Healthy Lifestyle Update

So, how is the healthy living/lifestyle change going I hear you say. Well, shit. I think I might of given myself too much freedom.


It is quite easy for me to be good at work and I still pack myself healthy, portion controlled breakfast, snacks and lunches, but it all falls to pieces at home. Rudi does the cooking in our house, always has. I was raised in a home where butter and sugar went into/with everything and he didn’t like that. He didn’t like sweet, buttery food and opted to cook instead. No complaints here! Of course, weekends are terrible since I’m home all day and Rudi is also generally preparing meals. I want him on the healthy living thing too, so I guess we’ll have to talk about it again.


How did my relapse come about? A few days into it I weighed myself and was 1.6 kg down. Woohoo! I then weighed myself after a full week and was only 800 g down from the starting weight. Where did the 800 g come back from?! This made me so mad. After that weigh I was literally throwing things around while preparing my lunch for the next day. I really need to stay away from the scale, but I was so curious about whether my changed habits were working. I was also coping well with the food and portions, so I was sceptical about the efficacy.


It was also bonus month this month and what better way to celebrate than to hit every fast food joint and restaurant in town? Really. The money has all but run out now, so that will come to an end, but the damage is done. As things stand I am still 1 kg down from my starting weight, but I seriously need to pull up my socks. It felt so very good to be able to feed PrincessIce morsels of my meal, knowing that she is getting healthy, nutritious food. I literally felt proud of myself.


I take heart in the fact that I am starting over every day and not just reverting back to my old habits. I am at least still being good at work. Now just to fine tune the areas where adjustments are needed. I won’t give up. I can’t.


*sigh* This is definitely a battle I’m going to be fighting for the rest of my life, one meal at a time.

Let’s Get Personal Tag

I found this over on Ordinary Misfit‘s blog. Go ahead, do it too and leave your link in the comments :)


Do you have any pets?

Yes, 1 x cat named Amber.

Name 3 things that are physically close to you.

My cell phone, my access disk for work and my Dirty Works hand cream.

What’s the weather like right now?

Looks partly cloudy. Always difficult to tell what the weather is like when I’m stuck inside an air conditioned office all day.

Do you drive?


What time did you wake up this morning? 

05:30 – every morning. 07:00 on weekends if I’m lucky or not working.

When was the last time you showered?

Last night.

What was the last movie you saw?

I watched Alice in Wonderland (the one with Johnny Depp) on Saturday.

What does your last text message say?

My mother: ‘Is Asthavent addictive?’ *rolls eyes*

What’s your ringtone?

Sexy Bitch

Have you ever been to a different country?

Yes, I’ve been to the UK.

Do you like sushi?

No. I’ve tried it quite a few times and it just doesn’t “grab” me. I’m not a fan of seafood in general though, so maybe that is why.

Where do you buy your groceries?

Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers, have also been shopping at Fruit and Veg a lot lately.

Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?

Yes. It doesn’t really work very well, does it?

How many siblings do you have?


Do you have a desktop computer, laptop or an iPad / Tablet?


How old will you be turning on your next birthday?


Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Contact, since I was 16.

Do you colour your hair?

Yes. Blond and purple.

Tell me something you are planning to do today.

Go to bed early!

When was the last time you cried?

On Monday. I was looking at my beautiful baby and thinking of the atrocities committed against such beautiful, innocent children and that made me cry. If anything ever happened to my children, I’m not sure if I could deal.

What is your perfect pizza topping?

Just one? Really? Garlic. I need to have garlic on my pizza.

Which do you prefer – hamburgers or cheeseburgers?


Have you ever had an all-nighter?

Yes, quite a few, before I got old!

What is your eye color?


Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?


What do you order at Starbucks?

No Starbucks in SA

What’s one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?

Bras. Right now they keep my boobs from leaking and I kinda need that. It says we’re getting personal doesn’t it? You were warned.

What’s one thing that most people probably wouldn’t know about you?

I cannot speak in public, even a small group of people. If I know I’m going to have to speak my heart start racing, I break out in a sweat, my voice shakes and I’m usually reduced to tears. Absolutely terrified.

Name one thing that you want to do before you die.

Buy a house. It might sound silly, but as things stand this is a distant dream.

What’s one food that you cannot live without?

Chocolate is a food, right?

What quote / phrase do you live your life by?

This too shall pass.

It is easy to get bogged down into your problems. Sometimes I need to pull myself towards myself and realize that the light at the end of the tunnel will come. Eventually.

What’s your number one most listened to song right now?

