Stamped Christmas Nails

I was quite excited to see “Christmassy” stamping images on my new Pueen stamping plates and just knew I had to do a mani incorporating them!


For this mani I decided to lay down a base of red. I painted my usual base coat before I started to protect my natural nails, especially since I know this red stains. I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby on all my nails. ¬†I top coated my nails with Seche Vite and once they were dry i started stamping. The first couple of times I stamped it was really easy for me, but now that I have kickass plates and polishes I know work, I’m struggling a bit. I need more practice! On my ring finger I used Tip Top Armour Plate and PUEEN42 to stamp the Christmas ball. Does this photo look upside down to you? It is. I stamped the ball upside down by mistake, so turned the photo so it looked the right way up ūüėõ On my middle finger I stamped with essence white stampy polish and PUEEN36 to stamp the snow flakes. On my index finger I stamped with Tip Top Gold Digger and PUEEN45 to stamp the garland.





Even though this mani didn’t turn out badly, I wasn’t in love with it and was quite happy to take it off. I think I set the Christmas mani bar high (for myself) with my Christmas tree nails and for me this mani just didn’t make that standard.


Onwards and upwards! What do you think of this mani?

Photos From The Weekend

As promised, our photo from the family fun day at Ratanga Junction. Babyice looks so awkward!




This weekend Babyice wrote and posted his letter to Santa. He was so excited! It read:

Dear Santa, My name is Babyice. I am almost 4! I have been a good boy. I hope I am on your nice list. For Christmas can I please have a car with a control that drives by itself and crashes.

Love Babyice


Luckily I remembered to take pictures!




We also went to visit my mother this weekend. We took my grandmother through to see her and picked up a ton of clothes she had acquired for PrincessIce. The guest house where they are staying is also a wedding venue. It is really beautiful there. There are rolling lawns and beautiful gardens as well as a pool. We’ve decided to spend Christmas there since it is so gorgeous and has plenty of space for the kids to play and also to swim if we want. I snapped some pics:


Wire heart as part of the wedding decor


Rose petals for the bride and groom


Rudi and PrincessIce in the arch


On Thursday last week Babyice was sick. He started vomiting in his bed after he went to sleep and continued throughout the night. He stayed home with Rudi on Friday who was also booked off for a back injury. He was running fevers on Friday. Saturday night Rudi started feeling ill and also spent a lot of time hung over the toilet. He too was running temps yesterday! I think they both got a tummy bug! Seems to be a 24 hour thing though as they are both feeling much better today. Babyice has a low grade fever and is complaining of sore ears, but no alarm bells yet. I woke up with a sore throat and ears myself and I’m still very sore from my procedure last week. Really hoping to catch a break and that everyone is healthy soon!

About My Health

Disclaimer: This post may contain what you consider to be ‚Äėtoo much information‚Äô and if you are squeamish (or eating) I would advise you to skip it.


Last year I had a colonoscopy done and wrote about it here. The surgeon told me to come back in a year for another one just to make sure nothing else popped up. I fell pregnant about a month after the procedure so have waited quite a few months over a year to go again. To be honest I had to be coaxed/scolded into going again. I have been putting it off. It isn’t a nice procedure to have to go for. I was especially dreading the preparation. Flushing out your system can be unforgiving. I decided to have it done after our weekend away. We came back on Sunday night and on Monday I started with preparation for the scope.


I was allowed a breakfast of dry toast and boiled egg with black coffee. After that it was meds, water and jelly. I managed the not eating part better than I did last time. The evening was hard when the family came home and ate. Smelling the neighbour’s cooking waft through the open windows left me hungry and salivating. Even Babyice’s peanut butter sandwich smelled heavenly. Failure was not an option and I pushed through. From around 21:00 I stopped eating and drinking until after the procedure the next morning. My appointment was for 10:15. I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish to the procedure. That was almost as torturous as not being able to eat. I had all the time in the world to do my nails as I was at home, but couldn’t. In case you didn’t know (I only recently learned of this myself), doctors use the colour of your natural nails to monitor your oxygen levels when you are sedated. Apparently your nails turn blue if you are deprived of oxygen. Who knew?


