Breastfeeding – 9 months in


He loves his sister

How precious is this picture? My beautiful boy and his sister <3 Melts my heart!


PrincessIce is 9 months old already! She seems pretty excited about it!



9 months old!


I’m still breastfeeding PrincessIce. Never in a million years would I have imagined breastfeeding a baby for so long. I have learnt so much about breastfeeding and so many myths have been debunked for me. I had heard some of them so many times that I believed they must be true. I think that is why so many people fail at breastfeeding. Our families, friends and colleagues (although they mean well sometimes) also put pressure on breastfeeding mothers to wean/start on solids/supplement and many more. I have faced these pressures myself, but have always had a soft place to fall with La Leche League. No matter how many times I was made to feel I was doing the wrong thing, I could always go to my LLL leader (Kim) and she would calm my fears and give me evidence based information to assure me that I am, in fact, doing the right thing. Once a month I can attend a meeting where nobody looks at me like I’m an alien for breastfeeding my baby.


For me breastfeeding was never about me, it has always been about PrincessIce and her needs. At the moment there is no end in sight and I am okay with that. I could not imagine refusing to feed or comfort PrincessIce at my breast. It is also really convenient for me. Having bottle fed and breastfed a child I can say from experience that breastfeeding is so much easier. Yes, it is hard in the beginning, but with the right support the large majority of women can do it. Yes, I still sterilize and wash bottles (from my pumping equipment), but not nearly as many as I used to. Also, I may be able to quit pumping when PrincessIce is around a year old (my goodness! That is SOON!). That’s a total of around 7 months of pumping if you exclude the majority of my maternity leave. A lot less washing and sterilizing than with an exclusively bottle fed baby. Because we co-sleep I get a LOT more sleep than I did with Babyice. No getting up for night feeds. What a pleasure.


Feeds have become a lot shorter as PrincessIce feeds more efficiently and a lot less frequent too. Sometimes she will moan, literally take a few sips and be happy again, she just quenches her thirst. If she gets hurt or is upset, latching on immediately soothes her. Best mothering tool, EVER. I was told the day would come where she wasn’t permanently attached to my breast and I couldn’t believe it then, but it was true.


So our journey continues and we grow together. Each feed is a special time for just the two of us and I need to remind myself constantly to treasure it because it will be over one day. I hope that it won’t end too soon, I am still loving the closeness and exclusivity of our relationship and I selfishly want to keep her to myself for just a little bit longer.


She is sick (again) at the moment. Ear and throat infection. Of course after I bragged about how healthy she is she has made it her mission to make me a liar. At midnight she was burning up and I gave her our last suppository. She then got rid of it about 3 minutes after I administered it. I gave her oral medication. I tried to calm her by feeding her and she bit me. Hard. I cried. It really hurt. Rudi said ‘Well then you must just put her on the bottle!’. For just a moment, it became about me and I considered it, but just as quickly as the thought entered my mind it left again. She is unwell, she is in pain…her ears and her throat hurt and I’m trying to put something in her mouth that will require her to swallow. I get it. I know a lot of women draw the line at biting and will stop breastfeeding because of it, but there are ways to deal with it and I will explore those first. She has never bitten me maliciously or mischievously. Onwards and upwards!


I don’t know myself anymore! I have turned into a breastfeeding, baby wearing and co-sleeping mother. I never would of thought!

Untried Polish Challenge – Most Expensive

This prompt was a little tricky. Some of my untrieds were gifts and I’m not sure how much they cost. So I had to choose something I paid for. Technically this isn’t the most expensive polish I have ever bought. My most expensive polish is my nails inc. topping lane which I paid R120.00 for . Eep. I swatched it here. I did really love it and don’t really have buyer’s remorse. I would be hard pressed to pay that for a polish again though. I pay R55.00 for all my China Glaze polishes, so I could basically pick any one of them for this prompt. I really wanted to try my Lubu Heels. It was now or never. 


My assumption is that this polish was named for the Louisbouton shoes as it is a black jelly-like base with red glitter. Makes sense, no? 


