The birth of PrincessIce

Just before Christmas we were visiting with Milla and Dennis when I started feeling contractions. They felt different to Braxton Hicks, but I had no back ache. That night between 01:00 and 03:30 I was having contractions about every 5 minutes…then suddenly nothing. Everything stopped. Christmas came and went uneventfully.

We spent New Year’s Eve with Milla and them again; everyone waiting with baited breath to see if PrincessIce would make an appearance. She stay firmly put. On News Year’s Day I was in a lot of pain. My pelvis hurt so badly I could only limp around. Sitting down/getting up/turning around were all excrutiating. We spent the day at the in laws. I spent a little time in the pool hoping for some relief, no such luck. I spent the rest of the day on the bed in front of the fan, occasionally in tears because I couldn’t move without hurting myself. I moaned on Twitter and even said I would ask the gynae to take her out at my appointment the next day since I could not handle it anymore.

Our gynae appointment was scheduled for 8 am, but when we arrived the receptionist was surprised to see us. The gynae was in theater. When I had seen his partner in December they had forgotten to write my appointment down in the book. I showed my appointment card with my booking and we were asked to be patient. We waited a little under an hour which is pretty standard anyway. Before we even started he told me he is not available over the weekend as he had some personal business to attend to. I advised him about my discomfort and we joked about the epidural as we usually do. I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind if he took her out. He did a scan and estimated her weight at around 3.3/3.5 kg. He said he would like to do an internal examination, which was pretty damn uncomfortable. Why do they tell you to relax when they are sticking fingers all the way up to your cervix?!? Because they don’t know what that feels like…is why! He then dropped a bombshell…I was already. 1.5 cm dilated!

He sat us down and asked whether we would like to meet our daughter that day. Even though it was something I actually did want, I was faced with mixed emotions. Babyice was born at 38 weeks and 5 days. I was 38 weeks 5 days pregnant. Babyice was born on the 2nd of February, it was the 2nd of January. I asked how we would proceed and the gynae said we would induce and PrincessIce should arrive by about 17:30. I have terrible memories of the pain of induced birth from when Jamie was born, but I decided we should take the plunge!

The gynae phoned the labour ward to warn them I was coming and that they must make sure they call him to administer my epidural in time. Heh. I was sent straight to the ward and prepped. We called Leebeesa to come and fetch Babyice as we had arranged that she would look after him while his sister was born. Rudi started notifying family and friends while I notified people via Twitter and Facebook.

The gynae induced around 10:00 and said he would be back by 11:45 to administer the epidural. Contractions started and were manageable. We were told to walk around in the ward a bit. Just like in the movies! :P We never did that with Babyice. The contractions started getting stronger and I wished I had a birthing ball. 11:45 came and went. I became increasingly cranky and repeatedly asked them to check where the gynae was. He was dropping the ball! I had not had breakfast as the appointment was really early, I only drank some Energade to fight off the hunger. When the contractions and pain became too much for me to handle I brought it all up. Rudi was sweet enough to tie up my hair for me and wipe my mouth. I didn’t actually want my mouth wiped, but he was just trying to help. Eventually at almost 13:00 the gynae waltzed in there and they got me ready. Rudi held my hand while the epidural was done. It hurt a lot less than I remember and before long I could feel that warm feeling washing over my legs. He also injected what he referred to as a cocktail which must of had some happy drugs in it. If asked to describe how I felt, the word ‘lovely’ comes to mind. I was 3 cm dilated when the epidural was administered. The only side effect I experienced from the epidural was some itching and just before birth I was extremely cold, teeth chattering cold. My waters were broken and I sent Rudi off to go get food ask he had also not eaten all day.

Rudi had not even been gone for an hour and a half when they came to check me again. I was dilated 7 cm! The gynae “topped up” my epidural to ensure I didn’t suddenly experience pain at the most painful time possible. With Babyice it took me quite a few hours to dilate. I was sure that the epidural would slow down the dilation. The nurse started to prepare for the birth. I could feel PrincessIce’s head moving down into the birth canal. Those last 3 cm happened really fast! Before you could say push, I was told to push! It was really difficult for me to push since the new epidural meds were still pretty fresh and I couldn’t feel whether or not I was pushing. I couldn’t even feel the immense pressure of her exiting as I did with Babyice. The gynae, nurse and Rudi all guided me and cheered me on as I did the best I could. In a few minutes I heard her cry for the first time. I couldn’t see her, but the look on Rudi’s face was priceless. The first thing he said was ‘And she has your nose’.

