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Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Swatches


Hi there everyone. I have something new from Revlon to show you today.

Introducing Revlon’s new ColorStay Gel Envy™ collection:

From the press release:

We like to think of these nail enamels as life-compatible. Not enough time on your hands? Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy™ Longwear Nail Enamel combines base coat and colour in one convenient formula for time-saving application.

Colour commitment issues? That’s the beauty of an at-home solution – flexibility, The Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy™ comes in 30 easy-to-remove shades, allowing you to change your nail enamel as often as you want.

Time-saving application, easy-to-remove shades and a formula containing optical brighteners to provide superior, vivid colour in 30 shades of possibility – and that’s just step 1.

The finishing touch in the 2-step system is our revolutionary ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. The top coat was developed to compliment the ColorStay Gel Envy™ Shades, providing protective coating for long lasting strength and shine. The finishing touch to be life-resistant; allowing you to go about your daily activities betting on your nail enamel’s staying power.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy™ Longwear Nail Enamel will be available in 30 vibrant shades. Recommended Retail Price: R110.00.


So, the question is…do these polishes live up to the hype? I have 3 shades to show you today. There are 16 limited edition and 14 basic colours in the collection. Let’s get to the pretty pictures!


Let’s start with the brushes in these bottles. The lids are light and made it easy to control the brush. It might seem like a strange thing to take note of, but it was something that I noticed, so I thought I would mention it. These brushes are nice and wide, which is something I prefer. I took a picture of the top coat brush as you can clearly see how this was achieved:


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy brush


The first polish I have to show you is a limited edition in this collection. It is called Showtime and I simply had to try it out first because it is a gorgeous purple beauty. I did not use any base coat with this polish because of the 2 in 1 aspect and I wanted to test out the wear time using it as advertised. I was terrified of having to use a different top coat. I adore my Seche Vite and the super fast drying time and did not know if I would be able to keep from knocking my nails while I waited for them to dry. I have two small children. Ain’t nobody got time to wait for their nails to dry! I wanted to use the top coat with the polish though and decided to use both for a comparison. I painted two coats of Showtime on all of my nails. On my index and pinky I used Seche Vite top coat and on my middle and ring nails I used the Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. Can you see the difference?


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Showtime

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Showtime

I could not see a difference between the two top coats at all, even with the naked eye. That says a lot about this top coat since Seche Vite is renowned for how shiny it is. Just look at that gorgeous purple glitter! This dark purple polish is packed with a little blue and at least 2 shades of purple glitter that I could pick up. It is so pretty! I even noticed a blue shift in certain lighting which reminds me of a duochrome effect. To be honest I am not usually a fan of Revlon’s polish formulas. Mostly for me they are on the thin side which make it really easy for me to flood my cuticles with polish, which I am prone to do. I had no problems with the application of this polish at all. I was pleasantly surprised. I had very little clean up to do once I had finished painting my nails. The drying time on this polish and top coat was really not bad at all. I was expecting the worst but can honestly say my nails were dry in no time, even the ones I didn’t top coat with Seche Vite. I am suitably impressed. This was a really quick and easy mani for me to do. Two coats, top coat and done! This is what these nails looked like after 5 days of wear:


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Showtime


As you can see there is visible tip wear, but it isn’t bad at all. My index nail suffered some peeling, but that is because my nail had split underneath, so not the polish at all. I also noticed that the Diamond Top Coat had dulled considerably by day 5, whereas the Seche Vite was still shiny. Most top coats dull over time, so this is no surprise. I think this lasted pretty well! I know a lot of ladies would wear this kind of tip wear, but it was driving *me* nuts and I was getting bored of wearing the same colour and no art, so decided to move on when I got to day 5. As promised in the press release, this polish was easy to remove, despite the glitter particles.