I painted two coats of my regular Tip Top Miraculous Results base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of China Glaze Lubu Heels on all of my nails except my ring fingers. I painted Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby on my ring fingers. I used my essence french glam stickers to make a lacey French tip over the Ruby Ruby on my accent nails. The results:


China Glaze Lubu Heels, accent nail is Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby



China Glaze Lubu Heels, accent nail is Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby


China Glaze Lubu Heels, accent nail is Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

I must say that the camera picks up the red glitter in the Lubu Heels very well. It is not as apparent in real life. People that have seen it have assumed I am wearing black polish with a red accent. The following photo is a little closer to the real life effect:

China Glaze Lubu Heels, accent nail is Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Although the glitter is very apparent in the bottle:



China Glaze Lubu Heels bottle shot


I still like this polish. In the right light it is really gorgeous. The black is a little sheer though, as it needs to be in order for you to be able to see the glitter. In the sun it can look a bit patchy and some of the black looks grey (the same as my Revlon Scandalous that I swatched here). I’m wearing two coats with a top coat in the photos above. All in all I am a bit disappointed that the red glitter doesn’t *pop* more and I will definitely layer this next time to avoid the grey patches, but I won’t put this polish up for The Polish Swap. I’ll hang on to this, but I think I’ll wear it again in the winter when the darker shades are all the rage.


What do you think?

Untried Polish Challenge – Newest

You get such a variety of nail art techniques. I’ve wanted to try doing a “jelly sandwich” for quite some time now. I really love polishes that look like jelly sandwiches, without the need to layer polishes. My Born Pretty Store glitter polish that I swatched here is a good example of this. These kinds of polishes are not common here in South Africa, so if you don’t order them online then you just have to improvise.


I bought myself a true jelly polish from Maskscara on my last trip there. China Glaze Are You Jelly? It is a gorgeous neon purple. The word ‘jelly’ again refers to the finish of the polish. Jelly polishes are very sheer and often translucent (just like jelly! Or jello if you’re in the states) when only one coat is applied. This jelly is nicely tinted, but still sheer and it builds up nicely as you apply more coats. I also recently purchased an essence glorius aquarius special effect glitter topper. Technically this was purchased more recently than the China Glaze, but they both qualify as recent purchases. So it was time to make myself a sandwich!


As usual I started off with my base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results. I proceeded to paint a coat of Are You Jelly? on all of my nails. The first coat looked terrible. The polish is quite thin, but for me this made application easier. It was very patchy and streaky. I know by now not to judge any polish by the first coat. When I went back to start on my second coat I experienced some balding where the brush pulls off the first coat of polish, so I waited a while to give the first coat a little more time to dry. The second coat already started looking better, but I would not have been happy with just 2 coats if I was wearing this on its own. I think you would probably require about 4 coats for it to look perfect. I painted on a coat of glorious aquarius on all my nails. Another glitter that you need to use the ‘blob and spread’ method to get good glitter coverage on your nail. Once I had added this to all my nails I wondered about whether it was too much. I kept thinking ‘disco nails’. They were very blingy. There was nothing for it though and I went ahead an painted a coat of the Are You Jelly over the glitter. I was careful to make the top coat of jelly as even as I could. I sealed it all in with Seche Vite. The results:


My first jelly sandwich



China Glaze Are You Jelly and essence glorious aquarius

So that you can get an idea of how sparkly the glitter is before it is layered under the jelly:


essence glorious aquarius bottle shot


essence glorious aquarius sparkles


I was really glad the jelly muted the glitter a bit. I love glitter, don’t get me wrong, but there is such a thing as too much glitter. This was definitely too much glitter before I put the jelly on top.


Neons are notorious for not photographing well and this is no exception. This purple is bright! At first I was uncertain about this mani. The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it probably wouldn’t make it onto the blog, but after wearing it for less than a day I can confirm I am totally in love with it! I love how it looks like the glitter is floating in the polish and this bright purple is making my heart really happy. What do you think? Do you like jelly sandwiches? What do you think of these colours together?


The kids are much better, but I’ve come down with a cold. Luckily not bronchitis and I’m not feeling man-fluish about it, so I’ll just ride it out. First time this season I’m having a stuffy nose. Hay fever is probably contributing to that.