The next morning I managed okay with not eating or drinking. I was a bit nervous, but instead of worrying about the procedure I started planning my first Christmas mani. We went in early as I knew there would be some paperwork to fill in and then I waited for the doctor to call me. I had only ever seen him once before. I forgot how kindly and soft he looked. We had a short consultation, he asked if there had been any other problems since my last visit and how old my baby was. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind terribly to keep me asleep the entire time this time (I wrote about waking up in the previous post). He assured me the goal was to keep me sleeping. He lead me to the procedure room and gave me a robe. I could leave on my top and my jewellery. He put a drip into my right hand and had me turn onto my side. He was adjusting things and preparing. He told me I would feel a little dizzy. I didn’t. I just kept thinking ‘I’m still awake, don’t start. I’m still awake, don’t start!’. I felt him gently shaking me at my shoulder “We’re done!”. And just like that it was over. They moved me into the room next door. I was still very groggy. I think the nurse offered me an extra blanket. I declined and dozed a little longer. It was a lovely little snooze. Once I felt awake enough I got dressed and went to sit with Rudi in the waiting room. The receptionist brought me a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten that I was given a sandwich last time too. I ate my sandwich and when I was done the doctor called me back into his office. He told me that everything is clear. He is satisfied that nothing awry is going on and wants to see me again in 5 years. He mentioned again that he was surprised to find something last time, but since I had already presented with a polyp it was likely that they will occur again. If left too long they can become cancerous, as was the case with my grandfather. It is something I’m going to have to keep an eye on for the rest of my life. At least I picked it up early and don’t have something dangerous lurking unseen.


Right after the procedure I decided to have KFC Zinger Wings as my first meal. Most stupid thing I have done in a long time. The meds from the previous day had not worked out yet and I found myself running to the loo often. I also think the doctor might have slipped because I have been very tender. Walking and sitting are very painful at the moment. Worse than after giving birth! I really hope that sorts itself out soon!


Anyway…I went. It’s over. I’m clear. Thanks for all the support and love from those of you who figured out what was going on x



Christmas Tree Nails!

Merry Happy December!


December time is one of my favourite times of year. The atmosphere everywhere changes as people shift into holiday mode and I’ve particularly looked forward to starting Christmas manicures!


My first Christmas manicure was inspired by Christmas trees. I wanted to create a Christmas tree effect on my nails. I bought the *perfect* green polish specifically for Christmas manis. The polish is made by Charlie and the shade is Daring. It is a dark green polish with a beautiful green shimmer. I started off with my regular base coat to protect my natural nails and painted the Daring on all my nails except on my thumbs. On my thumbs I painted one coat of essence magic carpet magnetic nail polish. I did not use the magnet. One by one on my green nails I painted a coat of Tip Top Rocky Road. I love this! The holographic hexes look like ¬†twinkling lights when I move my hands. I’ll post a video of this on Instagram. While the Rocky Road was wet, I placed a few of my Born Pretty Store studs on my nails to represent the decorations on the tree. On my middle nails I also used my star shaped studs to represent the traditional star on top of the tree. Once my thumbs were dry I used striping tape to tape off a “ribbon” pattern and painted over the tape with L.A. Girl Sands Of Time gold texture polish. I immediately pulled off the tape while the polish was still wet. I placed two leaf shaped studs on the tip of my thumb to decorate the top of the gift. I sealed everything in with two coats of Seche Vite to secure all the studs. The result:





This mani is very busy. Much busier than I’m used to wearing and it took quite some time for me to grow accustomed to it. I do think, however, that it represents the concept very well. It doesn’t get more Christmassy or Christmas tree like than this! As I do with all my manis, I will be wearing this one until it starts to look shabby (i.e. has a chip), while it is not easy to wear…it is Christmas damnit! Time to let it all hang out and celebrate!


I look forward to trying a few more Christmas manis during the festive period :) What do you think of this mani? Would you dare to wear it?

Highlight Of My Summer. Are You Jelly?

