Neon Skittle for Summer Day

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Hi everyone! I have a very bright mani to show you today. We had a “Summer Day” at work where we were asked to dress up with bright and summery outfits. Of course, I had to do a neon mani! It was a nice day. Even though we still had to work (of course!) we all got ice cream and there were chocolate fountains with marshmallows, watermelon, kiwi and strawberries. Later in the day one of the guys that works here and DJs on the side whipped out the decks and played some music for us. There were people playing dominoes, pool and cards. There was also a photo booth, but we haven’t seen the pictures yet. Let me show you the mani 🙂

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I pulled out all my neons for this one! I think I’ll show you the picture first this time and then tell you which polishes I used.

China Glaze and L.A. Girl Neon Skittle

On my thumb I’m wearing 4 coats of China Glaze Neon & On & On. While this is a stunning colour the formula is terrible. It is a watery streaky polish and I needed 4 coats for it to be nearly acceptable. All the studs used here are from Born Pretty Store (purchase here*). On my index I’m wearing 2 coats China Glaze That’s Shore Bright. The formula on this polish is about the best from all my China Glaze neons. I found it very easy to apply, opaque and even. My stud is off centre here. Sheesh!  On my middle nail I have 3 coats of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. Man I love this neon! Formula is a little tricky as the polish dries fast and it is easy to create bald spots, but I generally get it to look ok with 3 coats. On my ring nail I am wearing 3 coats of L.A. Girl Leap. This is a great neon green. No formula issues, but it is a bit sheer so I used 3 coats. The stud formation on this nail was my absolute favourite thing about this mani! I really liked how it came out 🙂 On my pinkie I’m wearing 3 coats of China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts. This polish is a jelly, but it is quite opaque. Jellies often need 4 coats to hide visible nail line, but this one you can get away with 3. I sealed everything in with Seche Vite.

What do you think of this mani? Bright enough for summer day?

*Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)

Las Vegas Lights Butterflies

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Hi everyone! Happy Friday and happy Halloween to those that celebrate! I’m working this weekend, so it isn’t much of a Friday for me, but I’m sure it will be over in no time and then I’ll have two weekends off again. Yay! Before I show you my nails of the day, I apologize in advance for any crap photos. I struggled my bum off to photograph these. I’m not sure if I was just having an off day or what. The bottle shape was so awkward to hold and when photographing the holo in the sun I could not see my screen at all, so it just sucked overall. Let me show you what I did for my last Pink October mani.

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Ice Box Las Vegas Lights (gift) on all my nails except my middle fingers. Las Vegas Lights is an awesome pink linear holographic polish. The formula on the Ice Box holographic polishes is outstanding. The full size bottles also come with a very wide brush (even wider than the essence brushes), so you can cover almost any nail with two strokes, you just need to be careful not to leave too much polish on the brush. On my middle nail I painted a silver polish (a mini L.A. Girl silver with no name) and then two coats of Rimmel Shooting Star. Shooting Star is a silver textured polish with small silver hex glitters in a silver base. The formula was easy to work with and it dried well. The texture isn’t very rough to the touch, but you can definitely see it. Once my nails were dry I place a butterfly decal from luckystarstyle on my ring nail. These decals apply quite differently to the Born Pretty Store decals I showed you here. You adhere these exactly like those temporary tattoos you get for children. You remove the protective plastic from the decal, stick it on your dry polish and dampen the decal with a wet cloth. The backing will easily slide away once the decal is stuck to your nail. These decals have clear backgrounds, so they show up best over lighter polishes. You should cut out the decal as close to the design as possible so that there isn’t any excess. This one can’t be cleaned up with acetone after it is stuck down. Also, once you place it on your nail you can’t lift it again, so be sure to place it exactly where you want it the first time. I used a fan brush dipped into Born Pretty Store Holo #7 to brush over my thumb, index and pinkie nails. You cannot see the fan brushing at all, but it did scatter the holo somewhat and add a bit more silver to the holographic effect. Nobody else is going to know it is there though. I sealed everything but the texture with a coat of Seche Vite. The results:

Ice Box Las Vegas Lights, Rimmel Shooting Star, Lucky Star Style Decal

Lucky Star Style Decal, Rimmel Shooting Star, macro

Lucky Star Style Decal, Rimmel Shooting Star, Ice Box Las Vegas Lights

I’m not sure if you can tell from the last pic that the holo is different on the pinky/index and the ring nail. I had something different on my middle nail before and really hated it. I wanted to take everything off. I realized that the middle nail was what was bugging me though and after changing it to the silver texture I am much happier with how this turned out. I absolutely adore this Ice Box holo and these pink butterflies look so cute on it!