Rudi cut the umbilical chord and she was immediately placed on my chest. She was still covered in gunk :) . She is just perfect. PrincessIce weighed a wopping 3.795 kg at birth! (Babyice had weighed 3.555 kg) A minute or two later the nurse spotted the breastfeeding consultant walking past and beckoned her. She helped me to latch PrincessIce and we got breastfeeding off to a start minutes after birth, just as I had wanted.

Again I was blessed with a perfect birth. I only received one stitch this time and it doesn’t need any intervention or treatment.

Thank you for all the messages of love, support, concern and congratulations received. We were overwhelmed.


Kangaroo Care


So beautiful


My family

At the hospital where she was born dads get to mount a pink or blue flag on the hospital’s roof to represent the birth of their child. Babyice went with:


Babyice with his sister's flag



PrincessIce was the only girl born at the hospital that day.

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35 weeks

This past week has been exhausting. Work has been super busy and chaotic. I am SO looking forward to going on maternity leave! I’m working next week from Monday to Sunday and then I’m done! My porridge brains are starting to make it really difficult for me to function properly at work. Yes, they’ve been there all along, but they are getting really bad. I’m making stupid mistakes. I really shouldn’t be trusted to serve customers anymore!



Milla and I got a lot done in the house on Monday and Tuesday. All the clothes have been sorted, but now need to be washed and packed away neatly. I still need to sort through all the toys and the kitchen and then I will consider things done. We’re getting a TV stand to put up our TV in our room this afternoon and once that is up we can set up the cot. We still need to get a new mattress for the cot as you can’t use old cot mattresses. Apparently a type of bacteria breeds in mattresses that can contribute to SIDS. I’m not taking that chance for R 250.00! I haven’t started packing my hospital bag yet either. Considering that the gynae said we shouldn’t expect anything to happen before next year I’m okay with that. Tomorrow is the housekeeper’s last day before she goes on holiday for a month. I’ve asked Milla to pass along the details of her housekeeper for December/January while ours is on leave. We simply cannot cope without one. Or at least, Rudi can’t cope without one. I am utterly useless in the housework department at the moment.



I’ve received some “baby shower” gifts from people at work. My baby shower was supposed to take place last weekend, but was cancelled about 40 minutes before it was supposed to happen and postponed to this week. Most of the people attending have already pardoned themselves from attending this week and have brought me gifts so long. The gifts were freaking me out before (especially the clothing gifts) because I had no space for them and couldn’t fathom where I would put them, but since we’ve sorted out the clothes I know exactly what will go where and am more focused on when/how I will do the washing. I don’t think I can do all the washing this weekend and I’m not sure I want to leave it till I’m on maternity leave. Perhaps I will. I just need to trust that everything will somehow get done.



I am 35 weeks today. Super uncomfortable. I can’t stand for longer than a few minutes at a time or walk “long” distances anymore. A trip to the mall is most definitely out of the question. Time is really starting to run out now! I am excited and scared all at the same time. We’ll be entering an entire different era in our lives. Babyice is excited about his sister arriving and I am quite comforted by that. I’d rather he be excited than jealous or resentful. That being said, mommy can go jump off a bridge lately. He really wants very little to do with me. He does show me affection, gives me hugs and kisses, tells me he loves me…but don’t let daddy out of his sight! Mommy is also not allowed to brush his teeth. I haven’t been bathing him for months now since I can’t bend over the bath with my bump and now when I want to brush his teeth in the mornings, he says ‘No! Daddy brush my teeth.’ I am feeling a bit rejected, but I’m not taking it personally.



Thank goodness it’s Friday. I need a break!


I really think people underestimate how much hormones can affect your emotions, or even your physical well being. I certainly did. Because I was one of those people, I feel like it is hard for other people to understand what you are going through when you are affected by this.



My nesting has kicked in. In a huge way. I never had this while I was pregnant with Babyice. There my nesting only kicked in after Babyice was born. This resulted in extra sleep deprivation  since I was cleaning instead of sleeping while he was sleeping. In hindsight, it was better that way though. Right now I feel physically incapable of doing the things I need to do to keep the house clean and tidy. Rudi helps, he really does. But after he has spent over an hour scrubbing the kitchen, he only has to cook once for everything to be chaos again. Try telling him to clean it again! Because the housework is such a revolving task, it just never stays clean/tidy.