I got so much cool stuff for my nails from Born Pretty Store and also Pueen stamping plates (the Love Elements plate set). You can see a review and photos of the plate set on Ordinary Misfit’s blog here. We struggled to get our stuff through customs and there was quite a hefty pay in for the orders (Sanita and I ordered together). We waited quite a while for the parcels, but once they cleared customs we had them the next day. On the same day a rep from Maskscara came in to work and sold some goodies to the ladies there (including me, of course). I ended up with 5 China Glaze polishes and a spare Seche Vite top coat. What a day for nails! I got LOADS of studs, holographic polish, nail appliques and a dotting tool set…not to mention 24 new stamping plates in a cute leather pouch.


I couldn’t wait to use one of my new toys! I bought China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer which is a gorgeous neon mint green. I thought it would look great with my China Glaze Are You Jelly? I also had studs that matched both the polishes and that was the inspiration for this mani.


I painted a base coat on all my nails to protect them. I painted four coats of Are You Jelly? on all my fingers except my ring fingers. I know four coats seems like a lot, but jellies are really sheer and if you would rather not have visible nail line it takes a few coats to get it opaque. On my ring fingers I painted 3 coats of Highlight Of My Summer. Polishaholic moaned about the formula of this polish, but I honestly didn’t have issues with it. I even got away with a coat less than she painted. Perhaps she paints thinner coats than me. I did the studs one nail at the time. I used a regular clear top coat to prepare the nail for the studs and for the studs to “stick” to. I used a dotting tool with the tip dipped into clear polish to pick up and place the studs. It was quite tricky, but once I got the hang of it I managed to do it quite quickly. I used the 2mm square neon and square pastel studs that I bought from Born Pretty Store. I sealed everything in with Seche Vite. I used two coats of Seche over the studs to secure them well. This is the result:






I absolutely adored these nails! We went away for the weekend and I spent a lot of time in the water (we went to a resort with hot springs and jacuzzis). I was really chuffed with how well the studs stayed on. I was even able to scrub them! The polish started peeling off, but the studs didn’t budge. I ended up removing them when I removed my polish. I was quite impressed! The studs slipped off easily while removing my polish as normal. The remover took the colour off the studs, leaving them a shiny silver. If you were that way inclined you could keep them and re-use them as silver studs at a later stage :) I love the ‘texture’ of the studs too. It felt like ‘cobbles’ on my nails.


What do you think? Would you rock these? Do you like neon colours?

Revlon Nail Appliques and L.A. Girl Green Sand

When I won that Revlon hamper from Truworths and Revlon it contained some nail appliques. I have never used nail appliques before and even though I wasn’t crazy about the designs, I vowed to try them. Michelle suggested I use them as accent rather than trying a full mani since I wasn’t crazy about the patterns anyway.¬†I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my nails and while taking out my “equipment” I saw the nail appliques. I had a good look at them and looked for polishes that might match them. When I laid my eyes on my new green texture from L.A. Girl I knew exactly what I wanted to do!



I started off with the nail appliques. Let me tell you…it was a mission! Bear in mind that I have never used them before. They are basically stickers, but I struggled to find ones that fit my nails. My nails are narrow at the cuticle and kind of flare out towards the tips. Nail appliques are cut straight, so if it fit at the cuticle, it didn’t cover the entire tip and if it covered the tip, it overlapped my cuticles. In hindsight I probably should of cut them to size, but I was following the instructions, so I decided not to. I stuck and lifted them quite a few times, probably reducing their stickiness. You’ll notice that the accent nails on each hand are different, where I managed to get an applique to stick and look decent, that is where it stayed! I was beyond trying to get my accent nails to match! I ruined quite a few appliques with the lifting and re-sticking too. I guess it is something you have to get the hang of. It was pretty easy to file off the excess from the tips.¬†Once I finished struggling with the appliques, I top coated them with Seche Vite. ¬†The instructions did not say to add a top coat, but I thought it wise. I was proved right the next morning when I noticed the applique on my pinky lifting at the corners (I stuck it down with more top coat).