What do you think of this mani? Be sure to let me know in the comments below 🙂 Thanks for reading!

With Age Comes Moisturizer

Hi everyone! Is it me or has this year just flown by in a blur? Just as the past few years have. It seems the older we get, the faster time passes. The sands are running through the hourglass at a frightening speed and with age comes moisturizer…

When I started doing my nails, it came with a whole lot of routine maintenance. A lot! I couldn’t have bothered with half of it, but the more I posted photos of my nails and trawled nail sites online, the more self conscious I became about the state of my cuticles and the more dedicated I became at performing said maintenance. Have you woken up? Moisturize your cuticles! Did your hands touch water? Moisturize your cuticles! Do your hands feel dry? Moisturize! Are you going to sleep? Moisturize your cuticles! Rinse. Repeat. Every day. Moisture, moisture, moisture. Many products have been tried and tested and I have found a few I think work for me and I’m sticking to them.

At some point it dawned on me that I was paying so much attention to maintaining and beautifying my nails and cuticles, which people do not necessarily even notice in person, but I was doing nothing to or for my face. So I started to apply bio oil as a moisturizer. I didn’t see/feel it making much difference, so applying it diligently tapered off into not applying it at all.

I received a call from Isabella Garcia offering me a free gift as one of my friends had apparently nominated me. One of the questions to check if I “qualify” was whether or not I have a credit card. Alarm bells! I figured this was probably one of those things where they send you something and then phone you again later to bully you into subscribing to something or buying stuff here’s looking at you Platinum Life. Since I am one of those suckers who cannot say no, I accepted and answered questions about my skin type, issues and products I use. I received the delivery a few weeks later with no less than 10 different tubes of products. I was overwhelmed. So many things! 3 different types of cleansers (i.e. mask, exfoliating and foam wash), a few different moisturizers and other special lotions and potions for my face. I thought I would start with the basics: cleanse, tone and moisturize. I added the specialized products that are to be used once or twice a week in gradually.

To be completely honest, I don’t think that my skin has improved dramatically at all. I’ve been using the products for about 3 weeks and I am neither here nor there about their efficacy. I do, however, feel better that I am making some sort of attempt at taking care of my face. It has also gotten me into a morning and evening routine of moisturizing and I have added moisturizing my heels into that routine, leaving me all nice and soft.

I am also making a point of applying eye shadow every day. I’ve watched some YouTube videos on how to make smokey eyes and bought a few strategic brushes to help me do so.

All of this is work. Work I never used to do before. Work I didn’t feel was necessary before, but that I feel is absolutely essential now. Getting old just seems to add more and more effort into making ourselves feel and look acceptable (to ourselves) and what we perceive others to expect of us.

My Isabella Garcia samples are starting to run out and I am considering purchasing products to replace them. I’m not sure exactly what I will replace them with, I have colloidal silver soap which was recommended to me that I can use to cleanse…what I’m looking for is a good moisturizer that is inexpensive and won’t cause an oil slick on my face. My skin is quite oily, even more so in summer, so I need to use something with effective oil control. Any recommendations?


All of this has left me asking, who am I even?

Tip Top Gradient Stamping

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Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend? It is slowly dawning on me that Christmas is coming faster than you can say ho ho ho. I am not ready for it to be Christmas, but I am always ready for Christmas nails! That aside, for the mani I want to show you today I tried my hand at gradient stamping. I was seriously impressed when I saw someone doing this on a YouTube video, but it took me ages to get around to trying it. Let me show you how it turned out.