The next colour I have to show you is called All In and it is not a limited edition shade. I did not use a base coat for this mani and painted 3 thin coats and sealed it in with the Diamond Top Coat. I only used the Diamond Top Coat for this swatches. All In is a gorgeous blue polish that leans a touch towards green. It is packed with shimmer and has a purple colour shift in certain light. The shift is not easily visible. I spotted it pretty quickly, but my husband could not see it for love or money! About 25 minutes after I painted my nails they felt dry to the touch and I took a shower. They survived the shower, I was quite surprised. I went to bed about an hour later and put on my gloves with my hand treatments like I do every night. The next morning I woke up with linen print all over my nails. I was mortified. Clearly only the top layer of my polish had dried properly and while I slept my bedding made impressions on my nails. There was no saving it and I had to redo my nails to take the pictures below.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy All In

Please ignore the dent on my middle nail. This happened several hours after I had repainted my nails.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy All In


See the shift? Nice! I re-painted my nails around 10 AM and went about my day. The next morning I again had light imprints on my nails from my bedding, despite my nails having had the whole day to dry. It wasn’t as bad as it had been the previous day, but it was there. It was light enough for me to live with it. For me this polish just didn’t want to dry properly. If I had to wear this polish again I would definitely use my Seche Vite top coat which penetrates all the layers of polish and dries them. Perhaps if you left the polish to dry a little more between coats it would help, but that isn’t something I personally have time for. This is a great colour though (this coming from someone who wasn’t a fan of blue polish!) and maybe Revlon can tweak the formula to get it to dry better.

I wore this mani for a full 7 days! I did do something a little different with this one. I wiped my nails down with surgical spirits before I painted to remove any oils or dirt that may have been on my nail beds. This definitely helps extend the life of your mani. This is what they looked like 7 days later:

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy All In

Yes, yes…I added a sticker around day 4. As you can see the tip wear is there and it is minimal for 7 days of wear. This mani was practically growing out! There is one chip on my index nail against the side of my cuticle. This is where my nails bend and I do get chips here if I push my luck wearing a polish for too long. It has held up very well and I’ve pictured my hand that gets the most wear and is usually the one that has the worst tip wear and chips first.  I did not notice the dulling of the top coat this time, but that is possibly because there was nothing right next to it to compare it to. I must say that on day 7 I noticed that the polish had fine cracks – this is also from my nails bending as they are very flexible and when wearing a polish for this long I almost expect it to buckle under the pressure.


The last shade I have to show you is called Royal Flush. Royal Flush is a dark pink creme. I used two coats and the Diamond Top Coat for the photos below. I decided to add a little something extra from the get go this time.


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Royal Flush


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Royal Flush

I am a bit bummed about this one. The formula was a bit on the thick side. Not completely unworkable, but thicker than normal. As the polish dried it bubbled terribly. I assumed that I must have done something to cause this. I considered swatching it again, but decided to rule out environmental factors and personal application error by asking two friends to paint a few of their own nails to see what happened. Both friends had the same results. Bubbles. I kept this polish on for 3 days anyway, but could not wait to take it off. It just looked horrible. I must say I really grew to love the colour of the polish more and more, but I can’t look past the formula. I can safely say I won’t wear this colour painted onto my nails solidly again. I have seen perfect swatches of this online, so it is quite possible that I got a dud bottle. Please let me know if you have this colour and can use it without problems. There is, however, hope for this polish! I decided to test all 3 polishes for stamping capabilities and Royal Flush came out tops! Of course with the stamping there are no bubbles. For the picture below I used 2 coats of Catrice The Effect Maker as a base and stamped with Royal Flush and the right hand image of PUEEN 34. I used Seche Vite as a top coat. I thought the image was fitting because of the casino themed names of the polishes. There are diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades in the image :) The stamping didn’t come out so well on my pinkie, but I’m pretty sure that was me!


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Royal Flush Stamped



In conclusion, these polishes do seem to wear well. Not in the same league as gel polish, but they wear better than the average polish. I really liked all of these colours and the brushes in the bottle are awesome. My favourite out of this bunch is definitely Showtime. Not only is it ga-ga-ga-gorgeous, but it was completely problem free and the formula was great.