By choice, Sarah Bareilles – Brave.

What kind of style would you define yourself as having?

Really? I don’t know. The only thing fashionable about me lately is my nails :P I don’t know. I wear what fits. As sad as that is.

What is your favourite number?


Name two hobbies.

Painting my nails and watching movies with my family.

Name two pet peeves.

When people say they have “flu” and it is just a common cold, it works on my nerves. Sometimes a cold can suck badly, but it still isn’t flu. Maybe a little irrational, but it is annoying!

People who have a sense of entitlement really irritate me. The world doesn’t owe you anything, if you made a mistake accept responsibility, say you’re sorry, ask for help. Being high and mighty and self important isn’t going to get you anywhere in the long run.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely nail polish at the moment :)


Double Trouble

Why didn’t you, dear readers, ever tell me that having an extra child is so much more work? I must admit I was quite naive about it. I thought about how getting them both to sleep at the same time might be an issue, but the rest? I didn’t think it through. I’ve found going from having one child to having two to be a huge adjustment. Before PrincessIce was born I thought “Hey, how hard can it be? You chuck them in the bath together and Bob’s your uncle”. HA HA HA HA HA. Silly, silly girl.


I don’t for one moment regret my decision to have two. I didn’t want kids, but if I had one, I knew I wanted two. I didn’t want to raise an only child, because I am an only child. Since PrincessIce arrived I have felt a sense of completion. Like my family unit is now whole. The four of us is just perfect. I can’t tell you if the fact that my children are a pigeon pair contributes to the feeling, but I do know I am very lucky not to have to wonder about that :)   It is, however, a LOT of extra work. I’m not sure exactly why it feels like such a lot. PrincessIce is not even eating in the evenings yet and nighttime with her is a dream because we co-sleep. Rudi wants that to come to an end as well, but right now I’m loving it and the only person it will inconvenience when she moves to her cot is me. I’m the one who has to get up in the cold to feed her back to sleep. Maybe  in summer. Maybe.  Having her in our bed has some drawbacks. Since she is always there after Babyice has been put to bed, having some “us” time is very difficult. We used to put her in her cot and then leave her there till she wakes up and then bring her into bed, but now she just keeps waking up when we put her down there. I suppose if we want to have some “us” time we’ll have to try harder. Rudi still goes to sleep with Babyice at night and it is happening frequently that he falls asleep there and doesn’t come back.  As things are we all just get more sleep this way, but we’ll need to make a plan to make some more alone time for us.


PrincessIce has been such an easy baby. In hindsight if she was anywhere near as challenging as Babyice was we would have been in big trouble. I think having the hang of parenting in general helps. I used to be terrified of Rudi leaving me alone with Babyice to go play darts. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to handle XYZ on my own. I have been staying alone with both kids on dart night since PrincessIce was about a month old. I was uncomfortable with it at first, not sure I could deal with their needs and requirements for attention simultaneously, but I have found a way that seems to work for all of us. I’m much more relaxed about a lot of things than I was with Babyice. Sleep training, co-sleeping, starting solids, milestones, etc. I suppose these are all benefits of doing things with a little experience.


All that being said, I absolutely adore my children and love being their mom. I often sit back and realize how lucky I am to be blessed with them and as the old cliche goes, I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

Untried Polish Challenge – Two Colours

The first challenge I chose to do is two colours. When I won a L.A .Girl Polka Dot set from Ordinary Misfit’s blog it contained a dotting tool and 3 mini polishes. Red, black and silver. I’ve used the silver for art and as a base before, but the red and black remained untouched, till now. Since it was so very long ago I decided to start with these. While Michelle and I were discussing it I realized they were the perfect colours for a ladybird mani! I had seen some on Pinterest before and the didn’t look too hard, so I thought I’d give it a bash.


I started off with a coat of  Tip Top Miraculous Results as my base coat. I then painted all my nails with the red L.A. Girl. This is a very bright red. The minis don’t have names on, so I can’t tell you which colour it is and I’m not sure if the full size is available in their collection. Even after two coats there is still very visible nail line. A third coat may have sorted this out, but I didn’t have time to try. The colour was even and not streaky, so more coats are really only necessary if the VNL  bothers you. The VNL isn’t really obvious in the picture, but it was obvious to me at certain angles in person.


I blotted some of the black polish onto a non porous surface and used a dotting tool to make a Y shape on my thumb and middle fingers. I filled in the V part of the Y shape with the polish brush. I went back in with my dotting tool and made random dots on the leftover red. I showed Rudi and he thought I had made champagne glasses. I did a quick Pinterest search and saw almost all the manis had added eyes to their ladybirds. I took my dotting tool and used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to make eyes on the black part of my nail. I then dotted smaller black dots in the white to complete the eyes.