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted 2 coats of Tip Top Grecian Urn on all of my nails. Grecian Urn is a gorgeous metallic bronze coloured polish with a pink colour shift. In direct sunlight you can even spot a sparse holographic shimmer which is beautiful! The formula is good, but you need to apply it carefully to avoid brush strokes. If you have too much polish on your brush this will also cause an uneven finish so make sure to wipe enough off before applying it to your nails.  Once my nails were dry I used the bottom image of PUEEN 26 to stamp over all of my nails. I used Tip Top Crushed Grapes and Sherbet Angel to create the gradient in the stamped image. I wish the Sherbet Angel showed up a little better over the Grecian Urn, but since this is a first attempt I’m going to give myself a break 😉 I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:

Gradient Stamping over Tip Top Grecian Urn


Gradient Stamping Macro


First of all, can we please take a moment to acknowledge the absolute awesomeness of my new macro lens? Wow. I’m so blown away by the macro photo! Such an awesome little gadget! No buyer’s remorse over here. I ordered my macro lens for my Samsung SIII here. As I mentioned before, I wish the Sherbet Angel showed up a little better over the base, but other than that I like how this mani turned out. It really is beautiful and one of my colleagues even referred to it as “exquisite”. So much love for that! Next time I do a gradient stamp I’ll be sure to use a lighter base and hopefully pick up some better contrast.

Be sure to let me know what you think of this one in the comments!

Kicking the Antibiotics

Early last month I posted about trying to get my children off what felt like constant antibiotic use. The post was well received and I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one worried about this. I realize that the weather is starting to warm up and that means less illness, but it is allergy season which has meant illness and infections for us in the past.

Since that post was published I have not taken the kids to the doctor once. They have had the snots, coughs, pukes and fevers since then…but never seemed limp and unable to play, so I held out and they recovered on their own. I still make use of over the counter medication and the kids are both taking an antihistamine to try and prevent allergy related post nasal drips which become monster coughs.

Another thing that has coincided with this is that we no longer have our family pet. I suspected for a while that having our cat was contributing to the problem. The children at the day mother where my children were picking up their germs were not constantly on antibiotics, but recovered on their own. The only logical explanation to me was that something environmental was aggravating my children’s condition to the point where they develop an infection. I am not saying that none of those other children have pets at home, but I was always aware that Elijah is susceptible to chest infections and it made sense to me that something he was inhaling could cause his condition to escalate. Yes, it could also have been grass, dust and a million other things. Testing for allergies is very costly, so finding out exactly what was setting them off was not financially viable.

We had Amber for many years and she was getting old. She had lost both her canines and was struggling to jump out of the window and up onto the bed. Amber was the first in our family who knew I was pregnant. It might sound weird, but she started sleeping by my tummy before I even took a pregnancy test. This was out of character for her. She always slept with Rudi and I found it strange that she suddenly wanted to sleep with me. After I took the test and she did it again, I made the connection. Once we bought the pram, she started having behavioral problems. She urinated in the pram more than once and she started defecating in the house. Since this started happening the moment we brought the pram into the house, we thought she was not having any of this new baby. She had lived through the arrival of one baby and refused to take this news in her stride. We tried to find her a new home for over two years, but nobody wanted her. We put a sign up in the local vet with a picture of her and a short explanation of why we could not keep her. Not one person called. Rudi and I fought about this constantly. I was unhappy, the kids and myself were constantly sick, our cat was acting out, our house constantly stank of cat urine (to the point where neighbours walking past our house commented about it) and we were at the end of our tether. My grandmother suggested we contact the animal anti-cruelty league and said they would likely be able to try and find a home for her. I called them and the lady that answered said we could bring her through and they would see what they could do. Rudi and Elijah took her early the next Saturday morning. Rudi said they examined her and said she was around 12 years old (we never knew her exact age as we started caring for her when she was no longer a kitten) and there was no way they could find a home for her and that they would put her to sleep. Rudi returned home without her. We were very sad. She wasn’t just a part of our family for around 10 years, she was also Elijah and Gabby’s first pet.

So far kicking the antibiotics is going well. I think a combination of a) the medical aid being depleted b) me not panicking at the first sign of a fever c) the onset of summer d) no more pet hair/dander to contend with and e) finding over the counter medication that works for us have all contributed to it going well so far. I know it has not even been 2 months and we have gone this long without antibiotics before, so you may think it is too early to assess. You might be right.  The reason I’m posting this now already is because we have experienced scenarios in this last two months that usually resulted in a visit to the doctor and a prescription for antibiotics, yet here we are. I don’t think they will never need antibiotics again. I’m sure they will. I hope to strengthen their immunity by letting their body fight these germs. It might take them a little longer to recover and it might still be costing me a small fortune in over the counter medication to alleviate their symptoms, but I am sure as their immunity increases this will pay off in the long run.

