Untried Polish Challenge – One Colour

I have had magnetic nail polish lying around for ages. Actually I bought it the day before I went back to work, so about 3 months. It feels like I have been back at work forever though. Leebeesa also brought me some from Ireland. When I saw the category “One colour” in the untried polish challenge I knew I wanted to use the magnetic for it. It may only be one colour, but it wouldn’t be boring!


The magnetic polish Lebeesa bought me is a blue/grey color. I decided to use my essence polish since I’ve worn quite a lot of blue lately. This is the polish from Ireland:


Magnetic polish Leebeesa brought me from Ireland


This polish has the magnet built into the lid of the polish. The patterns made by this particular magnet are chevrons, indicated on the magnet:



The magnet is built into the lid


essence sells their magnets separately, allowing you to buy different magnets, without having to re-purchase the magnetic polish. So if you have one colour you love, you can change the look depending on the magnet you use.



essence magnet


My essence magnet is a star, only indicated on the little pouch it comes in. Better not lose that. i started off with my regular base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. Magnetic nail polish dries a bit more quickly than regular nail polish, so you need to paint one nail and use the magnet before moving on to the next nail. I tried to use the magnets on alternating nails so I would have one star, one chevrons and then star again. That didn’t quite work out. The star magnet just wouldn’t work for me. You could barely see that something had changed on the nail. The centre of the star would always form at the base of my nail and the “rays” would go towards the tip. It looked stupid. The chevrons came out pretty cool though. My first attempt:



essence witch you were here, star and chevron magnets used


Fair warning. Wait for the magnetic polish to dry before doing a top coat. It lessens the effect if you top coat while the polish is still wet. I decided to redo the “star” nails. I wasn’t happy with how they turned out. I also didn’t top coat the nails that I did over and the effect is much stronger. I waited till the nails were completely dry before doing the top coat and it didn’t affect the patterns. Second attempt (ring and index finger not top coated):



essence witch you were here – chevron magnet used


I think this is a pretty cool effect! You should see this baby sparkle in the sun! I will definitely hang on to my magnetics and this chevron magnet. I am quite disappointed by the star magnet though and I don’t think I’ll use it again. I even tried moving the magnet into different positions, but it made no difference. Sanita has used the star magnet before with much more success. Ordinary Misfit and I were speculating that the pattern might be to big for my small nail beds. It isn’t impossible. I’ve just recently laid my hands on essence magic red carpet which is a stunning red magnetic polish. It is so pretty!



This is a very easy, quick way to get some cool art going on your nails. What do you think?

Gap Cover

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Rudi needs to go and have his wisdom teeth out. They have been bothering him for a while now. One of them broke through the gum I think about a year ago and became infected. We didn’t have the money to fix it then since there is quite a large co-payment for the operation. Now one of them is pushing his rear most molar out towards his cheek. His molar is cutting into his cheek and causing him pain. Of course, the medical aid savings are done for the year, save a handful of GP visits.


I phoned the medical aid and it was the same story. If you go into hospital to have them removed there is a dental admission fee of R3650. Not pocket change we have lying around. He has to go into hospital, the dentist told him it could not be done in the chair. I took out gap cover a long time ago and decided to give them a call. I thought they only cover hospital costs if doctors charge over and above medical aid rates. That’s not true! They also cover co-payments! We will have to pay the amount upfront and they will reimburse us after the fact.


I am so glad I took out gap cover. This probably means they will also cover the next colonoscopy I go for. I’m kind of overdue for that. Meep.


I’m also glad Rudi will be able to go and get this sorted out. He has been suffering with it for a while now. He pays his share of medical aid all year long and this is the first time he will use the hospital benefit and finally get some value for his money. Shame, he is a bit scared. He has never been for an operation before. The man still has his tonsils! We were already together when my wisdom teeth came out in 2001. I remember waking up in the middle of the night in pain and Rudi fetching me an ice pack in the kitchen and bandaging it to my cheek to help. I hope he has forgotten how painful it was for me. It was no fun!