On Friday my cupboard finally arrived. Rudi brought a colleague home to help him move the cupboard and to take away the compactum. The colleague brought with him his wife and two small children. I drove straight to the day mother after work to pick up Babyice, so I arrived home about 20 minutes after Rudi and his colleague did. By then it was too late. Every surface in my house was covered in toys/clothes and heaven knows what else. There was cooldrink on the floor…muddy footprints on the bath mat…everything was chaos. After they had moved the cupboard into the position I wanted they wanted to go buy beer or something and I was left with strangers in my house who apparently do not have any regard for the safety of their own children. The mother just let the kids run out the front door, down the stairs and across the road by themselves! (They are only 3 and 4 years old). Of course Babyice followed suit and I had to haul ass outside to try and stop them/make sure they were safe. They were playing in the park across the road and the mother had decided to follow me out the house, but stood quite a distance away from the park (actually across the road), while I stood there near the jungle gym supervising the kids. SERIOUSLY? I’m 8 months pregnant and I have to run after 3 toddlers?! Was she KIDDING ME?! I don’t mind running after my own child or keeping an eye on him. My own child, however, is quite disciplined and would probably have listened to me had I told him to wait or that he can only go to the park later when his father gets home. When Rudi got back I sent him a message and asked him to please get the people out of my house since they were not really invited for a visit and we obviously had a lot of work to do. Eventually they left. At which point I just collapsed into a pile and cried. Rudi and I tried to sort through some things, but it was practically a futile attempt. By the time we went to bed nothing much had changed and the house was still in a state.



On Saturday a friend of mine came over to my house, following some events that I would rather write about at another stage. I didn’t want to let her come because of how the house looked, but she insisted I need not worry since we’ve known each other since we were young teens and she didn’t care what my house looked like. Not long after she called she arrived at my house and cleared herself a path from the front door to where I was sitting. I really am not kidding about how bad it was. Not long after that she decided to start cleaning. I was so embarrassed and kept trying to help her/telling her to stop. Did I mention the housekeeper also didn’t pitch on Saturday?! Problem with transportation :( Anyway…she looked at me and said ‘Would you just please sit down and shut up? There were times that I wished someone would of done this for me’. That really hit home. I’ve been told a few times now, when someone comes over after the baby is born and asks if they can help, direct them to the dishes or stove or laundry. You don’t need help with the baby, you need help with everything else! Holding the baby isn’t going to clean the kitchen! She then set her husband and a friend to work and in no time the house was tidy, the dishes washed and the floors vacuumed. While all this frenetic cleaning was going on a neighbour I’ve never spoken to before knocks on the front door. She had some left over desserts from the day before and was going to throw them away because she couldn’t eat them all herself. Would we like to have them? She brought over some milk tarts and meringue nests. It was the most random thing. I couldn’t really believe what was happening. Not only were people I wasn’t paying to do so cleaning my house, but someone came to bring  us desserts.



We then decided to go to Milla (the friend’s) house for a swim as it was blooming hot. We took Babyice’s Swimsafe suit with, but Rudi thought we should take his water wings too.  The swim safe suit was about R 400.00 and doesn’t really keep him afloat. In fact, the neck ring seems to hinder him and he looks very uncomfortable in the water. This time we decided to give the water wings a whirl and he jumped into the water and off he went! All on his own! He had an absolute BALL of a time. He got out of the pool by himself, jumped in and practiced paddling and kicking. R 20.00 water wings are the bomb! By the time we left about two hours later, he could barely keep his eyes open. He passed out before we got home and actually took a nap! He has been very  anti-nap over weekends, this was quite a surprise and a welcome break after the emotionally draining day I had had.



On Sunday we went to visit my grandmother’s sister and her daughter who had flown in from London on Saturday. They had presents for Babyice and PrincessIce (and for us!). They always buy the most awesome clothes! Babyice got two very gorgeous preppy style jerseys and a onesie pyjamas covered in monkeys! I LOVE onesies and was very sad when Babyice eventually grew out of them. Apparently onesies are all the rage abroad now, even for adults! PrincessIce came away with quite a bit of loot, including two pairs of shoes, quite a few baby grows and the cutest little fluffy pink coat with matching shoes.