Have you tried to kick antibiotics? How did it go?


China Glaze Neon Dotticure

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Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having a splendid day 🙂 Today I want to show you a mani that just made me smile every time I looked at it. I don’t think it is a secret that I love neon colours on my nails. I have a number of neon polishes, mostly pink and purple mind you. I recently purchased another neon China Glaze and thought it would look great as a dotticure. Let me show you what I came up with.


I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted 3 coats of China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave on all of my nails except my ring and thumb nails. Peonies & Park Ave is a gorgeous dark pink neon. It dried a shade or two darker than it looks in the bottle, but I really love it. It dried matte as most neons do. The formula was a little tricky to work with as the polish dries really fast and if you go over the same spot twice it tends to leave bald spots, but with careful application you can avoid that. On my ring and thumb nails I painted 3 coats of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. This polish has a similar formula to Peonies & Park Ave. It is my favourite neon polish! I don’t love orange polish in general, but this orange holds a special place in my heart! It is simply gorgeous, so gorgeous that cameras struggle to capture the true colour. Sorry about that 😉 I dotted all over my nails alternating the colours using my largest dotting tool. I gave the dots a minute or two to set and then dotted over the largest dots again with a smaller dotting tool and the alternating colour. I have always loved these kind of dotticures when I’ve seen them online…I like to think of it as ‘dotception’. Yes, I’m making bad jokes. I felt like the pink and orange kind of hurt my eyes and I needed to break it up with something and to tie everything together nicely, so I pulled closer China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer and a small dotting tool to make random dots in the empty spaces. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:


China Glaze Neon Dotticure


This mani was so gorgeous and got me into the mood for summer big time! I really love the colours and love how they looked together. Big thumbs up!

What do you think of this mani? Do you like neon colours? Remember, you don’t need a dotting tool to create dots on your nails. Any household item from a ballpoint pen to a toothpick can be used as a dotting tool. Experiment on paper to see what size the dots will be when using different household items 🙂

Born Pretty Store Review – Full Nail Water Decals

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Born Pretty Store Full Nail Water DecalsHi everyone! Today I have a review for you from one of my favourite places to shop online – Born Pretty Store! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have seen that I often feature nail art using supplies I have purchased from Born Pretty. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to review for them! They offered me full nail water decals to review. I was a little apprehensive since I had purchased full nail water decals from them before, but I struggled to use them and they were gathering dust in my drawer. Since our post office has been on strike forever and a day it took a full two months for the decals to arrive. I was very happy to finally receive them and enlisted the help of a seasoned blogger, Emily who blogs over at Very Emily, and she gave me some awesome tips that really helped me to apply these decals. The application and use of the decals was the same for both sets. Let me show you!

I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. For the nails I planned to apply the decals on, I painted 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Both of these decals had a white background around the designs so applying white undies was a good idea. I painted complimentary colours on my accent nails and thumbs. I will state the polishes used for each under the photos. I also used two coloured 2 mm rhinestones, also purchased from Born Pretty Store (here), placed vertically close to the cuticle on my accent nails. Once my nails were dry I set to work applying the decals. Something that I was very nervous about was trying to figure out how to cut them to size before applying them. I am completely useless at it. Emily advised me that they don’t need to be perfect as you can also clean them up using a clean up brush and acetone. Eureka! I cut the decals out to match the size of my nails. I removed the plastic film over the decal and held them in water with a tweezer (the instructions say to use warm water in winter). After about 10 seconds the decal slides off the cardboard backing allowing you to apply them to your nail. The decals are quite sturdy and I wasn’t worried about tearing them at all.  I dipped my nail into the water and placed the decal over my nail. I used some paper towel to absorb excess water and blew on my nail to dry the decal further. Once most of the water is removed the decals become somewhat sticky which prevents them from slipping around. I used a nail scissor to cut off the excess at the tip of my nail. I left a tiny bit of decal at the tip and wrapped this around my nail and held my clean up brush dipped in acetone under my nail, this “melted” the decal slightly and let it stick. Instantly wrapped tips! I cleaned up around my cuticles as usual with a brush and pure acetone, also removing any part of the decals that were out of place. I did not want to top coat them with Seche Vite as I was afraid it would wrinkle the decals as Seche is known to shrink. Emily advised me to use a non fast drying top coat and once it was dry to use the Seche Vite over it. This worked perfectly! The results:

Born Pretty Store Full Nail Water Decals

Accent nail is 3 coats of Maybelline Portebello Pink (gift) – Purchase decals here.

