fine all weekend, then suddenly this morning again? Perhaps I am afraid of injuring my knee again. Or scared that it is not ready for me to exercise it yet. Maybe that is what is making me anxious. I don’t plan to swim at gym today at all…so that couldn’t be it.


What on earth could it be?!


P.S. Yes. I know I owe you party photos. I still owe you Christmas photos. Don’t hold your breath. I will do it. Promise!