Clicks released these polishes a bit early and I’ve spotted them on the shelves already. What do you think of Revlon polishes in general? Would you buy these?


Thanks for reading!

Double Stamping

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Hey everyone. Happy Friday! When I’ve seen double stamping on the internet I never really liked it. It just looked messy to me. Then Manic Talons did a double stamping mani that had me itching to try it. You can see her post by clicking here. I have also been wanting to do something inspired by Spring which has finally dawned here in South Africa. Let me show you what I came up with.


I started off with a Tip Top Nail Chic Strength and Vitality base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted 4 coats of Revlon Sheer Sweetie on all of my nails excluding my ring. This polish is very aptly named. I need 4 coats to reach any sort of opacity. I started off with a thin coat and realized I would need to paint subsequent coats thicker if I did not want to end up painting a million coats. 4 coats is still a lot, but I really wanted a soft off white, neutral base for my nail art so I carried on painting. On my ring nail I painted two coats of a silver mini polish with no name on it from L.A. Girl. Over the silver I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Full Spectrum glitter. Full Spectrum is a very pretty glitter with large baby pink hexes and regular holographic glitter particles. Once my index and middle nails had dried sufficiently I used Tip Top Liquid Envy (green) and the left hand image on PUEEN 46 to stamp. I followed that up by stamping with essence sweet surprise colour changing polish (pink) over the green stamping using the top image of PUEEN 39. I added a green and pink rhinestone to my thumb and pinkie which I purchased from Born Pretty Store. You can buy them here. Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link in the sidebar if you are not registered and use the 10% discount code to get a discount on non sale items. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. The results:
Double Stamping

Double Stamping Macro


I am totally in love with this mani! I had to try a few different pinks to find one that was opaque enough to cover the green, otherwise it just looked like random lines everywhere. I think that is the key to double stamping (in my novice opinion!). If you’re not stamping with similar shades and you want you want to create a “background” the polish you stamp over it needs to be opaque enough to cover the stamping underneath. I know that I have been posting a lot of stamping manis. Since I got my new stamper it is ALL I want to do. It is the quickest and easiest way for me to achieve an intricate design on my nails which looks like it took ages to do. Still less of a “cheat” than stickers though because it does take practice and skill to get stamping to look decent. I wasn’t sure about the glitter nail for a while, but I like it. This mani needed some sparkle! Someone said the stamped nails look like porcelain. They really do!


In the photo I am holding my favourite hand moisturizer at the moment. Rain Aloe & Avocado Hand Butter, you can find it in their online shop here. It costs R75.00 for 75ml and I use mine multiple times a day. I have a pot in my handbag, on my desk at work and at home. Yes. I love it that much. I got my first pot in the Durban Polish Party goodie bag that I won and have been hooked every since. At first I didn’t love the smell, but I’ve actually grown to like it.


What do you think of this mani? Do you like it?

Parental Wisdom Lost

The kids are growing so fast. You hear it all the time when you are young. “Where is the time going?”  “You’ve gotten so big!”  “Every time I see you you’ve grown!” Then it happens to you. It happens to your children and you see for yourself. I am going to turn into one of those parents who tell my children that they will only understand one day when they have their own, because that is the truth. You just do not have any concept of how much wisdom your parents (in my case grandparents) pass on to you as a child or teenager until your time comes. It is such a shame. I just know that my children will also roll their eyes at me when I tell theme these wise things and one day they will look back and they will get it.


I am watching my children grow and it truly is a privilege to see them develop and come into their own. Sometimes I catch myself listening to one of them breathe, or their heartbeat and sit in awe of these people I had a hand in creating. It truly is a miracle and I pause to acknowledge this every now and then. A friend asked me the other day “Don’t you sometimes look at your life and wonder: Is this it?”. No. I can’t say that I do. I look at my life and I think “This is it!” I must say that I am grateful and content. Yes, I could use more money. Who couldn’t? Yes, I want a house of my own, but I have a roof over my head. Yes, a new car would be nice, but I have a functioning car right now which takes us everywhere we need to be.  It would be greedy to ask for more.
Elijah is a cheeky bugger. Always has to have the last word. Underneath that prickliness there is a soft heart and tender soul. He is so gentle with his sister and he can be so kind. He can also be strong willed and defiant. He did the sweetest thing the other night. I just wanted to kiss his face! We were sitting on the couch and he wanted to take his socks off. I said no. It went like this:

Elijah: “Why can’t I take my socks off?”

