Sleeping, scones and scared

We had an accident free potty training weekend! Babyice is doing very well with the potty training. The day mother is very impressed with him. Remember, she has been potty training children for the last 30 years, so she has a good idea what to expect. She didn’t expect him to catch on so fast and thought it would take him a lot longer to get the hang of things. I am super proud of him.


On Saturday he slept till 09:30! Officially the latest he has ever slept! He did wake up earlier than that and came to bed with us and asked us to watch DVDs, but we told him we were still sleeping and eventually he relented and went back to sleep with us. We woke up again before he did!


My sleeping beauty


I baked cheese scones on Saturday and also felt like having bread and butter pudding. Someone had tweeted about it and I wanted some. I found an easy recipe online and managed to make it with ingredients I already had in the house. I’ll definitely make it again. Our little monster has decided that creeping into bed with mommy and daddy at night is a good idea. On the one hand I don’t mind snuggling with him when he isn’t kicking me, but on the other hand I think we need to get him back into his sleep training routine. It is getting mighty cold as winter starts to set in and it is so nice for us all to be snuggled up together.


Cheese Scones



Leebeesa from Pink Penguin Jewellery made me a new chain for my bola so that I can start wearing it again once I’m further along:


New Bola Chain


I was booked off from work on Friday. After having a really bad runny tummy from Tuesday, I finally relented on Thursday and went to the GP. My regular GP wasn’t in the office, so I opted to go to the GP that usually sees Babyice. When Babyice saw him he said ‘My doctor!’. I thought that was SO adorable. It is the same GP that stitched up his face after his accident and they have been a pair ever since. He diagnosed me with gastro and said I should stay at home to rest on Friday. Firstly I was disgruntled about having to go to the GP and pay R300.00 for an appointment for something that some Immodium would have sorted out under normal circumstances and secondly I didn’t want to stay off work. We get penalised on our quarterly bonus if we are off sick. I had to weigh up my priorities and decide what was more important to me and eventually opted to stay at home. I was given some sachets to assist with rehydration, sachets that they give babies with runny tummies and some probiotics. I started feeling better by Friday evening and feel much better today. Since yesterday I have had nausea that is very rude. It is subtle, but very much there. It is making me rather nervous since the ladies room at work is quite a trek from my desk and I might not make it all the way there in case of an emergency!


My first gynae appointment is on Friday morning. I am excited, but scared and nervous too. I suppose the possibility that something could be wrong will always be in the back of my mind. My symptoms don’t feel as severe as they were before with Babyice. I don’t feel as sick (I haven’t gotten sick yet and am able to brush my teeth without doing so) and my breasts aren’t as sore. That makes me nervous. My skin is terrible this time around though. It literally looks like I have a rash on the one side of my face. I told a colleague about it and she remembered that someone else got her a ‘magic cream’ from her local pharmacy that you can use for all sorts of skin ailments. It is a concoction that the pharmacy makes themselves, so it isn’t a regular product you can buy off the shelf. She brought me some from home and after applying it twice a day for a few days there was a vast improvement! I have now purchased my own little tub. While I was at home I became lax and didn’t put it on and my skin broke out again. I started applying it again and my skin is looking much better. While I know each pregnancy is different, there is a little realist in my head whispering bad things to me. I have already received my mother’s blessing from our priest last week Tuesday and hope and pray everything is going to go well.


I am really hoping we’ll get to see a heartbeat on Friday and get a definite answer on how far along I am.

My Evil Mother behaves a bit

So on Tuesday My Evil Mother made another appearance. I got a message from Rudi that she was going to call me and that I should answer because she just wanted to congratulate me. I figured my grandmother must of told her that we’re pregnant. I let the phone ring, unsure of whether I should pick it up. A daughter answering a call from her mother really shouldn’t be this difficult. I answered. She congratulated me and said she was excited and asked how we were. She then started talking about leaving her husband and getting her act together. This is usually the point where I switch off. I’ve heard it all before and usually they are just empty words. I was getting emotional on the phone (damn pregnancy hormones!) so I asked her to rather e-mail me the next day and that we could talk. Here is what transpired. Her e-mails are in blue and mine in purple:




 Hope you are well. I have missed you sooo much and am overjoyed that I

could at least speak to you yesterday. Always remember that you are

the only child I will ever have and I would like to be your mother.