After we got home the kitchen was in a state again. The shopping we had done earlier in the day had not been packed away and Rudi had made food so the surfaces were covered in stuff again. The dishwasher was full of clean dishes and there were dirty dishes in the sink. Again, I burst into tears at the state of things and my powerlessness to fix it. I sat Rudi down and tried to explain to him how I was feeling and that I really couldn’t help it. That these hormones are messing with my head and when I see mess they surge and make me see red. Like I said before, my brain is nesting, but my body is protesting! He didn’t really respond, so I’m not sure if he understood, but I put it out there in simple terms and I hope that he can try to see my side of things.



Last night Camilla came over with her family. We had pizza and she knuckled down and started helping me sort the house out. We cleared a chest of drawers and the floor of Babyice’s bedroom and underneath his bed. We managed to fill 2 black bags full of stuff to be chucked out. We still have to go through clothes, toys and books. She is coming over tonight again to continue the mission. She is a freaking rock star! I even slept better last night knowing that some of the stuff I have been longing to do had been done. There is still a lot more work, but with her help I just know it will be done in no time and I can’t wait to feel “ready”.  To have things settle and to be able to wait for PrincessIce to arrive with a restful heart and mind. Zen. I want to be zen.



I still want to sort things in the kitchen out too. I haven’t told Milla that yet though. She reads my blog. *ducks*

Fun night. Not really.

I went to the hairdresser to have my hair done yesterday. He was so very sweet. He turned the aircon up to turbo for me because I was getting hot flushes. I think he felt bad about having to put me under the heater thing as well. I’m really pleased with the result. I asked him to add a few more purple streaks into my hair and asked that they be placed more prominently as the others just kind of disappeared and you couldn’t really tell they were there. He just shook his head. I don’t think he understands why I do it, but I don’t really need him to so that is okay.  He also chopped quite a bit off the end. I basically give him license to do whatever he wants. I trust him not to make me look stupid and he knows that I don’t want a fringe under any circumstances. I am quite alright with chopping off a couple of centimeters at the moment since there is still damage left at the bottom from trying to get all the black out of my hair. I always leave there feeling like my hair looks amazing:



Hair with purple accents :)



When I asked him how much he was going to chop off, he said ‘I don’t know. I’ll just get a feel for it while I’m busy.’ I didn’t realize how much he had cut off until I gathered my hair into a ponytail earlier today. I think the length looks good too though.



I have ordered and paid for the cupboard we’ll be replacing the compactum with. Rudi was supposed to go and fetch it today, but he has been so busy at work he just hasn’t had the time :( I was quite looking forward to the cupboard coming because it would force some reorganizing and repacking. Rudi is working very late tonight so he has to come and pick me up so I can take the car home and fetch Babyice. He will most likely only get home after 19:00. Days like today I wish he got paid overtime. After coming to fetch me he still has to go to the place near where the cupboard is, but Smartfurn will already be closed and he won’t be able to collect the cupboard. Once this delivery is done he has no other deliveries in that area, so he’ll have to pretty please his boss to use the bakkie to go and fetch the cupboard if he gets time. *sigh* I don’t ask for much. Just a few pieces of wood to pack some stuff in/on!  When I called them to notify them of our intention to come and collect a cupboard, they offered me an optional extra – a top box. It was R475.00 extra and I was planning on packing stuff on top of the cupboard anyway, so I decided to go with it, since it will be a) more packing space and b) will hide the stuff that was going on top of the cupboard. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it tomorrow!




Going to pick up Babyice on my own and having to explain where daddy is isn’t going to be fun. He is extremely into his dad at the moment. To the extent that I sometimes feel a little rejected. Mommy could disappear off the face of the earth and he’ll be fine, but he tracks his father’s every move. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with me being pregnant or whether it is just because they have a very strong bond…but I just know I’m going to get my ears nagged off tonight till Rudi gets home. I’m so exhausted and sore at the moment all I want to do when I get home is relax/nap. It’s going to be a fun night.

32 week appointment

We went to see the gynae last week. There were only two couples in the waiting room when we arrived, meaning that he wasn’t too backed up. We were in for a nice surprise as Being Mom had left hampers for all the pregnant mommies. I’m a sucker for freebies and the hamper included free nappies! Free nappies are the bestest! (and not just 5 like you get in your Discovery baby bag).