I took PrincessIce for her vaccinations. I took a leave for the day in order to take her and then  she woke up with a low grade fever the morning. I know they usually can’t get vaccinated when they’re ill and I was afraid they wouldn’t give her the shots, but they did. She screamed from the time I brought her near the table where the vaccinations were done. While I undressed her and we weighed her and measured her. On the one hand it was a good thing. The screaming couldn’t get any worse as they injected her so even though she was clearly distressed it didn’t feel like the injections hurt her as much if that makes any sense. I wondered if she had a sense of the place. If she had a memory of the room or the nurse. I couldn’t understand why she screamed so much. After it was done I breastfed her for about 3 minutes and all was right with the world again :) With Babyice we used to struggle to soothe him after vaccinations. Boobs are amazing.


At the clinic they told me if you gave birth in a private hospital/have medical aid the government will no longer supply vaccines to you. You will need to pay for private stock. So because I pay R3900/m for medical aid (excluding my gap cover), that must mean I can afford vaccinations too, because medical aid never runs out. I am certain this will result in less children being vaccinated overall as less conscientious parents won’t pay thousands of rands for vaccines they used to be able to get for free. Government is struggling to meet the demand for free vaccines. They need to make a plan! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The next vaccinations at 12 months are “optional” and not covered by the government schedule so I will need to pay for those anyway. Ching! We took Babyice for all his vaccinations and PrincessIce shall have them too.


I’ll be going to La Leche League and Maskscara this weekend. Very excited! I hope I feel a bit better soon :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails (Untried Polish Challenge – Creme)

I have had a pink polish lying among my untrieds since Ordinary Misfit sent it along to me with my birthday gift. I intended to use it for the creme category of this untried challenge. For those that don’t know, creme refers to the finish of the polish. What is a creme polish I hear you ask? Definition provided by Peachy Polish from their post called Polish Dictionary:

Creme:   A creamy, opaque polish with a glossy finish.  Usually opaque in 1-2 coats.

I also wanted to do a Breast Cancer Awareness mani for October and I figured I could combine the mani with my Untried Polish Challenge.


As usual I started off with a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Rimmel Portobello Pink on all of my nails. I painted 3 coats on my pinky and thumb for it to even out to my satisfaction. This pink has a beautiful subtle shimmer that I did not notice in the bottle. As I would be covering the rest of my nails anyway I stuck to two coats on the three middle fingers. I added a coat of essence mr. big glitter from the twins range on my index and ring fingers. mr. big is a gorgeous dense glitter with red, pink and iridescent micro glitter. The red and the pink together is really pretty! I think three coats of this would make it opaque. I only used one coat and got loads of glitter onto the nail. I noticed other people doing Breast Cancer Awareness manis and most of them showed the breast cancer ribbon.  I don’t have any decals (or stickers) for a ribbon and I didn’t trust my freehand skills to paint a ribbon. So I started plotting a way to depict the breast cancer part of things without having to do the ribbon. Then it struck me! I decided to do “bra” nails :) I searched on Pinterest and Googled and found very little to work with. There were only one or two examples to be honest, but they gave me enough of an idea for my concept. So I whipped out a nail art brush and dotting tool and set to work with my black polish. I only used the nail art brush to make the outline of the bra cups. I didn’t feel it worked as well as I would of hoped. Instead of painting like a polish brush the lines came out as if I was painting with a dry brush. So I used these lines as a guide and filled in the rest with the polish brush. I used my dotting tool to make dots around the cups to try and make the bra look lacey. I also used my dotting tool to make the bra straps for the same reason. After a little feedback from Michelle I decided to add polka dots and some more detail to the “lace”. I also stole a large glitter hex out of my Tip Top Rocky Road to add some sparkle to my bra. I sealed everything in with my beloved Seche Vite top coat. The result:



Breast Cancer Awareness mani (Untried Polish Challenge – Creme)

I even managed to capture the gorgeous shimmer on the Portobello Pink. Look between the bra straps on this photo:



Breast Cancer Awareness mani (Untried Polish Challenge – Creme)


Isn’t it pretty? I was glad that I was able to do a breast cancer awareness mani without compromising the challenge. I’ve been pretty strict with myself about it and am not doing any other manis until I’ve completed the challenge. People KEEP trying to get me to do Despicable Me minion nails! I don’t particularly want to, but might consider it once the challenge is over.