On the rest of my fingers I painted two coats of L.A. Girl Green Sand which is one of their textured polishes. I have mentioned I’m in love with textures, right? This texture is a lovely matte green. It does have glitter in it which was apparent to me during clean up, but not something that was very obvious on the nail in general. Despite that, I still loved it! The texture is similar to my China Glaze which I posted about here. I have two comments about the texture. Firstly, it took very long to dry. I am used to super fast drying manis now because I’m using Seche Vite, but this took even longer to dry than my China Glaze texture (obviously I didn’t apply a top coat to the texture). I knocked my nails quite a few time, but because texture is uneven anyway, it is easy to fix without having to remove and reapply the polish. As time wore on and the surface of the polish wore too I did notice a few bubbles in the polish. After scrubbing my nails I noticed a crater or two form in the surface. There were really only two over the entire mani and they could also be contributed towards user error, so I’m not at all blaming the polish. I am prone to bubbles with other polishes too and this is obviously due to the thickness of my coats or repeated strokes which is something I am working on.


I loved my mani so much, the next day I dressed to match my nails! The fabric in my hands on these pics is the dress I was wearing :)




Looking at the pictures now I notice that the appliques look like they might come from different sets. My right hand looks like they are from a purple set and my left hand looks like they are from a more peachy coloured set. They are all from the same set though. I did this mani on a Wednesday and I wore them through to the Saturday at which point the applique on my thumb was lifting at the cuticle.  Not bad wear if you ask me!


What do you think of this mani? Do you like textured polish?

Year End Function

As has been custom the last few years we went to Ratanga Junction for our year end function. The last few years it hasn’t been fun. Last year I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t really walk around much. The year before Babyice¬†was still a baby and Rudi and I couldn’t go on any rides together because we had to find someone to watch him if we wanted to do that. ¬†I didn’t really expect this year to be too different. We still have a baby to lug around and I wasn’t sure Babyice could go on many rides.


But then!


Babyice met the height requirement to go on the Monkey Falls! Monkey Falls is my favourite ride at the park. It is not quite as scary as the Cobra, but still thrilling and getting splashed on a hot day is just great! I went once on my own and when I got back I thought to measure Babyice and he could go! Rudi was hesitant to take him. Babyice can be a real cry baby some times. He is scared of things and cries easily, so taking him on something as scary and exciting as a theme park ride was a real gamble. He LOVED it! I took him next and managed to put my mommy brain aside for a while and we had an absolute blast!


We really had a wonderful day filled with ice cream, cold drinks, pizza, chips and candy floss. The family really enjoyed themselves. I’ll post our picture as soon as I’ve managed to scan it or take a picture of it :)

Elves Like Lilac

I drew some inspiration from Ordinary Misfit for this mani. She picked the essence Elves Like Lilac and OPI She’s Golden and I kind of decided more or less what to do with it. Some of it on the fly. I had been itching to use my China Glaze This One’s For You as well.


I started off with my Revlon base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of essence Elves Like Lilac, a gorgeous purple polish with a blue shimmer, from their limited edition Fantasia collection on all my nails except my ring and middle fingers. I painted those with one coat Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base for the OPI which is quite sheer. I painted two coats over the Snow Me White to give even coverage. The OPI has a gorgeous gold shimmer. The plan was to paint China Glaze This One’s For You over the Elves Like Lilac, but after painting it on my left thumb I decided to paint it over the OPI instead. The white polish looked very stark and “empty”. I was very happy with the result. This One’s For You has gorgeous iridescent glitter AND a hot pink shimmer. The pink shimmer was a lot more obvious over the Elves Like Lilac which is a pity because it really is gorgeous. Once I had finished that, the purple nails were just screaming for some white stamping, so I tried out all the images on my new essence plate. Stamped with my new white essence stampy polish. Apparently stamping straight is still a skill that I need to learn. Here are the results:






Overall I liked the way it turned out. It isn’t my favourite mani ever, but I didn’t hate it at all.


What do you think?

The Sicks

PrincessIce has been sick A LOT lately. Since 30 September she has been on four courses of antibiotics. It is one throat infection after the other.


I was taking her to a dispensing nurse since our medical aid has run dry and it is much cheaper than going to the GP, but two days after she finished the second course of antibiotics the nurse gave her she spiked a temp and we took her back to the GP. He prescribed more antibiotics (a different kind). I told him I don’t like putting her antibiotics so much, he empathized, but also said that he suspects she is picking up bugs at the day mother. R500.00 for medication. He noted that the antibiotics the nurse had given her aren’t very effective in our area as the bacteria circulating there have built up a resistance to the meds.