I was lucky enough to be able to go to Maskscara again to go and spoil myself with some more China Glaze goodness and to acquire the holy grail of top coats which I have wanted since the moment I heard about it! The ladies had kept my order aside for me as I didn’t want to risk them being out of stock since I only go out to that area once a month when I go to my La Leche League meetings. Here are the things I got:



China Glaze Lubu Heels


The last time I went to Maskscara I wanted this polish, but since I already had six others, I felt too guilty to get it. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, so I figured it was definitely something I needed to add to my collection!


China Glaze Are You Jelly?


My first jelly polish. I have plans for this one. Wait and see :)


China Glaze Astro-Hot


A *pink* holographic polish! *dies* I cannot WAIT to wear this!!


China Glaze When Stars Collide


A purple holographic polish! My first two proper holo polishes! Also very excited to wear this one!


Seche Vite top coat and Seche Restore polish thinner


Seche Vite top coat is used by nail artist all over the world. Obviously there are some people that don’t like it or prefer other products, but this is a winner for the large majority. What really drew me to this top coat is it’s fast drying properties. It penetrates all the layers of polish you are wearing and dries them within minutes. Knock proof nails! Who doesn’t want that? It also has nice shiny finish. I have seen this retail on a website for R700! Maskscara sells them for R60. Seriously. Go get some! I think I’ve mentioned before their China Glazes retail for only R55 (salons usually sell them for R120 – R150!). I bought the Seche Restore because every girl knows polish goes thick and becomes unusable at some point. With this polish thinner you simply add a few drops and your polish is as good as new! Seche Restore is the only thinner that can be used on Seche Vite, but can also be used on any other polish. An investment, really. Considering how many polishes I have! My Essie top coat has already gone gloopy, so I have an opportunity to test out the Restore, but I’m inclined to rather use my Seche Vite top coat now :P


Which one of these is your favourite? Do you own/want any of them?


Check out Maskscara on their Facebook page here!

Untried Polish Challenge – Was A Gift

A while ago Leebeesa went overseas and she brought me some polishes back. She brought me a magnetic polish (which I haven’t tried yet) and a cracking polish. Although strictly speaking the cracking polish was from Johannesburg whereas she got the magnetic in Ireland. The cracking polish is an electric blue. A stunning colour, really and it cracks very well. I’ve looked at crack polishes before and never purchased them. Leebeesa commented that she hadn’t seen me wearing it yet the other day so I decided it was time to whip it out and give it a test run.
I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I could have put various polishes underneath the crack, but settled on a silver foil polish. This silver is one of the L.A. Girl mini polishes I won from Ordinary Misfit‘s blog quite a while ago. This silver is a one coater. You can add a second coat, but because I knew that I would be painting over it with something else I didn’t bother. Since the crack is a startling effect on its own, I decided not to accent it at all. I just painted one coat of the silver on all my nails and then a coat of the cracking polish over all my nails. The cracking polish literally dries while you are still busy painting it on. I was painting carefully as I was quickly doing it at work and I didn’t have anything to clean up. By the time I got to my third stroke the first two were already drying and cracking. The final look:

L.A. Girl silver mini foil underneath WW blue cracking polish

L.A. Girl silver mini foil underneath WW blue cracking polish

Blue cracking polish

Blue cracking polish



Cracking polish was very trendy a while back. Most brands ranging from essence to China Glaze have some variation of cracking polish. You get them in a wide variety of colours from black to glitter. Some crack on their own, others require a sort of top coat to make them crack. To me, crack looks very untidy. Almost like chipped polish. Sometimes there are big pieces of polish that are left with no cracks. It is so very unpredictable and nothing you can control. That being said I received one or two compliments on the effect. Another person said if they didn’t know it was intended to crack they would of thought the mani had been neglected. For me, not a good look.

So while some people may like cracking polish, I don’t think it is for me. If you do like it, it is an easy way to look like you’ve put effort into creating your mani with virtually no effort at all. What do you think? Do you like cracking polish?