Me: “It’s cold, Elijah.”

Elijah: “But I’m not cold.”

Me: “I’m cold. My feet are freezing!”

Elijah: “Let me go and fetch you some socks. Where are your socks?”

Me: “Don’t worry my boy, it is okay.”

Elijah: “I know! I’ll go fetch your slippers!”

*runs off to fetch slippers*

Elijah: “Here you go mommy. You can wear these slippers. I couldn’t find your Eeyore slippers. Only one of them.” and then he put them on for me.

Does your heart not just *MELT*? I really wanted to document this, in case I forget about it someday. Maybe someday when he turns around and spews hatred at me when he is a teenager. I suppose that is bound to happen at some point, no matter how you raise them. Please don’t let me forget this sweet boy.

Gabby is RUNNING around. Remember 5 months ago I thought she would never get up off her lazy bum and walk? Well, here she is…chasing me all over. She is quite clingy at the moment. This is new territory to me. Elijah used to be clingy with Rudi. It is endearing, but can be frustrating at the same time. When I am frustrated I try to remember that it will not be this way forever. Elijah is already running away and playing at a friends’ house for hours at a time. Sometimes on a weekend he will go play and we won’t see him for ages. We have to go and check up on him. He has completely forgotten about us. Someday, too soon, Gabby will do this too. She is slowly starting to speak. I see her watching our mouths when we say words and then try to mimic the shapes we make. I suppose she has some sort of vocabulary now, but it is at a point where Rudi and I *might* understand what she is saying (it is very helpful that she points) and where nobody else will. Any day now she is going to say “Fuck!” and we’ll laugh and scold. We are still breastfeeding, 20 months in. I feel very lucky to have come this far. Haters will hate. I am far beyond fearing judgement. My family (in laws included) don’t ever ask me when we plan to stop. People do and I find that it is quite easy to blow them off, you know, since it is none of their business in the first place. We are trying to set nursing boundaries and limit breastfeeding to happen at home only and no longer in public and so far it is working well. I don’t foresee the end of our breastfeeding journey in the near future and I am okay with that. I suspect I might have a personal cut off at 3 years, but that is not set in stone. We will see.


On Sunday in church I prayed to be a better mother. Sometimes I hear myself saying something to Elijah and recoiling at my own words. Sometimes I don’t like the way I speak to him, but by the time I realize it, the damage is done. I want to shout less. I want to be more patient. I want to be more kind. I want to be less frustrated. I want to be more present. I want to be better. It is hard. It is an uphill battle and constant work on myself. Sometimes I want to shake Rudi. I don’t know if he sees what I see. I want to smack him when he undermines my authority. He may not see the harm in something small and he undercuts me. For example, Elijah went looking for his friend. He came back with an empty bottle of Barbie bubbles. When we asked where he had found the bubbles he told us his friend and her parents weren’t home, but the door was open and he took the bubbles. I told him to take it back immediately. I explained to him that it is stealing. Rudi did not want him to take it back. He reasoned that it was empty and that if the neighbours were home now they would judge Elijah for taking the bubbles. Point completely missed. It is the principle of the matter. We ended up refilling the bubbles with bubble mixture and Elijah took it back. I don’t think they were home yet, but they are probably still scratching their heads as to how the container refilled itself.  This is a classic example of where we disagree on something and it comes out in front of the kids. I know it should not. It is hard to find a moment alone to discuss these kinds of things. I am still convinced I was right though 😛


And so we will just stumble along in this parenting adventure, hoping for the best.