Being Mom Hamper



Before long we were ushered into the gynae’s office. He asked me under what circumstances I would come into the labour ward, probably checking whether I knew what signs to look out for when going into labour. I think I scored top marks ;) Then we were off to see PrincessIce. She is growing well and weighs about 2 kilograms now. There are no signs that she is going to try and make an early escape and he is most certain she will not arrive before January. He wasn’t even able to give us a photo of her since madam has her head firmly lodged into my pelvis. This would explain my extreme discomfort when trying to walk! If one more person tells me I should walk more/exercise to try and relieve this discomfort I am going to punch them in the face. Especially if they do not have a head lodged in their pelvis at the time, which is always the case.  My gynae is a funny guy. He said he is practicing his epidurals like a runner would train for the comrades. He says every time he administers an epidural he thinks of me and he is doing pretty well. He says the sweetest things :D Apparently the way PrincessIce is positioned now she is in the optimum position for a complication-free natural delivery.



A colleague scared the crap out of me yesterday. Another colleague of ours gave birth at the same hospital. She is also with my gynae. Apparently she went in at around 16:00. It was weekend. She gave birth around 22:00…before the gynae had even seen her! This also means she didn’t get an epidural!  Shit. I will just have to trust that my gynae will be there the day I go into labour, that he will have time to give me my epidural that I so desperately want and that I will have as beautiful a birth as I did with Babyice. I must really do my best not to worry about all this now. It is out of my control and worrying about it isn’t going to change anything. Right? Right. *breathe*




He has scheduled an appointment for me with his partner in December. He said he would rather not tempt fate and schedule an appointment for me for when he gets back from leave. In effect this means that I won’t see him again until we see each other in the delivery room! He said they would likely schedule another appointment for me in January, but that he doubts I’ll make it to any appointment they make for Jan. Flippen hell. After that we booked my hospital bed. I’ve already gotten authorization from the medical aid…everything is starting to feel very REAL!



I discussed with the receptionist the R 1500.00 co-payment for the birth and she said we don’t have to pay it. Apparently the medical aid’s policy has changed since I had Babyice and there is no co-payment on my plan anymore. SCORE! I save R 1500.00, right? Well, sort of. I found out the same day that Discovery doesn’t cover the actual Mirena device which I plan to have put in after the birth. The discovery rate for the device is R 2060.00. Thank goodness for the saving of the R 1500.00 though. I’ve put that money away in my 30 day account to pay towards the Mirena when the time comes.



The nesting instinct is still strong. Whenever we bring stuff into the house I feel like crying. I want to get rid of stuff…not bring in more junk! And everything is junk. We went to a few furniture stores yesterday and found no freestanding cupboards. We went to two pine furniture shops and found what we are looking for, with a big fat price tag of between R 2500.00 and R 3000.00, without a coat of paint! So I’ve decided to get a 2 door linen cupboard from Smartfurn. Basically it’s like a wardrobe cupboard, but only has shelves and no hanging space. It might be made out of chipboard, but it is less than half the price of the pine furniture. All I know is that I don’t want something with drawers. Drawers have repeatedly failed me! I hope to get the cupboard this week. I lay awake at 3:00 this morning visualizing what I would pack into the cupboard. Yes. I have serious issues!

I’ve made a start

Finally after some epic procrastination and fretting over the clutter issue, I started. I started by clearing out two shelves in my cupboard. Two shelves turned into two grocery bags full of stuff to donate. I struggled to come to terms with the fact that some of the things in those bags were very expensive and had barely been used. There was even a pair of stockings that I must of bought 3 years ago that were still in the packaging! I had to toss stuff out though. I *needed* to purge. The two shelves were finally looking decent (they had been bugging me for MONTHS) and I no longer had to stick my fist into a wall of clothes/scarves and hope I pulled out what I needed.



On Saturday when the housekeeper came I decided to tackle unpacking my summer clothes. This happened with gusto and resulted in a large black bag full of stuff that the housekeeper ended up taking home with her. I managed to make quite a bit of space in the cupboards in our room. Rudi needs to go through his clothes and I know that is going to be like pulling teeth! Rudi started unpacking the shelves in Babyice’s room with medicine and baby stuff (bottles/teats/toiletries) and we started throwing away expired medication and things we no longer need. I was able to pack back the baby stuff, but the medicine is still lying in disarray as I need to stand on a chair to pack this back and I refuse to pick up a chair and carry it there. The only ‘chair’ we really have is a little wooden stool and it’s quite heavy and quite low. I’ve asked Rudi to take it through for me, but that hasn’t happened yet.



