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Party Planning!

In 3 short weeks Babyice will be turning 1! Can you BELIEVE it?! Almost an entire year has passed since I had him. Last year this time I was still working and still waddling around.

At first I was not going to have a party or anything. He is turning 1. He will not remember this at all. A colleague suggested I send some party packs with him to the day mother. This got me to thinking…I’d very much like to spend his birthday with him (I’ve taken leave), but it will be boring if we sit at home together that day. Even if I take him out somewhere, it’s not necessarily something I can’t do any other day. What to do? Drop him off at the day mother with some party packs and hang around there all day? Not ideal.

So the party planning began…before I knew it we’d booked a jumping castle. You might think that Babyice is too small for a jumping castle, but he isn’t too small to be held and bounced up and down on one (which he *LOVES*). I also had to consider the photos I would show him when he grows up. Photos of kids sitting around eating sweets is pretty boring. Photos of colourful a jumping castle with kids jumping up and down certainly isn’t boring! There are only about 10 kids to cater for, so it’s not too bad.

The day mother has agreed that we can have the party at her house. Apparently most of the kids do. I didn’t know that! She has plenty of space in her front yard for the jumping castle and beautiful green grass for the kids to play on. There is a large tree in the front garden providing lots of shade. This arrangement is actually perfect for a few reasons. All Babyice’s friends are there. I don’t know the parents of all these children, so inviting them to a separate venue could be awkward. All the kids are dropped off anyway and collected afterwards. The day mother will be there to help supervise. She was sure to tell me that I must send invitations so that the parents buy presents 🙂 (It didn’t occur to me!). Quite a few of the children that stay with her are her grandchildren, so she technically just incurred costs for her own kids! Although, fair is fair. I am throwing them a party.

My Evil Mother has volunteered to make windmills from ice cream cones and to bake cupcakes. I can say a lot of things about her, but she is a fantastic baker. She really is good at it and being a perfectionist inspires her make things beautifully. She will ice an entire cupcake/large cake one little piped star at a time. Her baking is also very delicious! She hasn’t ever baked the kind of cupcakes that will compare to something The Cupcake Lady makes, but for a kiddies party, she is awesome. Don’t worry. I’ll take lots of photos!

We still have party favours/packs to organize. We’ve already sorted out the smash cake and birthday cake. I thought we’d just get a platter or two for the adults and make a big punch for everyone to drink from. With some help from my friends and family I think we can do this!

For now the theme is Island/Summer. Any ideas for small party favours for boys and girls from ages 2 – 14? So far we’ve considered bubbles. We’ve had a look around at discount shops and found that this theme isn’t too easy to cater for. No pirate things please! It’s not a pirate party!