Galaxy Nails

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I’ve been wanting to do galaxy nails for the longest time. I have just never gotten around to it. I was stumped for something to do and while I was staring at my untried polishes it dawned on me – GALAXY NAILS!


I started off with a Tip Top Nail Chic Strength and Vitality base coat to protect my natural nails. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black as a base. After that was relatively dry I used a small piece of make up sponge held with a tweezer to Sponge Sinful Colors Savage (teal) randomly on my nails.  I followed that up using another piece of sponge to add Sinful Colors Amethyst (purple) over and around the Savage, sure to leave some of it exposed. The last colour I sponged on was Nubar Berry Intense (dark pink). While I was sponging I was having serious doubts about how it was going to turn out, but I soldiered on. Just like you should never judge a polish by it’s first coat, you just can’t gauge sponging and gradients while you are busy doing them. I painted a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the sponged colours. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a dotting tool to add some random dots representing stars and then a small nail art brush to add the “sparkling” stars and the shooting star on my index nail. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. The result:


Galaxy Nails


I am really in love with how the base of this came out! Fairy Dust also really adds that special something that makes it look more like the night sky. There is a hilarious post about China Glaze Fairy Dust that I just had to share. You can check it out here. I’m so glad I finally got around to doing galaxy nails. I also knocked 4 polishes off my untrieds! WOOHOO! I can now cross it off my mani to do list as well. Yay! What do you think? Did I do alright?

How bout getting off these antibiotics?

How bout getting off these antibiotics? – Alanis Morissette

I am so tired of my children being on antibiotics. In my uneducated opinion, they are on antibiotics far too often. Our medical aid is already depleted (again), which is contributing to my worries. Do the children go to the doctor too much? Maybe. The previous time Elijah had bronchitis he was on 3 courses of antibiotics and a cortisone pump before he got better. This time they gave him one course of antibiotics. After the antibiotics were done with no improvement to his cough, the doctor said it was not a bacterial infection, but likely an allergy and prescribed a new cortisone pump (the same one he had a few months ago), but it still took 2 weeks before we started to see any improvement. Cortisone is a “heavy” medication for someone so little. It worries me. I also know that excessive antibiotics are bad for them and can have lifelong consequences. Look, I know that antibiotics are sometimes completely necessary. I believe in science. I just think too much of a good thing is bad.

A while ago a colleague told me he is not giving his children antibiotics anymore, not unless they are REALLY sick. He wanted their bodies to learn how to fight these bugs themselves. It has been working for them. A friend from Europe also mentioned that antibiotics are overused, he thinks that we are too quick to give antibiotics. He had been ill himself and as an adult had fever, etc and just rode it out. This got me thinking. Maybe I’m too quick to take the children to the doctor. My kids already take a multivitamin every day to help boost their immunity. They are on Zinplex, currently the one with extra Vitamin C, because winter. Our conversation was not even a day old when Gabby got a fever. Over 38.5, so we medicated. Her eyes also started weeping yellow stuff. This usually spells antibiotics for us. We had some eye drops from the previous incident and started administering them. She had another fever the next day and her eyes continued. We kept on with the eye medication and the fever has stayed at bay. Two weeks later her eyes are still not 100%. They still weep yellow stuff if we do not put in the drops/ointment and once the yellow stuff clears one of her eyes tear all the time, which is our first warning sign that things aren’t right and that an eye infection is imminent.

I think I’m going to try this, even though I know I feel like the worst-mother-in-the-WORLD when I leave them to get sick to the point where they just lay down and don’t want to do anything. Has anyone else done this? Tried to avoid antibiotics to improve their children’s natural immunity? I’ve been told often to try homeopathic medicine. Natural antibiotics. We have tried these as well. Not consistently to be honest and we have never taken the kids to a homeopath. I don’t really know if this is the answer.  I have also been told to put the children on Herbalife to improve their health.  Herbalife? Really? I had to take that one with a pinch of salt. No offense to the people that offered that advice, but after my grandfather was made to believe that Barleylife is going to cure his cancer and they swindled him out of how much money and gave him so much false hope I don’t place my trust in products like that anymore. Maybe it works for some for weight loss or whatever they use it for, but I don’t think it is for me. I don’t really have much spare money lying around anyway. After the medical aid I can’t use anymore takes their 4k I’m strapped.