On Sunday I wanted to go and buy some storage containers to help with the organizing mission. Rudi, however, decided that he would rather go fishing with Lindor. I was majorly pissed off. I was feeling ill (still am) and he decided to bugger off and leave me alone with Babyice, while I am possibly contagious and of course I could get nothing done without him there. Right now I NEED him to be there. I need him to bend down, pick things up and carry stuff around. Yes, it’s not glamorous work, but someone has to do it and right now that cannot be me. He hasn’t been out in a little while, so I only sulked about it for about 48 hours.



On Monday we went to the shops and I spent about R900 buying various storage containers/organizers so that we can get the organizing and sorting on track. These containers and organizers are standing by the front door as they arrived. *sigh*. This weekend we’ll be going to visit my father’s mother in Gordon’s Bay, so we won’t get anything done then either. Not much more time before PrincessIce arrives and still so much chaos! I am not getting any smaller or any more comfortable and I’m worried that I’ll run out of ability before I even run out of time.



I want to replace our current compactum with a wardrobe/shelved cupboard. I barely used the compactum as a changing table, I mostly changed Babyice on the bed. The drawers are completely stuffed. They don’t slide in and out properly and even the bases of the drawers are falling out. A cupboard will provide more packing space and take up less space in the room horizontally. I’ve been looking around for something and haven’t found anything yet. I don’t really feel like trekking around the shops to find something, but I might not have a choice. Rudi reckons he can make a cupboard, but I’m still waiting for him to make me a headboard for the last 6 years so I’m not holding my breath.



Still so much to do and time is ticking away as if we have time to waste :(

Clutter Chaos – HELP!

The chaos which is my house and all the cupboards therein is driving me BATSHIT! It is nagging me and I just can’t face it. Arkwife suggested I should surely be nesting by now…my response? My head is nesting, but my body is protesting! It keeps on mulling around in my mind. Too much stuff. Too much clutter. No space. Where are we going to put the baby? Where are we going to put her stuff? How? WHEN? HOW?! I just cannot DEAL.



I have two friends who would be MORE than happy to organize my shit for me…in a heartbeat, but they are all stuck in different provinces. Peppered around the country. Just my luck! Even when Angel was down from Johannesburg for my baby shower last time, the evening she helped me organize all the clothing gifts into age categories (how GENIUS is that?! ) and I’m sure we even packed some of it away. Angel, by the way, is a fantastic organizer. She has a really logical way of thinking and is able to make the simplest, smallest changes to make a big difference. For example, she turned around all my pens/highlighters, etc so that the points face downwards and they don’t dry out. DUH. WHY didn’t I think of that?! I still do that to this day.



As much as I’d like to say I am a well organized person…I am just NOT. I am disorganized. I make clutter. I HATE it. You should see my bloody dressing table. There are probably 40 bottles of various crap standing on TOP of it. Off the top of my head I can tell you the following items are there that have not been touched in months:



  • Hair mousse
  • Baby powder
  • Sudocrem
  • Hair silicone spray
  • Puma Balm
  • Prodol teething stuff
  • Various lotions


…and…and…and….KILLING ME. Why not pack it away? Because the designated cupboard is also in disarray. There is a table between our lounge and kitchen which is COVERED in crap. Mostly Babyice’s toys, etc…but COVERED. Toys he doesn’t play with, but we have nowhere else to put and PrincessIce will use it too. I have some clear storage containers that stack well…full of stuffed animals…that just never get taken out or played with. Some of them have sentimental value. I was thinking to go through them and donating some to the less fortunate. Then I have a high shelf at the top of Babyice’s cupboard that has a lot of old books and heaven knows what else in it. Babyice doesn’t get to use ANY of his cupboards, the built in cupboards in his room at least. The hanging space is full of daddy’s clothes. Beneath that there two large suitcases with whichever clothes we’re not wearing due to seasonal changes. Okay, clothes I’M not wearing. There are also blankets there so there is no space at the bottom. Above that the books and heaven knows what else. The shelves are filled with towels, linen, more baby blankets and medicine/toiletries. All Babyice’s clothes are in the compactum we got before he was born. Do you remember that Babyice only got his ‘baby room’ at the age of 4 months? THAT is how organized I am. Babyice’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and are now destined to be worn by PrincessIce are vacuum packed in the top of my cupboard. The top of our cupboards are also full. We just took our electric blanket off and put it in the top of the cupboard. One of my kitchen cupboards is filled with forgotten containers, old coffee mugs we’ll never use and again…heaven knows what else.