 I am so happy for you and Rudi re your pregnancy. Babyice will be the head

 of the family children and I am sure will fulfill his role. How is he doing?

 Has he started giving you grey hairs yet? I miss him so much. I have

 his photo on my desk and look at it all the time. I would just also

 like to have a photo of you and Rudi to put next to Babyice’s.


 I don’t know whether you will allow me to see you guys sometime and if

 so, when could I see you.


 Remember that I love you endlessly.





Hi Ma


I’ve been very sad about you lately. I really miss all the good things about you and spending time with you, but the bad starting overtaking the good so much that it was unbearable. I would like to have a relationship with you again, but for that I need to be able to trust you. I think I will only be able to trust you after you have proven that you really have changed. Talk is cheap. You need to take action and you need to do it by yourself. Once you have started standing on your own two feet and removed yourself from the situation you have gotten yourself into, we can start to work on moving forward.


People really misunderstand the reason I am not talking to you. I think that includes you. I cannot bear to see how you have thrown your life away and then be made to feel guilty because I cannot fix it for you. In recent years most contact that I have had with you has led to tears, guilt and fights. I really do not need all those negative things around me and my family. I need to protect myself and them. I can only be a good wife and mother if I am healthy, emotionally and physically.


I hope that you will finally start to make the right decisions and to uplift yourself. I hope that you will pull yourself through and not rely on anyone else to fix the mess you have created. You CAN do it. You just have to want it badly enough.


I promise you, if you sort yourself out and get your life back on track, you will get your family back. Once you have sorted yourself out and no longer burden everyone else with your problems, everything will change. I honestly hope that you will do this. We all miss you, but at the moment we are afraid to let you into our lives because it always ends up costing us something and none of us can afford it, whether it is a financial or emotional toll.


Thank you for the congratulations. We are very excited and a little nervous about the new addition. Especially since we know how much hard work it is and how expensive it is. I will be trying to remain calm and eliminate as much stress from my daily life as possible with this pregnancy, as I needed to do with Babyice. I am also especially happy for Babyice. Like you said yesterday, I know what it is like to grow up alone and I never wanted that for him.


I have attached a picture of the 3 of us for you.


Wishing you all the best…and success in picking yourself up.


That was a tear jerker.


I hear what you are saying and that is exactly what I am doing now. I plan to leave the a-hole as soon as I get paid. I need to find a place, but don’t know where to look. I am going to look on gumtree for a start. Please pray that there is something for me there.


I am going to rent a car from uncle Joe for now. I need to have worked at one company for three months before I can buy a car.


I went for the 2nd interview at L yesterday and am waiting for Marc to mail me my letter of appointment. I am very excited because that is going to assist me in my moving on.


How long will I have to wait to see you guys?






I think gumtree is your best bet. Keep looking every day. Persist until you succeed. Never give up.

We can continue to talk and when I feel ready I will let you know. Really miss your cooking too.

I am excited that there may be a future for us. I am hopeful that you will turn it all around x


I suppose we can just hope for the best. I think I might be particularly vulnerable at the moment, but I most certainly am not stupid. I will keep my distance until she has made drastic improvements  in her life. I am not unreasonable. I just want to protect myself and my family. I try to encourage her and that is as much as I can do.

A Special Mother’s Day

On Sunday morning we got up and went to church. After service they had a special Mother’s Day programme. Some children came up and read poems about mothers. The Sunday School children sang a song. One of the young guys from the youth sang a song too. A few children also played a song on their recorders. Each mother received a small gift and a card. Then to put the cherry on the cake they called all the fathers up and made them sing ‘Let me call you sweetheart’ to the mothers :) It was a really sweet programme. The mothers were also invited for tea and cake after the programme, but I didn’t stay since Rudi planned to take me for brunch.