Untried Polish Challenge – Glitter

I knew that I wanted to try my China Glaze Some Like It Haute as soon as I could and I was really glad that the Untried Polish Challenge had a glitter category. When I saw this swatch in the store I just kept on going back to it and I knew I had to have it. It is the most beautiful dark grey polish packed with iridescent  glitter and micro glitter. I absolutely LOVE how it looks. It reminds me of a mirror ball. It would be great for a night out dancing or any glitzy, glamorous event. Since I don’t actually attend any of those kinds of events or go out dancing, I’ll just wear mine to work :P .


I started off with my usual base of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted on two coats of the China Glaze Some Like It Haute on all my nails, except my ring fingers. To accent the mani I decided to have a solid dark grey polish on my accent nails. I didn’t have any before I won the Revlon Moon Candy polishes. Supernova in the range has a dark grey polish as part of the duo. I was going to make a glitter tip on the accent nail, but abandoned the idea because I liked the way it looked as it was. Some Like It Haute was a nightmare for me to work with. The polish was very thick and difficult to paint onto the nail. I really struggled to try and spread it evenly. Some nails were opaque in one coat, others had bald patches. At some point I felt like I was plastering the polish on instead of painting it. It dragged over the edge of my nail in a sticky mess in some instances. It was also a nightmare to clean up. The texture of this polish is very gritty, probably because of all the micro glitter and glitter. Glitter polishes are usually difficult to clean up, but the grittiness also caused issues. My clean up job doesn’t look great on this mani. In contrast, I found the Revlon polish glided on like a dream. I haven’t used a Revlon polish that has such a nice formula yet. I’ve read the expression “went on like butter” on other blogs and this is really how it felt. I finally know what that means! I found the brush a little bit difficult to work with. The duos tend to topple over when put upright, so Revlon has designed the container so that you can pop out whichever polish you are working with. Like so:



Revlon Moon Candy dismantled


That is great as it prevents the polish from toppling over and spilling, but leaves you with only a small lid to hold onto to control the brush. Perhaps that is what caused my issue. The Revlon was also a one coater! I was really impressed with the formula and pigmentation of this polish. Also surprised because I’m not a huge Revlon fan.


I sealed my mani in with my brand new Seche Vite top coat. The Seche Vite brush is very narrow and doesn’t really fan out when you press it down. Couple that with the uneven surface of the glitter polish and application was not easy. It did, however, deliver on its promise to dry my mani super fast. About an hour after I painted I needed to do a nappy change that would of knocked any mani into kingdom come, but my polish came out unscathed. That was impressive! I can’t wait to try it on an art mani.


The fruits of my labour:



China Glaze Some Like It Haute, accent nail Revlon Supernova


China Glaze Some Like It Haute, accent nail Revlon Supernova – with flash



I posted a pic with flash to try to show off the sparkles. It didn’t work so well, but let me tell you, it is sparkly! This mani is far from perfect. There are a few areas that I could of improved on, but considering the difficulty I had applying this polish I don’t feel it looks bad. I may try to thin the Some Like It Haute before using it again. I assume the polish is the consistency it is to keep the glitter suspended evenly, but it might be worth extra coats if the application is better. I still love this polish. The flashes of sparkle from the glitter are so beautiful. I keep seeing different colours.


You may or may not have noticed that my nails are quite a but shorter than before. I went to purchase myself a tried and trusted cuticle oil (from Tip Top) and Lush’s Lemony Flutter cuticle butter. I decided to take a bit of length off my nails together rid of splits and breaks to start them on a clean slate. I was reluctant the take off the length, I prefer how my nails look long, but sacrifices have to be made :P I’ll be doing a review of the Lemony Flutter at some point in the near future. Here’s to healthier nails and cuticles!


What do you think? Do you like glitter polishes?

Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend promises to be jam packed full of activity. No rest for the wicked!