As for the breast cancer awareness. People, check your boobs. That goes for guys too. Check your pecs. Self-examination and early detection are vital for surviving breast cancer. Sometimes lumps are harmless and sometimes they are not. As you may have noticed I have become very pro-boobs in the last year or so and my breasts have taken on an entire new meaning to me. Did you know that breastfeeding for a year can reduce your chances of breast cancer up to 1/3? That is staggering! It also reduces the baby’s chances of breast cancer later in life. So for those of you who have the opportunity, don’t waste it. Get the help and support you need to breastfeed! For those who don’t, keep up with the self examination and don’t be afraid to go to the doctor if you find something. It does not have to be a death sentence. If there is anything weird going on with your boobs (swelling, redness, hardening, sensitivity) go and get it checked out. Cancer can present in many forms.


I hope you liked this mani! I am very proud of it myself :D

Untried Polish Challenge – Three Colours

I had a day’s leave on Friday and was torn about what to do with my nails. I considered using my jelly polish, but I was chatting to Ordinary Misfit about it and then remembered that I’ve been wanting to try water marble nail art. Michelle recommended I watch SimpleLittlePleasures video channel on YouTube. She is a water marble genius. Her tutorials are short and to the point. She does amazing things. And so I decided to do the three colours category of the challenge.


I painted all my nails with my Tip Top Miraculous Results base coat to protect my natural nails. I then painted all my nails with MUA I < 3 u. I painted three coats on my thumb and pinky for opacity and two coats on my three middle fingers as a base for the marble. I let that dry and then put sticky tape around my nails to try and minimize clean up. I had a foam cup filled with water standing out for a few hours. It is important that the water is room temperature in order for the technique to work. l alternated Tip Top Purple Reign and Tip Top Sexy Bikini dripping the polish into the water, forming a bullseye. I was having trouble getting the polish to form a drop in order to drip it into the water. Michelle advised me to wipe one side of the brush which forces a bead to form on the tip of the brush. Worked like a charm! I took a toothpick and gently dragged it through the bullseye to make patterns.




Once I had a pattern I liked I placed my nail parralell to the pattern and dipped it into the water. I used the toothpick to pick up the polish that remained on the surface of the water and slowly lifted my finger out.




I recommend you watch a YouTube video if you have trouble visualizing what I am explaining. The result:


I am quite chuffed with how it came out! I think it is good for a first try :) My middle nail is my absolute favourite! I’m sure with practice I can get them all stunning like that!





I enjoyed playing around with this and really like the result. I was scared to try this as it is notoriously difficult to do and I didn’t want to do it over and over again to get a result that I liked. I was pleasantly surprised though and will definitely do it again when I have some time on my hands.


What do you think of his kind of nail art? Would you try this yourself?

Untried Polish Challenge – Ugliest

This was not difficult for me at all. When I had to pick an ugly mani, colour immediately came to mind. It was easy for me to see one I didn’t like among my untrieds.  I did not buy this for myself, it was part of the prize I won. I won the entire Revlon Moon Candy range and there are three colours in there that just don’t do it for me. This is one of them.


Cosmic is a yellow-green-brown creme duo polish with the creme on one side and glittery flakes suspended in a tinted base on the other. The creme reminds me of a colour that might be used in camo. That is putting it nicely. This colour reminds me of poop and I know poop! I’m faced with it on a daily basis. Here is a bottle shot:


Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic

A usual I started off with my base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of the Cosmic creme on all my nails while trying not to throw up. Once you paint two solid coats of the creme it resembles a chocolate brown colour. I still didn’t like it. The green-yellow nature of it only really comes out in the sun. I thought some sparkly glitter might redeem it and I painted the flakes over my three middle nails. No cigar. The flakes are tricky to spread. You need to use the blob and spread method and sometimes it is difficult to control how many come out. I got way too many out on my left hand. I prefer less. The results:


Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic (less flakes)


Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic (more flakes)


Sorry, I realize the second image is a bit blurry. This was honestly the best one I could get of my left hand. My right hand is obviously a bit shakey with the camera.  This colour also had shrinkage issues with my Seche Vite. I forgot to wrap my tips with the polish, but wrapped them with the Seche and they shrank back pretty badly. I only wore this mani for a day before I had to take it off. I really hate this colour a lot. Honest review! And when I took it off?