Key ring gift from church


Mother's Day gift from Rudi/Babyice

Rudi took us to the Spur for brunch. Unfortunately we missed the breakfast special because church ran a little later than usual. After we had enjoyed our food we went home and Babyice and I went for a nap. It felt like it went by in a flash and once I had gotten up it was time to go and visit my grandmother for tea. When we got there we discovered the entire family in her small flat. We all sat together and enjoyed some tea and cake. Once we got home I watched Top Gear (one of my favourite TV shows) and then faced the huge pile of ironing I had. I had hoped in honour of Mother’s Day Rudi would offer to do the ironing, but that was quite a stretch. It took me about two and a half hours before I was finally done and ready for bed.
Mother’s Day this year had an extra special meaning for me. In case you were living under a social media rock this weekend:

We're pregnant!

As you know we have been trying for our second one since about February. We have been blessed in the sense that it didn’t take very long for us to fall pregnant. I was in two minds about announcing it to the world, but I did. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…they all have the above picture posted on Saturday morning, not long after we found out. I understand why people keep their pregnancies secret until everything is settled and they are sure everything is fine and the chance of miscarriage has dwindled. I even did that myself when we were pregnant with Babyice. In a way, it makes sense to do so. It’s sensible. I do know, however, that no matter what happens, it will be spilled on this here blog. My online friends have been with me through the deepest and darkest of shadows. Through the toughest times in my life. If anything were to go wrong (and I do not expect that anything will), it will also not be a secret. This new baby has already received so many prayers and I will receive my mother’s blessing tomorrow night. I am full of hope and a lot less pessimistic than I was when Babyice was conceived. 
It is still very early in this pregnancy. We haven’t had a scan yet. I have a gynae appointment on the 25th of May where we will get to see our baby for the first time. When I checked the due date calculator on, they estimate that I am around 5 weeks and due around the 14th of January (again, terrible planning on my part!). Of course I’ll let you know what the gynae says when the time comes.
I am not hoping for a boy or for a girl. I am hoping and praying for a healthy baby. Rudi is hoping for a girl. The gender is really of no consequence to me. Yes, it is nice to have a pigeon pair, but to me a healthy baby is all that matters.
Thank you for all the congratulations on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram. I could feel the excitement and joy coming from all of you. We were overwhelmed by the response and are happy that all of you are happy for us :) 

Growing up!

So on Friday, not long after I posted my last blog post, I got a call from the day mother saying Babyice’s fever was back, he was ‘pap’ (no energy) and that he was talking ‘deurmekaar’ (not making sense). PANIC STATIONS. I felt even worse for not giving him medication earlier and immediately phoned Rudi and told him to drop everything to take Babyice to the doctor. I called the doctor and advised them he was coming in and called the day mother back to ask her to administer a suppository. I was very upset. Feeling guilty and quite helpless sitting at home without the car. Worried sick. He had never spoken funny before. I didn’t realize at the time that he has only recently started speaking coherently and we probably would not have noticed it before. Rudi got to the day mother very quickly and ended up waiting about an hour to be seen by the doctor. When he went into the doctor’s office I called him and asked him to put me on speaker so I could also hear what the doctor was saying. Babyice was diagnosed with a severe throat infection and given antibiotics. Rudi decided to bring him home to me and I was glad to have him with me, even though I was sick and was supposed to be resting. When he got home his temperature was down and he was tired, so I gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap. He took a long 3 hour nap and I allowed him to sleep so his body could rest and fight the bugs inside him. On one hand I was a little surprised that it was a throat infection because he hadn’t had trouble eating or drinking. The fever was the first sign. On the other hand it isn’t very surprising since he had no other symptoms it was likely to be a throat or ear infection. I’m glad we caught it. My cousin had a convulsion from a fever caused by a throat infection. Not something you toy with. The doctor prescribed Babyice some throat lollies, but he wasn’t very keen on them. I have also learnt that he doesn’t like jelly, but he’ll eat all the ice cream you can dish.