On that note, winter can bugger right off! Here’s to healthy kids!

Wedding at Hathersage

On Saturday Rudi and I attended a wedding that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. A few years ago I was reunited with my paternal family including my father’s half brother, Hentie. Even though he is my uncle, there is only a 7 year age difference between us, so when I was little we used to play together and are socially on a similar level. I was so glad we were invited! I have been waiting for the couple to get married since he popped the question. I am just so happy for them. I liked his wife from the first time I met her. She really is a gem and also really gorgeous (I’ll find something wrong with her at some point…she’s can’t have everything 😉 ) It is also the first wedding we have been to in about 4 years.


Anyhow, the wedding was at Hathersage in Somerset West. What a gorgeous venue! The weather was dodgy all week, but when Saturday dawned it was a stunning day. The ceremony was held outside at the venue. The bride looked absolutely amazing. The ceremony was lovely. The pastor threw in a few jokes which is always nice and keeps the guests on their toes.








I am so happy for them! Don’t they make a lovely couple? I was pleasantly surprised to see even more family that I have not seen since I was a little girl! My aunt was there with her husband and 3 children, 2 of whom I had never met. I wasn’t even aware of their existence till I reunited with this side of the family. My paternal grandmother and grandfather who moved 2 000 km away about 6 months ago were also there. I was so happy I got to see them again. My grandmother has officially been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it is really starting to show :( She seemed disoriented a lot of the time. She just seemed so lost and it broke my heart. On the other hand my grandfather who has been receiving chemotherapy for stomach cancer got good news from the doctor saying he does not require chemo anymore. So awesome! It was very hard to say goodbye to them. Realistically I will never see them again and it is a bitter pill to swallow.

After the ceremony while the registers were being signed we collected bubbles and dried flowers to shower the new couple with as they walked past us on their way to take photos. We enjoyed some champagne and finger food offered to us by waitrons circulating with platters. We gathered in the venue, the tables were beautifully decorated. Simple, elegant and understated. The colour scheme was black, white and silver.





The food was absolutely delicious! We loved *everything*. If we were eating at a restaurant I would go back there again. I also received the best wedding favour ever! The bride hand picked each wedding favour for the ladies. We all received a different one. I am SO in love with the one she chose for me and knowing she chose it especially for me makes it so special.



I mean, really. So stunning. I will treasure it! We had such a good time. Rudi and I even danced together for the first time in aaaages. We don’t get to go out alone much. We don’t have family that can just watch the kids for us any time and babysitters aren’t always readily available unless we can pay them, so an evening out gets very expensive quite quickly. We were more than willing to make an exception for this occasion though! The kids stayed with the day mother’s daughter and grandchildren while we partied till midnight. We got pictures of the girls teaching Elijah netball and playing dress up with Gabby. It was so cute!











It was just such a wonderful event and day. While we were at the wedding I received a notification from Facebook and found out one of my friends had given birth to her baby. I was elated! They decided not to find out what the gender of their baby was, so everyone was waiting with bated breath to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. It’s a girl! She is also breastfeeding her baby and I hope to be able to support her and help her if she needs it.


Thanks so much to Hentie and Karen for sharing their special day with us!

Ruby Glisten

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Hi there. I’m sorry for my long absence last week. I am busy with a large post that requires wearing polish for a long time to test its durability and I don’t have mani drafts lying around. I also felt completely uninspired to actually write something…so instead I just didn’t. I am back though! I went to a family wedding over the weekend (I WILL actually blog about that!) and I wanted to match my mani to my outfit. I wore the same outfit I wore to the CT Meet Up blogger event *gasp* the scandal! Let me show you what I came up with.