This evening I plan to make a stop at the pharmacy to pick up a Tip Top cuticle oil. The one I am using seems to be sub-standard, which sucks because it was freaking expensive! It was palmed off on me by one of those Isreali hotties that sell the dead sea crap in the malls. All cuticle oils are not created equal! My cuticles take a beating because I work in water a lot (washing dishes, bathing the kids, washing my hair, etc) and of course the use of acetone when I do my manis dries them out even further. Using cuticle oil also really improves the health and strength of your nails, so having a good one is a really good idea for someone like me with weak, bendy nails. Somehow when I am using my ‘Obey Your Body’ cuticle oil, even if I oil them religiously, the skin around my nails still seems dry/flaky and I get hard bits at the edge of my nails that makes me want to bite them.  Biting cuticles is a no no! I’d really like to take care of them and a good cuticle oil is the best start.


On Saturday I will be making a turn at Maskscara to pick up my order. I’ve ordered Seche Vite and Seche Restore. Seche Vite is like the holy grail of all top coats. It dries your entire mani within minutes and apparently the finish is super shiny and smooth as glass. Sounds freaking fantastic, right? Right. The Seche Restore is a polish thinner that you can use on any polish (including your Vite) should it become gloopy. My Essie top coat has already gone gloopy and I’ve been meaning to get a polish thinner for a while now. I’ve also reserved some China Glazes for myself. Are You Jelly?, Astro-Hot, When Stars Collide and Lubu Heels. Are You Jelly is a jelly polish. I don’t have any of those. Astro-Hot and When Stars Collide are holographic polishes. I don’t have any of those either! I passed up on Lubu Heels the last time I was there and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then, so I decided to get it. After I stop in there I’m going to a La Leche League meeting with PrincessIce. I really enjoy these meetings and try to go every month. Once the meeting is over I’m heading off to the V & A Waterfront to visit Lush. Lush makes a cuticle butter called Lemony Flutter. It is raved about everywhere. Of course some people don’t like it, but apparently it is one of the best cuticle treatments ever! It can also be used for other dry spots like elbows, heels and knees. It is a bit pricey, but apparently lasts an age. There are only two Lush stores in Africa, one in the Waterfront and one in Cavendish. So I’m really excited about getting my hands on some for my shabby cuticles and Rudi has some dry spots on his knees that could really use some love. Regular body butters just don’t seem to help. Lemony Flutter has more oils in it than Iraq, so I’m pretty sure it will make a dent in the dry skin for both of us.


Sunday Rudi has another dart tournament or whatever. He will be gone ALL DAY. So I’ll have the kids and will have to make a plan to entertain them while he is out. At least this time we’ve got electricity, so I won’t have to worry about running out while he is gone!


What are your plans for the weekend?

Untried Polish Challenge – Cool

I was at home on Wednesday and was going to do a glitter mani with one of my untried China Glaze polishes, but as so often happens I dreamed up a mani while still in bed and completely changed my mani plan.


With the last nail mail Ordinary Misfit sent me for my birthday she included two bottles of blue Sinful Colors polishes. She had picked these up at Ackermans. Ackermans sell Sinful Colors for the bargain price of R19.95, but for some reason there are never any names on the bottles. It is usually easy enough to Google for the names, but in this case the names of these colours have eluded both Michelle and I. So I won’t be able to tell you the names of the base colours I used, but I have included a photo of the bottles. The colours are practically identical, but one of the blues has a green shine from certain angles. If you know the names of these colours, please let me know!



Sinful Colors – Blue on the left, blue with green tinge on the right


Blue was an obvious choice for the ‘Cool’ theme. I knew I would use the Sinful Colors Michelle had sent me when I saw it. I decided to try the ‘saran wrap’ nail art technique and try to do butterfly wings I had seen on Pinterest on my accent nails. I thought the blue with the green tinge would make perfect butterfly wings.