By Saturday I was feeling a lot better (thank you Echinaforce!) and Babyice was showing signs of improvement. He was a little miserable throughout the day, but not unbearably so. On Sunday we stayed home from church and Babyice dragged me out of bed to come and sit on the couch while he watched his movie which we have both seen a gazillion times. I didn’t understand why he insisted on having me there, until I realized that he was scared of certain parts of the movie. For instance, in Toy Story he is afraid of the pit bull and clings to me whenever the dog is shown. He has never responded to movies with fear. I have actually looked at children’s movies from a different perspective since having him around and some parts of the films are always downright scary! I’m not sure WHY they do that. At least Barney isn’t scary. I was afraid to put underpants on for him and I delayed it for as long as I could. I figured that the antibiotics might of affected his tummy and a poo accident was just going to be one big mess. Rudi asked me if I would clean the kitchen (which looked like a hurricane had run through it)  if he took Elijah to a nearby shopping centre to play on their jungle gym. I agreed on the condition that he would also clean up any poo accident that might occur that day. *evil laugh*. He agreed (the kitchen was a really big mess, see?). Some time after he had come home Babyice started letting off some really stinky farts. We decided to put him on the potty every 10 minutes or so ‘in case’ and encourage him to poo. It finally paid off! Babyice made his first poo in the potty at home! Rudi lucked out and didn’t have to clean any messy clothes. I didn’t mind too much though, I was too happy and excited about the potty training breakthrough to care :)


Babyice playing on the jungle gym:




Taking 'ga ga' out from between his toes (fluff from his socks)


We’re all doing much better now. We need to get back to gym. We really do. I need to go. Feeling so fat again :( I haven’t been wanting to go, but I really must. Rudi also wants to go back, I somehow always get the blame for us not going, despite not saying no when he suggests we go. We were planning to go yesterday, but Rudi worked late and had a dart league meeting last night, so time did not allow (not my fault!). Hopefully we’ll pluck up the time/courage/energy to go tonight. I simply must get my fitness levels and strength up. Babyice is now weighing in at 17 kg and I can hardly pick him up anymore! He certainly still expects it and I still want to pick him up every now and then, even though I know it won’t be possible forever.
My baby is growing up so fast! :(

Everyone is sick

The whole family is sick. I started feeling poorly on Wednesday and took off Thursday and Friday to rest and get better. It’s just a head cold as far as I can tell, but I couldn’t work feeling congested, hot, dizzy and miserable.

Babyice woke up on fire this morning with a temp of 38.8. We noticed it as Rudi was leaving, so I chucked medicine in his bag. When I called the day mother to check on him she gave me a mouthful about not medicating him. I felt so bad. Apparently he felt better after the medicine though and he ate his porridge even though he had declined a cookie before the medicine. I hope it’s nothing serious. He has had a runny nose for about a week now, but it’s clear and watery, so no sign of infection. It could be a throat or ear infection though and if his fever persists today we’ll have to take him to the doctor.

Rudi has also been generally snotty for a while.

I am hoping we can use the weekend to rest and recover and we’ll all be better by Monday.

Terrible Twos

Potty training is proving a slow process for us. I’m happy with the progress so far. Babyice got the hang of poo in the potty at the day mother last week, but when he came home it was just poo in the underpants. I was working the weekend and Rudi said he made a poo in his underpants just two minutes after he asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet/potty. As with the peeing I am sure this will come right in time and I am not losing heart about it. I also bought plenty of underpants so washing isn’t such a big deal.


We are, however, having sleep issues again. On Friday Babyice skipped his afternoon nap and he did so again on Saturday. By Saturday around 17:00 he was inconsolable. You couldn’t look at him or talk to him without him bursting into tears. He was so over tired he did not know what to do with himself. Realizing why he was acting this way I pleaded with Rudi to speak to him using a soft tone of voice since it was not his fault he felt like this. The constant crying grates on everybody and it is difficult to put up with. Eventually we managed to bath him, but bedtime was another battle. I tried to keep things routine, but it was hard with Babyice crying all the time, even while I was reading his story. When he had finished his bottle he lay there crying and I put the book down and went to lie down next to him. When he feels you are hurt or sad he always strokes you and says ‘It’s okay’ and giving him the same treatment worked a charm. I stroked his hair and patted his back and ‘Shhh’ and ‘It’s ok’ until he finally passed out. Of course, our troubles did not end there. He kept waking up crying and eventually we relented, went to bed and took him with us where he slept for the rest of the night. My heart broke seeing him suffer so!