I didn’t top coat it because I was scared it would drag the art that I’d done, so I decided to do the top coat the next morning. The next morning I used my new Revlon Colorstay Gold Standard top coat and it still dragged the art even though it had dried overnight!! When the first nail dragged I thought I may have been a little heavy handed with the brush, so I used a light touch on the rest of my nails, but it didn’t stop it from dragging. Not cool! I’ve noticed top coat seems to penetrate all the layers of your polish, even if it has completely dried. I’m not sure how I will be able to prevent this in future. I’ve painted a top coat on completely dry nails before, bumped it and all the layers came off.


I must say I struggled a bit with the mini brushes. I’m not sure why, but I messed a lot more than I do with regular sized brushes. I’ve read on other blogs that I’m not the only one who has had this experience. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:


Ladybird Mani

Ladybird Mani


L.A. Girl polishes used

L.A. Girl polishes used


So the first mani for my challenge is done and dusted. Michelle also challenged me to use 8 unused polishes before the 14th when I plan to go buy my Seche Vite top coat and some more China Glazes that I can’t stop thinking about. 2 down, 6 to go :)

Polish Prize and Storage

Friday was an extremely busy day at work. I couldn’t even meet the courier at security when my prize from Truworths and Revlon arrived. @SanitaShimmy went to get it for me and I didn’t wait long to open it. I was completely overwhelmed by the contents! It was nicely packaged too.






I was sent the ENTIRE Moon Candy range. If you didn’t know, this is a duo with polish on the one side and a complimentary flaky suspended in a clear, slightly tinted base on the other. There are 10 duos in the range. Just the other day I was saying how much I love flakes, but how they aren’t really available here. Now I have all the flakies my heart could desire! I also received a base and top coat, quick dry spray, nail polish remover and two sets of 3D nail appliques. Lastly, they included two shades from the chroma chameleon range, Rose Gold and Cobalt. It is an amazing prize! I am so very lucky! The prize is worth R1500! Someone actually stopped by my desk and asked if I am selling nail polish *snigger*.


For a few weeks now I’ve been contemplating a storage solution for my polish. Adding all these polishes just pushed me right over the edge. I hated that everything was just standing on my dressing table and that I couldn’t *see* what I have. It makes planning manis hard and finding something in the mess is always a challenge. Planet nails sells perspex stands that look like stairs, but a stand that holds 50 bottles already costs about R170. After adding my prize I was at 85 (including base and top coats) so I would already need 2. I trawled Plastic Land and Builder’s Warehouse for something else, possibly even a spice rack, but came up empty. Rudi insisted that he could make one for me and I decided to let him give it a bash. I searched for ideas on Pinterest and showed him something I like. He set off to Builder’s and went to buy supplies. Including a new drill so he could hang it. *ahem*. The supplies cost about R250 (excluding the drill) with 2 cans of spray paint. He bought pine to make the rack. It didn’t even really take him long. He measured some polishes to see how high the shelves must be and set off to work.









Isn’t it AMAZING?!?! I absolutely love it!!! My polish is organized and I can SEE everything. Anything I need is within reach and easy to find. It is just perfect! The fact that it is against the wall is fantastic because it is off my dressing table completely (would not have been the case with the perspex stands) and it takes up less space than another stand would have. I am so proud of my husband for his handiwork. He hasn’t really made many things since we’ve been together. So I tend to underestimate his abilities. I really love my rack though!



I’ve organized my polish by brand and put all the ones I haven’t tried yet together at the bottom. I intend to work through them all before I go buy much more. Ordinary Misfit had a great idea for that! She suggested I do the untried polish challenge Siobhan did on her blog. I’m very excited about it! I’ll feel a lot better about buying new polish if I have tried most of what I already have and I can also pass on the ones I don’t like. Here is the challenge:






This challenge is awesome for me because there is no time limit and I don’t have to do it in any particular order. I’ve already planned manis for each topic, now I just have to get around to doing the manis. So my next 13 manis are already planned!



I’m already wearing my first challenge mani, watch this space!