See? Poo!


If you don’t hate this colour, it is amongst the polishes I’ve listed for The Polish Swap. What do you think? Would you wear this colour?

The Polish Swap

I have had an idea swirling around in my head for a while now. I have a few polishes that I have bought or that were gifted to me that I’ve tried once or twice and just don’t like. There is one where I am not fond of the effect and the others I don’t feel the colours suit me. There is no point in me hanging onto these polishes if I don’t particularly want to wear them again. These polishes are in perfect condition and have only been used once or twice. It occurred to me that I might not be alone in this boat and so the idea for The Polish Swap was born.


This exercise will involve swapping polishes with someone who has something you like/want and wants/likes something you have, or as the swap expands trades can be negotiated between a few people. I realize that there is a certain level of integrity and trust required in this exercise and I am not naive to the fact that people may be less than honest. I can only hope that everyone will act like adults and “do unto others”. I think it is necessary to set out some guidelines to follow. Here are some that I have thought of:


  • Both parties need to be in agreement about which polishes they want to swap.
  • Polishes are to be sent via post and sender is to ensure that the bottles are secured and safe for travel (bubble wrapped or otherwise protected). Tracking numbers are to be supplied to recipients by senders. If you are in the same area, obviously you don’t need to post the polishes if it is mutually agreed to swap them in person.
  • Polishes are to be in good condition. Thickened, clumpy polishes are not to be offered for swaps. Polishes that have been tampered with (e.g. had remover added) are not to be offered for swaps.
  • Polishes may be used, but half empty bottles are not acceptable, UNLESS recipient is aware of the level of polish in the bottle and accepts it. Polishes that have been used more than a few times must still be in good condition (see above).
  • Polish brands do not have to match, but swaps need to be realistic. I would not be willing to swap a R 20.00 polish for a R 100.00 polish. I would however consider offering more than one cheaper polish for a more expensive brand.
  • Full disclosure. Be honest about why you’re passing a polish on. Whether you don’t like the colour or application wasn’t easy for you, disclose. Something that might be difficult for you to work with might be easy for someone else and we all love different colours.
  • Swaps can be local or international if both parties are in favour.
  • Swaps are on a first come, first served basis. Transactions should be finalised within 48 hours to ensure polishes aren’t “reserved” for indefinite periods.


So how will it work?


I will be listing the polishes I have on offer below. I have created a page with this post (which I will update as time goes on) for you to copy. Blog about The Polish Swap and guidelines to spread the word, include what you have to offer and link back in the comments on The Polish Swap page for others to find you. It may also be beneficial for you to add your likes and dislikes so that someone that might have something for you can let you know, or a reader might make a connection between you and someone else and let you know.


If you can think of something I haven’t covered or have any questions, drop me a comment. You can also send me an email at acidicice[@]gmail[dot]com.



I am a lover of pink polishes and glitter. I really like different colour/sized glitter in one polish or the same colour in different sizes. I also really like holographic polishes and love pastel colours. I like a lot of other things so my choices aren’t limited to these preferences. This is just to give you a general idea of what I like.



Dark blue polishes, dark brown polishes and polishes with bar glitter.


What I have to offer (constantly updated):


WW Blue cracking polish – swatched here. – Was a gift


Sinful Colors Aqua – swatched here – Retails for R19.95 at Ackermans


Sinful Colors Gorgeous – swatched here – Retails for R19.95 at Ackermans


Revlon Moon Candy – Cosmic – Retails for R89.90


Revlon Moon Candy – Meteor – Retails for R89.90 (never used)


Revlon Moon Candy – Universe – Retails for R89.90 (never used)


Revlon – Sunshine Sparkle – swatched here. Paid R25.00 on sale.


essence – mr & mrs special effect topper – swatched here. Retails for R24.95


Please let me know if you have anything you would like to swap for any of the above polishes. This list will be updated if more become available or if some are snatched up by someone.


Happy swapping!