On Sunday I decided I would drive him to sleep again, not wanting a repeat of what happened the previous night. I had to drive around for half an hour before he fell asleep and he only slept for about 20 minutes after we got home! Do you have any idea how much petrol that is? Petrol is hellishly expensive at the moment and driving him to sleep just isn’t an option. It is a waste of money! What to do though? He is clearly not ready to drop his naps and whenever we try to put him down to sleep suffers from sever FOMO* and doesn’t want to go sleep! I know that I was the sleep training stalwart in our house, but I’m just not sure how to do it during the day. I must simply get this under the belt. He needs to go sleep by himself. He simply doesn’t seem to be the type of child that wants to sleep voluntarily (he does NOT get this from me!). I think I’m going to go and scour the web for tips on how to get him to nap during the day.


He is also being an utter brat about picking up his toys. He just loves strewing all his plastic/wooden blocks and magnetic alphabet letters/numbers from the fridge around the house. He doesn’t even play with them, just tosses them out of their containers and then looks for something else to destroy. He has A LOT of wooden blocks. It is as bad as stepping on a gigantic Lego. He then refuses to pack his toys/blocks away when requested to do so. Even if we promise him a sticker or a reward. I have decided that all the blocks he refuses to pack away will now be packed away where he cannot reach them or play with them until he has learnt that it is his responsibility to pack away what he throws out. I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do this while the blocks are out of sight and out of mind, perhaps we’ll practice with his other toys. His toys are packed in plastic boxes and containers in the lounge. That is where he plays since his rooms doesn’t exactly have a lot of floor area, so when he tosses everything all over the place the entire house looks like it has been turned upside down. I also need to toddler proof my dressing table which has become one of his favourite places to untidy with all the bottles, earrings and brushes on display.


Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. I still love him to pieces. This too shall pass!


*Fear Of Missing Out



On Thursday (26 April) Rudi and I celebrated our anniversary. For those who don’t know we celebrate two anniversaries on this date every year. We got married on the same day we met, 6 years after we did. So on Thursday we were together for 11 years and married for 5. Next year we’ll be even and it will be 6/6. I wonder if we’ll stop counting the other six once we’ve finally surpassed it. I had hoped that we would do something special seeing as how it was our 5 year wedding anniversary, but with all the doctor’s bills we have had so far this year finances did not allow it. We decided to make a special dinner and enjoy our anniversary together at home.


We decided on steak and avo wraps with mushroom sauce. I volunteered to cook since Rudi had ideas about experimenting with the meal and that often turns out less than favourably. He was talking about putting curried potato strips in the wraps :S. Blooming Durbanite! After hearing that I insisted on cooking! Unfortunately the wraps that we bought were too thin and flimsy and fell apart when I tried to make them, but the flavours in the meal were fantastic and it didn’t really matter. @Arkwife gave me a recipe for mushroom sauce that was absolutely divine. So we ended up having steak, caramelised onion, avo and mushroom sauce ON wraps. We also had some Chocolate Mousse champagne…which I wasn’t overly impressed with. It was like red wine with bubbles. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it over a bottle of JC Le Roux Le Domaine, but it’s a nice change. I polished the rest of the bottle off yesterday ;) (Rudi hates champagne. More for me!) We enjoyed some creme caramel for dessert.