No nails today

Sheesh.  I’ve just realized I’ve posted about nothing but nails for the longest time. Technically, this isn’t a nail blog, but I’ve discovered a love for nails and nail art. Since it is occupying my time and my mind it is something I like to talk about. I really enjoy it. I also feel like it’s my creative outlet and I like expressing myself in this way. Do the nail posts annoy you? Or do you like them? I know I have one or two male readers who might find them boring. Sorry boys, you’ll have to like it or lump it. I’m going to keep doing them :P Speaking of nails, I won a Twitter competition yesterday! I won a R1500 nail hamper from Truworths and Revlon! I’m so excited! They’ve couriered my prize to me and I should receive it tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what they’ve included in the hamper! I have exactly one Revlon polish, so there isn’t much chance of them duplicating polishes I already have. I’ll take photos of what they send me and post them :)


The family is doing well. The sicks invaded our house for the first time this winter about two weeks ago. PrincessIce was the only one that needed antibiotics though. She had an ear infection, throat infection and conjunctivitis. We caught it early so she didn’t suffer too much. She is such a sweet baby. After a few days she wasn’t too uncooperative with taking her medicine. Babyice who is no longer a baby is getting so big and so cute. The things he says sometimes! It is very entertaining to have a small child in the house. Never a dull moment. It also renews your perspective on things. It forces you to look at life through the eyes of a child sometimes and it is truly a wonderful experience. I try my best to remember what it was like being a child. Especially when it comes to the “Why, why, why?” of things and discipline. Where I was once the disciplinarian in the house I’ve turned into the softie. How did that happen? There’s no such thing as sleep training in our house anymore. Besides me refusing to do it because Rudi would just muck it up again, I almost feel like I lost out on an opportunity to co-sleep with Babyice and that is something I can’t get back now. We co-sleep with PrincessIce and I absolutely love it. It is also extremely convenient for me since I’m still breastfeeding. It means no getting up at night for feeds. It really has been so much easier than with Babyice. I still need to wash and sterilize my breast pump equipment, but because I have a few sets this doesn’t need to be done daily and is not nearly as much of a chore as washing loads of bottles every day. Breastfeeding is really working out for me in that sense. We are all also getting a lot more sleep than we were when Babyice was this age.


PrincessIce seems to be lazy. She is nowhere near wanting to crawl, at least it doesn’t look like it. She doesn’t seem to like tummy time, so getting to the crawling part isn’t happening. She is almost 8 months old! Babies born around the same time as her are scooting around already!  I’m not worried that she isn’t developing properly. She has hit all her other milestones and isn’t behind in any way. I really just think she is spoilt :P Not spoiled in a bratty way. I don’t believe you can spoil such a young baby. I know many people will disagree, but I get to parent my way and they get to parent theirs. I do my best not to judge. On the one hand I am kind of grateful that she isn’t very mobile yet. Boy am I going to have my hands full with the two of them when she is!


I’ve just come from the dentist today. I lost the filling on the root canal tooth. When the filling came out part of the tooth came with it. He has put another filling in now, but it is hanging on a thread of tooth. It won’t last. He told me in so many words I am going to lose the tooth. He told me to pray when I left his office. So eventually it will be pulled. It is in my smile line and a bridge is apparently going to cost nine thousand Rand. 9k. 9 000. Holy crapola. It is the very last tooth in my smile line, so when the time comes I’m just going to have to pull it and see how it looks. A big black gap in a person’s smile really looks horrid, but since it is so far back there is a slim chance I could get away with it. I really hope I can. Ain’t nobody got R9000 to fix ONE tooth! In the interim we’ve attempted to attach a filling to the tiny piece of tooth left. This could go at any moment. So I’ve spent R450.00 to cling to this stupid tooth for dear life. Wish me luck!

China Glaze Techno Teal and Gamer Glam

After purchasing my China Glaze polishes on Saturday I’ve been so excited to try them. @SanitaShimmy had tried one of hers and it looked so beautiful too, which didn’t help my patience levels. So when my vintage rose mani started falling to pieces yesterday, I wasn’t too upset. I took off my polish last night. I am off today to go to the hairdresser, so after dropping Rudi off at work I came straight home and sat down to do my nails (at 7:30 this morning). I was most excited to try the Techno Teal and decided to accent with the Gamer Glam as they both have the same finish.