I started off with a Tip Top Nail Chic Strength and Vitality base coat to protect my natural nails. I then painted 2 coats of Sinful Colors Ruby Glisten on all of my nails. Ruby Glisten is a GORGEOUS red jelly-like polish packed with glitter giving it the most lovely sparkle.  I hadn’t painted my nails for 7 days when I did this mani. I don’t know if it was me or the polish, but I flooded my cuticles like there was no tomorrow. It was so very bad, so I spent a long time cleaning this one up. Once my base was dry I used Tip Top Armour Plate and the bottom image of PUEEN 26 to stamp on all my nails and sealed it all in with Seche Vite. The results: Sinful Colors Ruby Glistens Sinful Colors Ruby Glistens   Look at that! Look again! How gorgeous is Ruby Glisten? So beautiful! I really loved this mani. I got loads of compliments on my nails at the wedding. Ruby Glisten is really a stunning red. I have been lusting after China Glaze Ruby Pumps for a long time, but the shop I buy my China Glaze from doesn’t stock it and there is nowhere else that I know of that sells China Glaze to the public. Ordinary Misfit did a comparison of the two here and I’m pretty glad I found this polish!

Huggies DryTouch™ Review

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A while ago I went to a Huggies event in Johannesburg where they announced the launch of their latest DryTouch™ nappies. I was completely amazed by the demonstrations of how quickly the nappies absorbed moisture and raved about them in this post.


I incorrectly received an old pack of nappies at the launch and the PR company was kind enough to replace them with the correct product. Shortly after we started using them we noticed that Gabby developed a horrible rash, only in the area where the “focused absorption” would be. The rash did not extend to her bum area. She was also on antibiotics at the time, so we dismissed it. Something we also noticed was that we would often find that her clothes were wet. Like the moisture had sucked out the nappy so fast it had sucked right through! Were we leaving her in the nappy too long? Maybe, but we had not changed the frequency between nappy changes at all, leading me to believe that the nappies were the common denominator. It happened more than once too. We had a lot of nappies to get through and the rash just would not go away, no matter what we used, which led us to change nappies again. It took some time, but the rash disappeared and has not resurfaced since.


These nappies will not be on my repurchase list, even if I find them discounted somewhere. I know not all babies will have sensitivity to whatever is in the nappy, but ours does and of course that is what matters. It is strange too since she has never had a reaction to any other nappy that we’ve tried (including the older Huggies nappies). Even though these nappies really absorb moisture well, they need to be changed more often in our experience and that affects my bottom line and will mean I have to buy more nappies.


So despite me being super duper impressed with the demonstrations, in practice these nappies just don’t work for us. Have you tried them? What do you think?




I thought it might be best to show  which packs I am referring to as there was some confusion about which nappies we were using. Here you go, note the DryTouch promotion on the front of the pack:

Huggies Size 3 Girls

Image courtesy of Sabio Communications

Sherbet Angel, Your Present Required

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Hi everyone. Welcome to a brand new week! I am hoping that this week will be better than last week. With almost the whole household coming down with bronchitis it was a tough one.  The last time I got bronchitis I took so long to get better and was so miserable I even hated all the nail art I did. Let’s not go there again! I couldn’t decide whether I liked this mani or not, but it was one of those I fell in love with more and more while I was wearing it. Let me show you…


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted two coats of Tip Top Sherbet Angel on all of my nails. This polish is nice and pigmented. A beautiful pink creme. I think some people may get away with one coat, but I needed two for a nice even finish. It applied really well. I used China Glaze Your Present Required to create a glitter gradient on my ring and middle nails. I was going to try and pick out studs to wear by laying different studs which I purchased from Born Pretty Store* on my nails to see what would compliment the polish and glitter best. What I didn’t realize was that my polish was still tacky. I didn’t apply a top coat yet and as soon as I dropped the stud onto my nail it was stuck. I couldn’t move it without risking ruining the polish underneath…so what you see is the first thing I tried. I thought these pastel peach coloured studs would suit the glitter nicely and I don’t hate how it turned out at all. So even though it was an accident, it isn’t too bad. The result:




How gorgeous is this glitter?? I absolutely love it! I’m not sure the gradient came out well on both nails…I’ll try harder next time 😛 I really love this pink though and the combination of all these things. What do you think?