As usual I laid down a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted all of my nails with the Sinful Colors blue polish except my ring fingers which I painted with the other blue with the green tinge.To give my nails some time to dry before doing any art I used my UBU gel eyeliner brush and some acetone to clean up around my cuticles where I hadn’t painted well or wanted cleaner lines. Using my black mini polish and a dotting tool, I outlined the butterfly wings. It took me a long time. I would of preferred using a brush as I think this might of been quicker and worked easier for me, but I don’t have one yet. I would of liked the edges of the lines to be smoother too, but this is really difficult for me to achieve with a dotting tool. I painted the tips of my nails black around the outline using the regular polish brush. After that dried I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a small dotting tool to make the white dots. By this time the rest of my nails were good and dry and I could use the saran wrap (we call it cling film in South Africa) technique on the rest of my nails. I found this technique super quick and easy. I dotted my Revlon Chroma Chameleon Rose Gold polish onto some paper, dabbed some saran wrap that I had crumpled into a ball into it, dabbed off the excess on some paper and then blotted it onto my nail. I really love how this effect came out! It looks like gold marbling on the nail. I don’t think the photos really do it justice at all. It is very subtle and looks much more awesome in person. The colours go so well together! I wasn’t keen on this gold polish on its own, but it would look awesome using this technique over so many other shades. I’m definitely holding onto it! I finished it all off with a Tip Top top coat.



Untried Polish Challenge – Cool



Untried Polish Challenge – Cool



Untried Polish Challenge – Cool


Overall I am pleased with the results. I may try the butterfly wings again with a lighter colour underneath when I have a nice nail art brush. After I did this mani I went to have a nap and managed to completely crush a butterfly wing and linen printed the rest of my nails. I literally peeled my nails off my shirt when I woke up. Because of the effect the damage isn’t too obvious and I was able to repair the butterfly wing. Luckily I had already taken photos! I’ve posted photos with the scarf and bottles because I really couldn’t decide what looks best. What do you think?



The best picture I could get of the marbling effect

Time Off and Time Wasted

I’ve taken the day off work tomorrow.  I worked the weekend and work has been really heavy. We work both days of the weekend, which mean you work 12 consecutive day when you work a weekend and that happens every 3 weeks. So you have 2 out of every 3 weekends off.  Because the work load has been extra heavy, instead of leaving work at about 11:30 on a weekend, we ended up working till after 2 both days. It doesn’t sound like much longer, but that is almost a full day. 12 full working days in a row are killer. I’m so exhausted. So, I decided to take the day off. Luckily nobody in my team is off so it was possible. This decision was hastily made when Rudi informed me he may be playing darts all day on Sunday and I realized that there was no rest in store for me.


I’m also feeling a little sick. I’ve been getting sick in a weird way this winter. Instead of getting the snots with a cough/sneezing, etc, I’ve been getting headaches, earaches and dizzy spells. Today I had a bit of nausea too. I’m not sure which I prefer. At least I can kill the pain with Panado, but the snots are very difficult to manage and nobody likes a raw nose. The dizzy feeling is really strange to me. I used to get it a lot when I was pregnant with PrincessIce, but I put it down to hormones and I also used to get it when getting up too fast, etc. This morning I was laying down on my bed feeding PrincessIce when I felt dizzy. No movement, no reason. Someone suggested it might be a middle ear infection. Luckily the pain isn’t too bad. I’ve had this before this year and didn’t require a doctor to sort it out, so hopefully it will keep on like this and just go away. I have just recovered from having a sore throat for about 10 days so I’m really bummed that I’m not well.


My last mani is still in pretty good condition, so doing my nails tomorrow might be senseless, but doing my nails in peace without being bothered might be nice. Also, I got a stamping kit that I’d really like to play around with. I might just mess around with it and not redo my mani. I’ll see how I feel! My weekend mani usually starts falling apart around Wednesday anyway, so might be worth a redo. On Saturday I’m going to Maskscara to go and acquire some more China Glazes! Be still my heart! I’ll also be getting the holy grail of top coats – Seche Vite! Enough rambling about manis, if you’re not into it then I’m probably speaking a load of Greek to you now.