Every storage space is filled to maximum capacity…another reason I’ve been panicking about where to put PrincessIce’s things. TOO MUCH STUFF! TOO LITTLE SPACE. I’m sure if I were more organized or better at organizing I could stop agonizing as everything would just be lovely. I am just so overwhelmed that I do not even know where to start. I am afraid if I start I will start moving stuff around instead of solving the actual problem. I need to DE-CLUTTER my life! I need to get rid of loads of things. Rudi is TERRIBLE at this. Absolutely terrible. I can still throw things out and ‘let go’. I go through phases where I purge things at a fantastic rate and I can’t remember ever regretting it. Rudi will hold on to the plastic sleeve we bought a blanket in ‘in case we need it someday’. Which why he has a cupboard bulging with clothes he NEVER wears. I just can’t get him to part with the stuff! This is not his fault though. His cupboard full of clothes is just a slice of the pie. There are much bigger problems all over the house.




I want someone to help me fix this. The thought of it makes me crumble into a pile and reduces me to tears. I want to be better. I want to do better. I just can’t get started and clearly need some guidance. This is my cry for help!

Sippy Cup Sillyness

A couple of weeks ago we bought Babyice a new sippy cup. We allowed him to pick it himself and he chose a green Nuby sippy cup with tractors and digger loaders on it. I was most chuffed with his new sippy cup and we decided that we would let him drink *everything* out of it and no more bottles would be offered. In fact, he asked for the sippy cup time and time again. Washing bottles is getting really tiring! After using this cup for a week I took it back to Dischem where we bought it. The bloody ‘non-spill’ cup would leak terribly every time we tried to use it. I hated it. I even flung it across a room once or twice out of frustration. Thank goodness for durable plastic! We arrive at the client services counter, explain the problem and are redirected to till number 1 who handles returns. Till number 1 was unmanned though, so the cashier at till number 2 called us over in order to help us. Note: Not the cashier who usually deals with returns, another, random cashier. I explain that the stupid cup leaks all the time. Rudi wanders off to the sippy cup aisle to see if he can find a replacement. In the interim the cashier removes the seal from the sippy cup, replaces it and says she can’t see anything wrong. I told her it’s all very good and well when there is no water in the sippy cup. Conveniently she had a bottle of water at the till and she put some in the sippy cup. Low and behold! Not a leak in sight! I ask her to take it apart again and show me how she did it. She does. No leaks! Then I insist on trying to do it myself, under supervision…and wouldn’t you know it…NO LEAKS! By this time Rudi has come back with the news that there aren’t any other sippy cups, which is fine, because it turns out it was a user problem. Multiple users, mind you. Rudi then tried with some instructions and voila! No leaks!   We were so embarrassed!  Since then we have not had one incident of leakages and we love the sippy cup so much that I bought another one for him today. Same brand and same type of cup, with different pictures on. The only other complaint I have about the cup is that the rubber seal that removes from the lid seems to retain the smell/taste of whatever was in it. We would make him chocolate milk and after washing the sippy cup we would give him Oros in it. After that if you smell the rubber it smells like orange chocolate. I have managed to get it out by soaking the sippy cup in Jik. This is the actual reason I bought another one, so we could use one for milk and one for cooldrink/juice. Picture of the sippy cup:



Sippy Cup



Our housekeeper didn’t pitch this weekend. Apparently she had a really bad headache. Her sister works at the flat across the way from us and she didn’t pitch either, but a replacement sister was sent for our neighbour. Out of desperation I asked him if would ask her to pitch in with just the ironing on our side for R60.00. We hate the ironing. She said she would see what time she finished at his place and luckily she was able to come do the ironing. I went to another La Leche League meeting on Saturday, which was very useful and informative again. Babyice and Rudi went to play on the beach while I was there. After that we headed home, to be faced with the dirty house, with neat little piles of clothing that had been ironed. I was exhausted, sore and moody. Badly so. I was also suffering from the most awful hayfever which only made me even more cranky. I feel so helpless…so many things require me to bend down and I feel so heavy and uncomfortable doing any kind of housework is strenuous right now. I know that Rudi resents me for not helping, I would feel the same if I were in his shoes, despite the reason for him not helping. I actually discussed this with him yesterday. He didn’t deny it. He really does pull his weight around the house and of late I have not been able to. On Sunday morning I felt more refreshed and not yet exhausted and sore. He started cleaning and I pitched in by doing the vacuuming and folding laundry. It made me feel a little better and maybe it made him feel better too.