*Born Pretty Store is currently having a stud sale! Up to 30% off! If you don’t have an account, you may use the banner on the right to register. This is an affiliate link. You can also use my 10% discount code on the other banner. Happy shopping!

CT Meet Up

On Saturday I attended the #CTMeetUp even in Cape Town hosted at I Love My Laundry in Cape Town. About 50 bloggers attended the event. I Love My Laundry is an actual functioning laundromat, but is also a restaurant. A first for me!  I was so confused when they said the event is going to be at a laundromat and when we arrived it looked like a restaurant…I only later realized that it is both! 

I arrived early, but luckily I wasn’t the only one. With a lump in my throat I walked up to three ladies chatting and introduced myself. We struck up a conversation and with a bang people suddenly started flooding into the venue and the space got noisy quickly! We all got some pegs to exchange for drinks which was included in our ticket price. We had a lovely chat to a public relations representative and answered/asked questions around blogging for brands. It was all very informative.

It was so awesome to meet some of the bloggers I have been following for years, some that I haven’t seen for ages and meeting new ones! It was SUCH a great vibe and everyone got on like a house on fire. It was such a cool event. We enjoyed some drinks of our choice, dim sum and baked cheesecake for dessert.

There were a ton of spot prizes and we each received an awesome goodie bag!


  • A Ring To It (@aringtoit on Twitter and Instagram) – 20% discount voucher
  • Tribe Coffee (@tribe_coffee on Twitter) – Ground coffee and coffee beans
  • My Smart Kid (@mysmartkid on Twitter) – A cute felt owl
  • Grootbos (@grootbos on Twitter) – A jar of honey
  • Saszli Chocolates (@saszlichocolat on Twitter and @saszliachocolates on Instagram) – Chocolate truffles – YUM!
  • Tip Top Nails (@TipTopNailsSA) – A base coat and a polish – WOOT! (ones I don’t actually own already!)
  • Heart And Home (@Heart_and_Home on Twitter) – I received decorative garlands
  • Lucky Brand – Discount at V & A Waterfront/Canal Walk stores
  • Optiphi – (@optiphi on Twitter) – I received a primer to apply before my foundation
  • John Frieda – (@johnfriedasa on Twitter) – Hair Repair Treatment – I so need this!
  • Romeo Foxtrot – (@romeofoxtrotdesigns on Instagram) – Cute bracelet – Check out her products on Instagram!
  • Coeval Contemporary Jewellery (@coeval_ZA on Twitter) – An awesome bag hook which I am already using daily at work instead of chucking my bag on the floor
  • Wakaberry – (@wakaberry on Twitter) – iPhone 5 cover
  • Revlon (@revlonSA) – Mascara and lipstick – what girl doesn’t want more pretty?
  • The Galileo Open Air Theatre (@galileo_cinema on Twitter) – 2 tickets for a movie, chairs and blankets. So excited!
  • Macaroon (@macaroonme on Twitter) – 10% discount on online purchases
  • Thyme Spa (@thymespacape onTwitter) – Voucher towards a treatment of your choice
How UTTERLY spoilt were we?! Thank so much to all the wonderful sponsors!
I really suck. I didn’t take any photos at the event because I was having SUCH a good time. I also didn’t get a chance to take photos of the stuff we got in our goodie bag either because the children accosted me when I got home and I had to peek and hide before everything was gone and scattered around the house. Lots of the other bloggers did not suck though and have put up posts with pictures. I’ll link to their posts below…so if you wanna see all the awesome stuffs, click the links!
I’ll try to update links to extra posts as they come in.
This was a most awesome event. Thanks so much to Cindy and Nikki who arranged everything and again, the awesome sponsors! I will definitely jump at the opportunity to attend another one!