Last month I burned through 3 GB of data on my phone. Yes, 3 GIGABYTES of data. ON MY PHONE. Holy crap balls. So when I saw Afrihost was launching a mobile offering of 5 GB (2 GB per month with 3 GB free till February) for R145.00 with a MiFi device for R1000.00 I thought it might be a good investment. Stupidly I didn’t try and pre-order to qualify for a free MiFi device, so they were sold out of free devices when I finally made up my mind and put in my order, but I did get R200.00 off my device at least. I placed my order on the 4th of September (Tuesday). They sent an e-mail saying once the money is debited from my bank account it can still take the bank up to 5 days to pay them the money and my order will only be sent once the money is paid to them, but then they only took the debit order on Saturday! So I’m still waiting. I’m starting to get so impatient. I’m so excited to have my very own WiFi at home (neighbour’s WiFi hasn’t been working for months now). I’ve even started having dreams about it! The data doesn’t roll over to the next month, so every day I wait for it is another day I can’t utilize my data. I also could of spent all day tomorrow watching nail art videos if it struck my fancy. *sigh*. HURRY UP DAMNIT!

Untried Polish Challenge – Oldest

Many a moon ago, while I was still on maternity leave, Ordinary Misfit sent me nail mail with loads of spoils. She included two Sinful Colors neon stripers in the package. I still hadn’t used them, so they fall into my ‘oldest’ untried polish category. She sent me the Sinful Colors ‘Me First’ and ‘A slice to go’ stripers. Very neon! I’m not quite sure why I haven’t used them yet. Perhaps I’m afraid of the boldness of a neon, or maybe I was timid about skill I might need to wield a striper. Whatever the reason I decided to use them this time. I messed around over my yellow mani with the stripers to “practice” before doing my new one. I don’t think I’m too bad at free handing stripes. Although I would like stripes to be perfect, I’d need to use tape for that. I also tried drawing some patterns with the stripers, but that was such an epic failure I deleted the photos :P



Stripers be striping


I was going to do stripes and polka dots, but the idea just didn’t sit well with me. I decided to use my China Glaze Diva Bride as a base for the mani. Diva Bride is a very sheer, very soft pink. I bought it because I loved the colour in the bottle, it reminds me of ballet slippers (yes, I know Essie has a polish named Ballet Slippers). When I got home and googled swatches I was very disappointed. The swatches all showed a basically transparent polish with a pink tint. Visible nail line anyone? Technically this is one of my newest polishes, but I’m not splitting hairs. I was unsure of how the nude would look with the neon, so I got to searching Pinterest and found a pin with both stripes and leopard print. I love leopard print nails! I also haven’t done it in such a long time, so I decided that is what I would do. Michelle recommended I paint a coat of Tip Top Cream Puff underneath the Diva Bride to help with the sheerness and to try and get it opaque.


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted one very streaky and patchy coat of Tip Top Cream Puff on all my nails. I followed that up with two coats of Diva Bride. The Diva Bride evened out the Cream Puff nicely. I did have some bald spots near my cuticles, but that may be because I didn’t wait long enough between coats. Will have to experiment the next time I use it. With the 3 coats of polish the colour is pretty solid. Diva Bride is such a beautiful, soft pink. I am totally in love with it! The name is also very fitting as it would be a gorgeous colour for a bridal manicure! I was so sceptical about this polish after seeing the swatches, but now I’m really happy that I got it. Don’t you love when that happens :) Bye bye buyer’s remorse!


Once my base was touch dry I used my dotting tool to dot neon dots on my middle and ring fingers and my thumbs. I used the black polish from my Revlon Moon Candy Moon Dust polish to outline the neon dots and add some black spots with a smaller dotting tool. My intention was to stripe the remaining nails, but Rudi came into the room and told me that it looked really nice and that I shouldn’t stuff it up by adding anything. I showed Michelle and she agreed that you needn’t fix what isn’t broken :)



China Glaze Diva Bride and Sinful Colors neon leopard print


I don’t feel you can really see the soft pink of the Diva Bride in the above pic, so I took another picture of it against a pink background:



China Glaze Diva Bride is a soft pink


Sinful Colors neon stripers – A slice to go and Me First


Of course, even after giving the polish another good 30 minutes to dry, as soon as I top coated it the black started dragging like there was no tomorrow. My ring finger on my right hand look horrid! I was tempted to do it over, but didn’t. Only I will probably notice and I really didn’t have time. I can’t wait to get my Seche Vite top coat so that this doesn’t happen anymore!