We intended to put the Christmas tree up this weekend, but discovered that the tree was too far back in the ceiling to be taken out without a ladder. Poo. We’ve asked our downstairs neighbour to organize a ladder for us so we can get the Christmas tree out and put it up. Babyice still quite keen to have his Christmas tree out!



Babyice has been snotty since before the weekend. I’ve had a stuffy nose all weekend, but attributed it to the hayfever…until this morning. This morning at work I realized I also have sore ears/throat and a headache. All signs that I am, in fact, sick. The symptoms aren’t too bad at the moment. Touch wood. I hope that I’ll be able to recover on my own without having to visit the doctor. Babyice is still quite snotty and some of it is travelling down to his chest resulting in a yucky cough. There are a couple of sick kids at the day mother and I suspect that is where he picked up the bug. I just wish he wasn’t so into sharing :P

Tick Tock

Time is ticking away…I’d like to say slowly, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks. Babyice was born at 38 weeks 5 days. The gynae reckons PrincessIce will also come sooner than 40 weeks…which means I potentially have 7 or 8 weeks to get everything ready and for everything to be done. SEVEN TO EIGHT WEEKS. That is NO TIME AT ALL. That is more or less two months. When you say two months it actually sounds a bit longer…but my supervisor said in a meeting yesterday ‘You’re going on maternity leave next month’ and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Next month. Right. You get it. There is very little time left and I’m panicky.



We still have to move furniture around in our house so that the cot can go next to our bed. We still need to get a new mattress for the cot. We have to do a major cleaning out of stuff to make space for PrincessIce’s clothes. Most of the clothes we have bought are still lying in the packets they came home in. They also all have to be washed. According to Twitter it is unnecessary to use special washing powder/fabric softner for baby’s clothes. I did with Babyice, but I really don’t see the point of buying separate stuff this time around, unless of course PrincessIce has a sensitivity. I want to steam clean the carpets with a hired machine before baby arrives (nesting much?). We need to pick up/wash/find space for stuff we’ve put at Rudi’s parents house like the baby bath, snug ‘n safe and bath chair. I need to unpack my summer clothes. I want to tidy the cupboards in Babyice’s room that are stacked with medicine, baby bottles and a whole lot of other stuff.



In the face of all this chaos I also remembered that having a baby entails a lot of admin. So yesterday I phoned the medical aid to pre-authorize my hospital stay. I’ve also filled in the hospital admission form that has been lying on my desk since the 10th of October. While I was at it I got a quote for how much our medical aid contribution will be once the baby arrives. Adding an additional kid to the medical aid isn’t so bad (R575/pm)…but all our premiums are also going up next year…so at the end of the day medical aid is going to cost about R900 more per month. That doesn’t include the R200 for Vitality and R200 for gap cover. We’ll be paying around R4000 just for medical aid. There is absolutely no way I can bolt off Discovery right now anyway since my birth won’t be covered if we do. I had a look at the Bonnitas website and their plan before their price increase is only about R300 less. I do think they might offer better value for money though…but will have to explore that option at the end of next year…you know, after paying in about R10 000 when my medical savings has run out on Discovery while continuing to pay my monthly contributions. This news did not make me happy, but what can you do? You need it. I’ve gotten my Discovery “baby bag” gift voucher and printed out the medical aid application forms to add baby to the medical aid once she is born.



Yesterday I also decided to finally phone the gynae about something that has been bothering me and he sent a prescription for antibiotics over to a pharmacy close to my house and we went to collect it. This issue (which I’d rather not discuss in detail in order for you to keep your last meal down) has actually been bugging me for quite some time, I just haven’t gotten around to phoning the gynae. I didn’t have enough privacy to make the call at work and we get home too late often. I’ll be glad to finally get it sorted out and by the time I have my next appointment everything should be fine again. I’m just hoping he isn’t going to feel like probing to be sure. I’ll have to have some blood tests done at my next appointment too. Ching Ching. More money. Medical aid is totally depleted already (thanks to the pricey root canal I had to have done). I’ve paid the last 3 gynae appointments out of my own pocket. My gynae likes to prescribe cost effective medicine though. The antibiotics yesterday only cost R37.



Come to think of it, yesterday was quite a productive day. Today I booked my maternity photo shoot for the 15th of December.



So, yes. Time is running out and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a million things I still want to do before the baby comes…I’m overwhelmed by the things I’ve mentioned already. The fact that I barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning does not bode well for getting all this stuff done. Oh yes! I still have to pack my hospital bag. Fuggit. I wish I had some minions I could just delegate all this stuff to!