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. I painted two coats of Techno Teal on all my fingers, except my ring fingers which I painted with Gamer Glam. While I was painting I was falling in love. Both colours have a very fine holographic shimmer in them. Techno Teal leans more towards green than blue. It is a gorgeous colour. The Gamer Glam is a lilac and much softer than I imagined it,  I love it even more for that. Being a noob I found the formula a little tricky to work with. I couldn’t paint twice on the same spot as the first layer would drag off with the brush. You aren’t meant to paint twice in the same spot anyway, so this is really about technique. I did need two coats for opacity, but when I went in for the second coat I had no issues with dragging or bald spots. It was only when I tried to paint over something I had just painted that it gave me issues. Sanita had some issues with her polish chipping, so I made sure to wrap my tips with colour and top coat. I reverted back to my Essie top coat because for some reason the other two top coats I have crack. I have no idea why! They don’t crack like cracking effect polish, but make hairline cracks in the polish which look nasty. Unfortunately my Essie top coat has gone gloopy and I’ll need to use the other two until I get my Seche Vite in the middle of next month. So without further ado…



China Glaze Techno Teal with Gamer Glam accent nail


Close Up - see the holo?


China Glaze Techno Teal with Gamer Glam accent nail

I am absolutely in love with both these polishes. Have you ever used China Glaze? What do you think of these colours?

Born Pretty Store glitter and Vintage Rose Nail Art

On Friday I received nail mail from Ordinary Misfit for my birthday. She had put together some polishes for me. She let me pick a polish from the Born Pretty Store and sent me some others she thought I might like :) I wanted to try the one I had picked from BPS since I chose it and couldn’t wait to try it. I decided to do two accent nails of different colours that match the polish. Misfit also sent me a nail art “pen” from essence in green, which inspired me to do roses over the accent nails. This is how it came out:


Born Pretty Store glitter with vintage rose nail art on the accent nails

Born Pretty Store glitter with vintage rose nail art on the accent nails


Born Pretty Store glitter with vintage rose nail art on the accent nails

Born Pretty Store glitter with vintage rose nail art on the accent nails


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous results. I painted 4 coats of the BPS polish on my thumbs, index, ring and pinky nails.  I painted two coats of essence that’s what I mint on my middle fingers and essence Hello Marshmallow on my ring fingers. The BPS polish is quite sheer, so I might layer it over a similar colour in future. It really is a beautiful polish. It has different sized hex glitter in mint and a rose gold. The glitters are suspended in a mint tinted base. After 4 coats I still had VNL (Visible Nail Line), so I think layering really is the best bet. I’m likely to layer it over my that’s what I mint. The only complaint I have about this polish is that it takes forever and a day to dry. I knocked it quite badly a number of times long after I had painted it. This happened with 2 and 4 coats, so I don’t think it was because I painted too many coats.


I have been wanting to try doing rose nail art for a long time. I didn’t really have a colour to do the leaves with, so when I received the green from Misfit, I snatched the opportunity to give it a whirl. I have watched a number of tutorials of how to do roses on YouTube. I decided to use the “swirling” method I had seen on this video. Basically I took the colour of my rose and used a large dotting tool to dot polish onto my nail. I then took the smaller dotting tool, dipped it into white polish and swirled it into the other dot in a circular motion. This got very tricky at some points. Sometimes there would be too much white in the rose and I’d then use the small dotting tool to go back in and swirl more pink until I got something that I felt was acceptable. I also pressed too hard with my dotting tool on occasion and smudged right through the polish underneath. Luckily I could cover this up easily with the dotting tool again. I’m sure it will get better if I practice more. The nail art pen didn’t really work well for me, I didn’t find it precise enough to do something as small as the leaves, so I pumped some of the green polish out onto a non-porous surface and used my small dotting tool to try to make leaves. Overall I am really chuffed at how they turned out. I really love the roses and I’ll be sure to try them again! When I showed them to Misfit she said they looked vintage. I like that :)


I forgot to top coat the two accent nails and discovered this morning my leaves had chipped off. I was so scared I would drag my beautiful roses that I wanted to wait to top coat them and then completely forgot! I feel so silly, but they don’t look too bad from a distance. Always top coat people!


On Saturday @SanitaShimmy and I went to a shop we had heard about. Rumour had it that this shop sells China Glaze polishes at bargain prices, so we had to go check it out. We were going to be in the area for the LLL meeting anyway, so it wasn’t out of the way. The name of the shop is Maskscara. You can find them on Facebook here. Their China Glazes are only R55.00! Are you freaking kidding me?!? I walked out there with SIX! There were one or two more that I wanted, but I restrained myself. Oh my word! They have quite a big selection too. I still want to go back for Seche Vite top coat and China Glaze Lubu Heels. In hindsight I could of just gotten the Lubu Heels, but I was already feeling guilty for having 6 polishes! They are so beautiful. Here is my haul:


China Glaze Haul

China Glaze Haul


From left to right:

  • Some Like It Haute
  • Lemon Fizz
  • Diva Bride
  • Gamer Glam
  • Techno Teal
  • Tart-y For The Party


I am super excited to try them! I’ve decided to use the Techno Teal first. I’m still wearing my rose mani though and since I’m so proud of my roses I’ve decided I’m going to wait till it gets ugly before taking it off.