Sick kiddos

I worked last weekend and as is custom, PrincessIce started running temps and getting gooey eyes. This is the 3rd time in a row that she has started getting sick just before I have to work the weekend. On Friday Babyice also started coughing and it was time to play ‘Are the kids sick enough to go to the doctor?’ before the weekend. I went to the pharmacy after work and spent R400 on over the counter medication for them. Babyice seemed OK and PrincessIce’s fever was under control by Saturday morning.


By the time I got home from work on Saturday I could hear that Babyice was quite unwell. His chest sounded terrible and he had started getting a fever too. We nebulized him and medicated him for his fever. PrincessIce’s fever didn’t come back and she was doing OK. Before I left for work on Sunday morning I had a small cry. All I wanted to do was cuddle my sweet boy and make him feel better, instead I had to leave him. When I got home after work  Babyice was ASLEEP! He never ever naps with us on a weekend (although he naps at the day mother in the week). Rudi had given him a suppository at about 12:30 and after that he went to sleep. He slept for almost 4 hours! While I like for him to sleep because I know it is good for him and will help him fight off the bug, it was alarming for me because I realized just how terrible he must be feeling. He had also been refusing to eat so I picked up some ice cream and custard on the way home which he gladly gobbled up after his long nap. All the barking he had been doing must of made his throat really sore.


On Monday after work I took them both to the doctor. Apparently PrincessIce had slept for the majority of the day. I was so proud of Babyice. He told the doctor he isn’t feeling well, got up onto the doctor’s bed all by himself. Let the doctor check him and asked the doctor where the thing is that the ice cream gets put on. He did the whole check up by himself! It is the first time he hasn’t been examined on our laps. My little baby is all grown up :( Both kids have bronchiolitis and PrincessIce has an ear infection on top of that. Both got antibiotics and cortisone to clear their chests. My poor babies :( Another R600 on medication for both of them. Trying to get them to take antibiotics was an uphill battle. Babyice took one spoon and then refused to take the next and wanted to make himself sick. No amount of bribery or threats of hospital would make him take the next spoon. He took another dose into his mouth and promptly spat it out into the toilet where we had positioned him in case of emergency as he had vomited up meds on Saturday.  After about an half an hour of negotiation and tantrums, he took the next spoon. PrincessIce gagged at the first taste of antibiotics and vomited all over herself and me. Luckily it was before bath time and my shower, so it was no big deal. I actually laughed a little. You have to see the funny in these things otherwise you will drive yourself nuts!


I’ve had to ship them off to the day mother, despite them being sick. Neither Rudi or I are in a position to take off work at the moment :( I hate when people send their sick kids to the day mother because that is just a recipe to spread the illness further, but I really don’t have much of a choice :( I have nobody else that can look after them. It is a crappy position to be in.


I understand from Facebook and Twitter that lots of families have sick kiddies (and parents) at the moment. Even Rudi had a stuffy nose this morning. Change of season seems to be hitting everybody hard. Good luck to you all! May everyone get better really soon!



After waking up to PrincessIce with a fever of 39.5° this morning, I decided to stay home with her. Work will have to survive without me. They were at the day mother yesterday.

Untried Polish Challenge – Prettiest

I cannot believe that I am more than halfway through the challenge! It is taking me a long time to do it, but that is because I have no time limit and I actually wear my manis until they chip and I need a new one. Doing a challenge on a schedule is a whole different ballgame and something I’m not willing to take on currently.


On my last trip to Maskscara I purchased my first two holographic polishes. After drooling over swatches from Ordinary Misfit and Siobhan of their holographic polishes I decided to get myself one (or two). I was dying to put on something really girly and pretty again, so decided on the prettiest category for my next mani.


As usual I started with my base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted two coats of China Glaze Astro-Hot on all my nails. Fair warning, let the first coat dry before painting the second. I had a lot of dragging at my cuticles because I was impatient. The polish looked quite brush strokey while I was applying it, but evened out nicely as it dried. I used my China Glaze Gamer Glam to paint Spanish tips a la Siobhan. I free handed it since I didn’t need to make all my tips look the same. I sealed it all in with my Seche Vite top coat. The result:



China Glaze Astro-Hot with China Glaze Gamer Glam Spanish tip on accent

Any holographic polish really comes to life in the sun:


What a beauty!


Just gorgeous, isn’t it? What do you think? Do you like holographic nail polish? Would you wear it?