The next day she wasn’t keeping her antibiotics down and we were needing to overlap suppositories because her fever was going over 39 degrees every 5/6 hours. For two nights I sat with a shivering baby in my arms, debating about overlapping suppositories and waiting for the fever to subside. She broke my heart. At this stage we couldn’t administer any oral fever meds as she would just bring them up again. Same with the antibiotics the GP had prescribed, in and straight back out. We gave up trying to administer them again after they came up and tried mixing them in yoghurt. Nothing worked. The GP had said if she gets sick again quickly after this course of antibiotics (a 10 day course, mind you) we should take her to the paed. I was so fraught with worry, that I decided to take her to the paed anyway. How could the antibiotics do their job if she wasn’t keeping them down?


I took her to the paed and he gave her the once over. He then drew lots of pretty pictures for me on his iPad. He used to draw the pictures in blue ink on little blocks of paper, but he is very high-tech now. Has a special stylis and changes colours and everything! He explained to me what was causing the fevers. He said that it wasn’t a clear cut bacterial infection and the antibiotics might not be strictly necessary, so we should continue trying to give her the antibiotics and should not worry if she brings them up. He wanted to prescribe some cortisone over and above her medication, luckily I already had that from one of our previous trips to the doctor. He asked me to call him over the weekend to let him know how she was doing. If she hadn’t improved we would have to have another look. R630.00 for the appointment.¬†Wouldn’t you know that very night she took her antibiotics and kept them down without a fight? Murphy’s law.


So by trying to save money I ended up spending over a thousand rand anyway. How does the saying go? ¬†Penny wise, pound foolish. The paed did seem to agree with the GP regarding her recurrent infections. Without me telling him what the GP said he said he thinks she is picking up bugs at the day mother. He told me that some kids cruise through day care rarely getting sick, while others just get sick all the time. He said that things should get better once the warmer weather arrives. Maybe he should send a memo from his fancy iPad* to Mother Nature, she clearly hasn’t noticed that it is meant to be summer here already.


She has improved in leaps and bounds since then and is very pleasant, smiling and laughing. I phoned him on Saturday to give him the news and he was happy. She has been sleeping better for the last two days and hasn’t had a fever since Thursday. I’m completely shattered. The entire weekend I was like a zombie. I just wanted to sleep! I worked the weekend before last and I’m working this coming weekend too. I can’t wait till we go away the last weekend in November. Hopefully I can relax!


We also had a minor choking incident yesterday. Somehow PrincessIce managed to get a thick, long strand of tinsel stuck in her throat. I hadn’t seen her put it in her mouth, but realized she was choking on something. I positioned her over my arm and slapped her on her back to try and dislodge whatever it was. After a few tries she finally vomited out the tinsel. Luckily she could breathe, the tinsel wasn’t obstructing her airway, obviously just irritating her throat. By the grace of God I stayed calm and knew what to do.


Onwards and upwards!


*I know I sound a bit bitter, but I really love our paed (and his iPad).

Flip Flop Fantasy

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy is a bright neon orange creme. It is very popular amongst the international nail bloggers and at some point I decided I *needed* it. I waited a good while too since Maskscara were out of stock for a while. When I finally lay my hands on it I immediately painted my toes. It is stunning!!


Since it is a neon it is difficult to capture its true colour on camera. I tried my best though. I found when I put it next to black the camera went nuts.




In this photo it just looks peach! So I had to try it with a flash and got a much more accurate result:




I just knew my black and white glitter would look amazeballs over Flip Flop Fantasy and of course I wanted to mess around with the stamping some more, so I stamped an Aztec pattern from an essence plate with Sinful Colors Black on Black. The black and white glitter is Loreal Top Coat Confetti. It isn’t available in SA as far as I know.


I got loads of compliments on this mani. Strangers literally stopped me in the shops to get a closer look. I think it helps that it is neon and a lot more eye catching. Everyone that stopped at my desk at work for whatever reason noticed it and most wanted to know how I did it, even people who are not at all interested in nail art at all (guys!).


I absolutely loved wearing this colour and this mani. I can’t wait to do something with it again. What do you think? Do you like neons? Would you wear this colour?