We had a nice evening together and I hope that we get to celebrate many, many more happy anniversaries :)

Sadness and Confirmation

Since last week Thursday I have carried Angel‘s family in my thoughts and prayers. Her nephew, Nathan, tragically passed away in a car accident last week. He was not yet 8 years old. Nathan was a special boy and he was very close to Angel. His passing hit me a lot harder than I would expect. I had never met Nathan, but Angel had told me about him. She described his lust for life and what a wonderful light he was to everyone that met him. I remember hearing him on the radio one day. The radio station gave him tickets to see his favourite rugby team with his father (Angel’s brother) and he asked them to play his favourite song at the time, De La Rey. Nathan also represented something special to me in my own life and his passing stirred emotions in me that I did not expect and I found myself crying at my desk at work on Friday morning. Nathan represented to me what Jamie could have possibly been. I know that they are vastly different and that Jamie likely would not have survived to term or long after birth, but when I think of her, I picture her to be like Nathan. A bright spark in a dark world. Now they are together in the same place and I hope that they find each other. This morning we received more sad news at work. A friend and colleague’s father passed away this morning. I hope that this is the last of the sadness and that everyone currently grieving are supported by their loved ones.


On Friday Leebeesa came to babysit for us so that Rudi and I could go and watch Titanic in 3D. We went for a pizza before the movie and I was so full I couldn’t even finish my popcorn 3 hours later.  There were quite a few added scenes at the end after the ship started sinking. 3D for 3 hours gave Rudi and myself a headache though. I also realized how your priorities change in life as you get older. I was a teenager when the movie was released and at that time losing the love of your life was the most tragic thing that could happen to you. I bawled my eyes out when she ‘let go’. On Friday, however, the tears were conjured by the children that suffered and the families that were split up. It really was a terrible tragedy.


On Saturday I wasn’t feeling very well. I did as little as possible, but was obliged to bake cupcakes for the following day. I had a runny tummy with tummy cramps and later nausea. Usually we do housework on a Saturday, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. Luckily I started feeling better by Sunday.


Yesterday my counsin was confirmed in our faith. My grandmother asked me to bake cupcakes for the tea after the confirmation. I could not think what had possessed her to do such a thing. If you ask me, my attempts at baking and icing have been tremendous failures, but I complied to try and contribute to the event which my aunt was very excited about:


Confirmation Cupcakes


I ASTOUNDED myself! These didn’t turn out too badly AT ALL! :D My grandmother purchased the plastic icing decorations, but I baked and iced them all by myself :D I guess I have no excuse but to bake for Babyice’s birthday next year :) The confirmation went well and my cousin’s father made a very moving speech at his tea afterwards. My grandmother was sad that my grandfather was not there to witness his only grandson get confirmed, but I knew that he was there. Near the end of the service we sang a hymn which has always been a sign for me. The lyrics of the hymn at the chorus say ‘It is well with my soul’. It is a beautiful, touching piece of music and when that hymn was the chosen one I knew that my grandfather had come to see. It was a wonderful moment.


Potty training went okay this weekend. We’re still having no joy with the poo. Saturday was accident free and on Sunday Babyice insisted on not wearing a nappy when we went to church. We carted his toilet seat ring around with us and took him to the toilet every now and then. Everything was going very well until we left the confirmation tea and stopped at the shop. Rudi found him standing with pee dripping down his leg in the Spar. That was the only accident we had on Sunday though. The day mother says he made a poo in the potty this morning. I hope that he starts getting the hang of it this week. That would be awesome. Babyice also skipped both his naps this weekend. We had quite a miserable toddler on our hands last night and getting him to sleep was no easy task, but Rudi eventually managed to get him sleeping by lying down next to him for a while.



I broke up with my Blackberry over the weekend. I took Rudi’s upgrade phone (A Samsung Galaxy Ace) and am now living in a world of Android and charged data. It is taking some getting used to and I am chowing through data at an alarming rate, but I am sure that I will start managing my data better when I’ve had the phone for longer. Rudi is happy since he now has his grubby paws on my coveted Blackberry and he doesn’t have to constantly monitor his data. Win win.