Born Pretty Store Full Nail Water Decals

Accent nail is 2 coats of Revlon RevlonÂź Red – Purchase decals here.

After figuring out how to use these decals the application is fairly easy and I can’t wait to dig out the previous decals I ordered to use them! I was SO in love with these and receive loads of compliments. A friend called me out and texted me in the middle of a meeting saying ‘Stop staring at your nails!’. I just couldn’t help it! They are so beautiful! Decals take your nail designs to another level. I love the variety of designs and the colours and detail you can achieve using them.


Born Pretty Store is a one stop shop for nail art supplies and they sell a host of other items as well. Whenever I have had to interact with their customer services I have had good service from them. I have never been dissatisfied with anything I have ordered from them and recommend them to friends often. If you are not a registered customer, I have an affiliate link in the sidebar that you can use to sign up. I also have a 10% discount code that you can use to get 10% off any non discounted items. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide for free! I pay $3 for a tracking number as my postal service likes to lose things, but I don’t think $3 is very much at all.


You can check out Born Pretty Store on their website and social media channels:



(affiliate link)



They run weekly competitions via their Facebook and Instagram accounts, be sure to check them out!

Abstract Cherry Blossom Nail Art

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Keeping with our pink October theme I decided to try out cherry blossom nail art. I’ve seen this around and definitely wanted to try it out. I did a little research beforehand and looked for tutorials. The search was a bit daunting. I found amazingly beautiful nails and some that were not so great, so I felt a bit intimidated knowing that it could turn out looking meh. The last time I did flowers I felt they looked a bit like fried eggs, so I decided to make these flowers more abstract to try and avoid that. Let me show you what I came up with.


I started off with a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted 4 coats of Tip Top Cream Puff on all of my nails. Yes. 4 coats. Cream Puff is a sheer off white jelly and I only felt comfortable with the opacity and evenness at 4 coats. 4 coats is a real challenge for me. I don’t want to go over 3 coats of the same colour, but with jellies you often don’t have a choice. My problem with 4 coats is that it makes drying a challenge, even if you add a fast drying top coat, it is still a problem and takes longer than usual to dry. I used an unnamed brown polish with UShine printed on the bottle and a striping brush to free hand the branches. I used China Glaze Dance Baby and a small, wide flat brush to try and sweep “flowers” onto my nails. They mostly came out looking like large round blobs, but I managed to get them to look irregular. I went in with the same brush and Revlon Optimistic to add darker pink centers, but this didn’t work out so well, so I grabbed the striping brush again and managed to fill in darker pink portions and even some smaller dots. I took some essence mr. big glitter and randomly added this over the flowers. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:

Cherry Blossom Nail Art


The photo doesn’t really do these justice. The glitter made them sparkle really nicely in the sun and they just looked nicer in person. I enjoyed wearing these. I was really chuffed when one of my colleagues bumped into me, she always looks at my nails and said “I love your cherry blossoms!”. I was so stoked that she knew exactly what I was trying to do without me telling her! Even Rudi looked at these and instead of saying that they look “fine” which is his usual response to my request for his opinion, I actually got a “Nice!”, even though he thought they were “roses”. At least he knew they were some type of flower.


What do you think of this design? Would you have figured out these are cherry blossoms?

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Nails

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Hi everyone. Happy hump day! 15 October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day. Despite having lost a baby myself, I was not aware such a day existed until this year! I actually came across some ladies discussing it in a polish group on Facebook of all places. They were asking who was going to do manis for the cause and some voiced their frustrations about how this day gets lost between all the breast cancer awareness stuff that goes on in October. It only seemed fitting that I would do a mani for this. So very many women are affected by pregnancy and/or infant loss. I can mention a handful of women I know off the top of my head. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time will know Jamie’s story and how my pregnancy with her came to an end at 22 weeks on 5 November 2008. I can’t believe that it all happened 6 years ago, sometimes it feels like it was a lifetime ago. We still observe her birthday every year and speak openly to the children about her.