Have you tried roses or China Glaze? What did you think?




Misfit’s Mani Edited

So on Monday Ordinary Misfit published my guest post for her blog. You can view it by clicking here. I was least happy with how my middle fingers turned out and the “nail art” hearts are really just too thick to wear. I did wear my nails that way the next day and one of the hearts managed to pop off, despite quite a few layers of top coat (which obviously bumped and linen printed while I slept). I decided to redo my middle fingers and thumbs to update the mani so I could continue to wear it in the week.


I removed the polish and redid my base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. I then painted my middle fingers with Yardley Gel-lac in Fuchsia. I found I still had some VNL (Visible Nail Line) after 3 coats of the Gel-lac. I didn’t have this problem when I used it before. I’m not sure if I now paint thinner layers because I’m getting “better” at polishing, but I definitely notice it myself. Again, not something you would see at a glance, but noticeable for someone who scrutinizes their own nails :) I painted my thumbs with Maybelline Forever Strong Busy Blush. I used both these colours on the dotted gradient on my index fingers in this mani.


Misfit's Mani Updated

Misfit’s Mani Updated

Misfit's Mani Updated

Misfit’s Mani Updated


Up Close

Up Close

Wow, holding a scarf in your hand certainly makes it look snazzy! I’ve seen it in other nail blogs and this is the first time I’ve tried it. I might just do it again!


Polishes used:

Base coat: Miraculous Results

Thumb: Maybelline Forever Strong Busy Blush

Index: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Yardley Gel-lac Fuchsia, Maybelline Forever Strong Busy Blush, Tip Top Melting Marshmallows

Middle: Yardley Gel-lac Fuchsia

Ring: Tip Top Melting Marshmallows, Tip Top Rocky Road

Pinky: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Maybelline Forever Strong Busy Blush, Tip Top Melting Marshmallows

Top Coat: Tip Top Quick Repair Top Coat


Natural Nails

So, with all these nail posts going up, you might be wondering what my nails look like without any polish on them. I have commented about my short, wide nail beds before, but you cannot really see that once they are painted. Here are a couple of pictures of my nails *gasp* naked:



Naked Nails


Natural Nails

Natural Nails

In the photos above my nails are really long, but once they are painted they don’t seem that long at all. This is because my nail beds are so short. I have a lot of difficulty with my nails. They are very thin and weak and bend very easily. I can’t let them get too long as they are then more likely to catch on objects and bend over backwards. OUCH. My nails also split quite easily, so the layers of my nails sometimes peel off. I’m doing everything I can to improve the condition of my nails and cuticles. I’ve been using cuticle oil regularly and I’m moisturizing my hands with hand cream after I’ve washed them. Just recently I’ve started filing my nails down instead of cutting them. Cutting your nails also causes them to split. You may have noticed this happening when you clip your nails. My cuticles do take quite a beating because I use acetone on them at least twice a week while removing  polish and fixing up manis. Occasionally (probably not often enough) I’ll wear my nails bare and just “love” them by oiling regularly and moisturizing as much as possible. This usually happens when I’ve had to take off a worn mani and don’t have time to do a new one. I must say, since I have been taking care of my nails by doing some of the above I have noticed an improvement. They don’t bend backwards quite as often as they used to, even when they are at this length. I don’t take too many chances though and still make them shorter once they reach a “dangerous” length.


One thing I cannot stand to see in a horror move is someone being dragged while they claw at the ground, people scratching to get out of somewhere (a la Silence of the lambs) or breaking nails as someone struggles. It gives me the absolute creeps! Probably because I can relate to having nails that are so weak that they would just fall to pieces!



You may or may not have noticed this in my photos, but my pinky always seems to be doing its own thing when I’m trying to take a photo. There is a reason for this! I was born with pretty skew pinkies! How skew, you might ask? This skew:







My mother actually wanted to have them broken and have metal pins put in when I was younger to try and “correct” them. I’m kind of glad she didn’t since they don’t really impair me in any way. I’ve also realized this is quite a common affliction after finding people on Twitter that were born with the same pinkies in varying degrees of skewness. Mine are pretty skew.



So now you know what I’m hiding under the polish and why my pinky seems to have a mind of it’s own!