Year Of The Doctor – Part 2

The weekend’s potty training went particularly well and Babyice is getting better every day. We had a couple of accidents over the weekend and we still haven’t gotten him to poo in the toilet or potty again, but we have gotten him to a stage where he asks to go to the toilet. He is improving all the time :) He also wakes up dry, has a bottle and stays dry till he goes to the day mother in the mornings at which point he relieves himself on the potty. His reward chart is littered with smiley stickers which he gets really excited about and demands. I must say that the reward chart is a good reminder for me about how well he is doing as well.  Last night while I was in the shower he toddled into the bathroom, grabbed his potty and took it to Rudi because he wanted to pee. How awesome is that? He also toppled off the toilet yesterday while trying to climb on. He has a step, but is still too short to turn around and hop on, so he uses the step to climb onto the seat, then navigates his way around it to sit down facing the correct way. While trying to perform this rather intricate task, he lost his footing and fell. Luckily I was there and put him right way up again. He complained that his arm hurt (it was red), I kissed it better and encouraged him to pee, which he did. Phew!  We’ll keep on keeping on and at some point in the future we’ll have a fully potty trained child :D Then we’ll have to start working on getting rid of the bloody dummy.


Rudi started complaining of toothache on Saturday and we managed to get him to see the dentist yesterday. His wisdom teeth need to come out. Apparently his bottom wisdom tooth is coming out under his 2nd molar and it cannot be taken out in the chair, he will have to have surgery. You would think that would be okay, but again, it isn’t. The medical aid will require a co-payment of between R2200 and R3300, excluding any amounts that might be charged at more than 100% of our scheme rate. This all over and above the huge amount I have to pay in for my colonoscopy from last month. Yesterday I applied for gap cover on our medical aid. What a crock. You need to ‘insure’ your medical aid scheme, as an additional cost to yourself. WTF. Having to go through this twice in as many months is really depressing me. I really wish I had applied for the gap cover sooner. If I had we would have been ok :( Looks like we’ll have to hunt for another doctor since the one Rudi was referred to operates in a hospital (R3300 co-payment) and not in a day clinic (R2200 co-payment), just like I had to hunt for another surgeon to do my colonoscopy. Taking care of your health should really not be so much admin when you pay a lot of money each month to ‘insure’ it.


So the year of the doctor continues…

I’m okay

I’m still here. I haven’t taken a long walk on a short pier, although it might have sounded like I was about to in my last post. Thank you for all the positive and supportive comments that you left for me.  I really appreciate it and it was definitely encouraging. From around Tuesday afternoon I’ve started feeling better. I haven’t wanted to cry or kill anybody (including myself). I am struggling to sleep at the moment and I feel very tired and it is getting me down a bit, but I am not in nearly as much emotional turmoil as I was over the long weekend. I really was a mess, but I feel much better now :)


Potty training is back on track. I feel less despondent about it, but maybe I should rather blog about that when I have had to handle it by myself for an entire weekend. It’s easy to talk when I have a small window in the evenings to deal with. Yesterday Babyice made his very first poo in the potty! We were so excited! The day mother caught him at just the right moment and put him on. I’ll have to keep a close eye on him and see if I can catch him in time. I went to buy him a small plastic potty because he was refusing to sit on the toilet. I also bought a new toilet seat ring that fits under the toilet seat. I think he may have been afraid of the toilet because the seat that fits into the big toilet seat has a tendency to move around while he is trying to get on and I am sure it made him nervous. The new toilet seat ring (what is that thing called?!) is red as is his new potty. He seemed eager to try the new things out after we let him play with them on the way home and for the first time since the long weekend he peed at home in the toilet and the potty and his underpants. I have implemented a “reward chart” and much positive reinforcement. Every time he goes potty now he gets a high five, some clapping and excitement. I think the excitement might have waned very soon previously (perhaps because I was having a small breakdown). Also, each time he goes to the potty he gets to stick a smiley face sticker on his chart on the back of his bedroom door, accompanied by another high five. I think once he makes a poo in the potty I’ll give him “special stickers” (bigger/different stickers). We’ve requested that the day mother does not put a nappy on him when he comes home, but lets him go on the potty just before we leave. We don’t want him to associate nappies with being at home. For now I plan to use nappies only if we are going out and for night time. Last night I had removed Babyice’s underpants and shorts and wandered off to run his bath and when I returned he had turned around a large red toy that has a hole in the middle, straddled it and was trying to pee in the hole. I had to laugh. Luckily he had just been on the potty and didn’t manage to pee, but he certainly has the right idea!


Wish me luck for the weekend!