The awareness logo is a pink foot and a blue foot and the awareness ribbon is half pink and half blue. I tried to incorporate those aspects into my design. Let us see what I came up with. I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted 3 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White on my thumb, middle and ring nails. On my index nail I painted two coats of China Glaze Dance Baby and on my pinkie I painted 2 coats of Tip Top Beach Babe. Once my nails were dry I used Snow Me White and some cling wrap on my index and pinkie nail to try and make whispy clouds. The “sky” nails symbolize the heavens and home of our angel babies, I made both pink and blue for boys and girls. On my thumb I placed 2mm pastel studs that I purchased from Born Pretty Store (purchase here*) over tacky top coat to form the awareness ribbon. I stamped the pink foot on my middle nail with an image from PUEEN 30 and essence sweet surprise colour changing polish. In the awareness logo there is a left and a right foot. I thought to make a decal to reverse the stamp. I did make a decal, but was so frazzled when I removed it from the stamper (I feared I was going to tear the decal, ruin it and had no time to redo it) that I just put it on my nail without thinking to reverse it or flip it over. I’m quite annoyed with myself for not having the presence of mind to do this. I could have saved myself the trouble of making the decal and just stamped it straight onto my nail and it would have looked the same as it does now. So here we are with two right feet. The blue foot was stamped with essence wonderlicious green colour changing polish (gift). If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make decals on your stamper, look here. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Despite the two right feet,  I like the way these turned out. I think they are very cute 🙂


I read an article the other day titled Confessions of a funeral director: The silent grief of miscarriage. The article struck a chord with me and I think people should read it. I used to think my loss was “not as bad” as someone experiencing a still birth or having a baby live for a few hours, days or weeks, months. I’m not sure why I minimized my grief that way. The bottom line is, there was a baby who had the world of possibilities and an entire life before them and that all disappears. All the hopes and dreams for that life that could have been are gone and there is no shame in grieving that, whatever the stage of the life that was lost.


To all the mommies of angel babies, you are not alone *hugs*



*Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)

Grazia Unnamed

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It’s Monday again, isn’t it? I worked the weekend and am totally pooped! I took leave for tomorrow, just to have a small break. I can’t wait! Today I have the other half of the Grazia duo I purchased earlier this year to show you. Remember I used the green in a challenge mani in May? This is the other polish that was in the pack I bought. There are no names on the polishes, so I am just describing them by their colour.


I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my nails. I painted 3 coat of the pink Grazia polish on all of my nails. This polish was a little sheer and felt like a jelly to me, which is why 3 coats were necessary to obscure any visible nail line. I stopped at this point because I knew I planned to stamp over it, which would compensate for any transparency.  Once my nails were dry I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and the left hand image on PUEEN 34 to stamp on all my nails except my ring finger. I placed a square 3 mm patterned stud purchased from Born Pretty Store (purchase here*) at the cuticle on the accent nail. I chose the pink and black stud as it matched the polish. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:



If you look at this photo, you will probably be thinking this looks pretty red. It does, doesn’t it? In person it may even look like a bright, dark orange. It really looked pink in the bottle, but it totally went bright red/orange on me. This is neon pink jelly just like China Glaze Rose Among Thorns and I suspect that it might have been more pink if I had layered it over white. It became more red/orange with each layer I applied. So, even though it looks red/orange, the intention was totally to stick with my pink theme for October! The fact that it turned out red/orange doesn’t count 😛 It also has me completely doubting the colour in the stud. I’m not sure if it was pink and it just seems to blend because of the surrounding colour. I am definitely going to try and layer it over white when I use this polish or Rose Among Thorns again as I am not crazy about the colour of these polishes on their own.


What do you think of this colour? I really love jellies, pink and red polishes, but somehow these colours I just don’t love. I wonder if part of the reason I feel this way is because I expected them to be pink and they turned out more red/orange when I painted them. Maybe I was a bit disappointed by that. I won’t let them go just yet. I will first try them over white (which will also require less layers of the actual colour) and might just change how I feel about these 🙂


*Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar on the right to register on Born Pretty Store, as well as my 10% discount code for non discounted items :)