I love this mani, but I haven’t gotten any positive feedback on it. Rudi and my male colleague next to me don’t think it looks like leopard print. One female colleague said she didn’t like it. What do you think?

Untried Polish Challenge – Warm

For the warm topic I decided I was going to try out all my yellows for the first time. I don’t love or hate yellow, but I knew the only solid yellow I would want to wear would have to be a pastel shade and so the hunt began for the perfect pastel yellow. I was afraid to work with yellows, especially for a solid mani because they are famed for being difficult to work with, streaky, patchy and sheer.


Sanita found a bottle of Revlon Sunshine Sparkle on special and for R25.00 a bottle it was definitely worth a try. It is a soft pastel yellow with a beautiful shimmer. After I bought it I read some reviews and kind of stayed away from trying it out because nobody could find anything good to say about it. Sanita also gifted me a bottle of essence wanna be your sunshine for my birthday. It isn’t a pastel yellow and I probably wouldn’t use it on its own, but I would use it for art. When I went shopping at Maskscara I found a gorgeous China Glaze pastel yellow creme called Lemon Fizz and I knew I had to have it!


I decided to paint the Sunshine Sparkle and Lemon Fizz on alternating nails and use the wanna be your sunshine to make a sun on my accent nails. The topic is “warm”, after all.






As usual I started with a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I proceeded to paint China Glaze Lemon Fizz on my thumbs, middle and pinky fingers. I painted the Sunshine Sparkle on my ring and index fingers. I’m wearing two coats of the Lemon Fizz on each finger. It looks okay on the photo, but if you scrutinize it in person it could probably have done with a third. To me it is a little streaky and uneven. As with most polishes the first coat is always a mess and the second coat evens everything out well, but with these a third coat would make it perfect. I found the China Glaze a little thick, but not gloopy. I suppose this helps for opacity, but with careful application this shouldn’t be an issue.


The Sunshine Sparkle is very sheer. I have three coats on my index fingers and two on my ring fingers. Three coats still leaves a bit of VNL (visible nail line), but it doesn’t bother in the least. I usually hate VNL, so this is really not bad. The reviews on this polish moaned about streaks, sheerness and bubbles. I’m prone to bubbles, so I tried to paint thin coats. The formula of the Revlon was runnier than the China Glaze, but I found this helped me as it was easier to spread across the nail. The shimmer that looks so gorgeous in the bottle doesn’t translate onto the nail at all. They really might as well not have bothered. The polish didn’t bubble on my right hand, but I found that my nail on my index finger on my left hand had tiny bubbles when the polish dried. It was almost as if it dried to a textured finish. When I painted a top coat the next morning some of the bubbles popped and were more obvious.


I free handed half moons on my ring fingers with wanna be your sunshine using the polish brush. This also covered up the very obvious VNL on these fingers that only had two coats of Sunshine Sparkle. I then used a dotting tool to make dots depicting the rays of the sun. While the idea was great, I don’t feel the colours contrast enough to make the sun stand out. In hindsight I should of used a different base colour for those nails. The half moons on both hands bubbled very badly, but because I only wore the essence over the Sunshine Sparkle I am not sure which is to blame. Because I didn’t feel the accent *popped* enough, I decided to add stickers to my middle fingers. Since it is spring here in South Africa, I thought butterfly stickers would go well with the sunny/warm/spring theme.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the yellows. I did find and them finicky, but nothing three coats and careful application can’t see to. I was scared for nothing! The Lemon Fizz and Sunshine Sparkle are very close in colour. The Lemon Fizz is quite a bit brighter, whereas the Sunshine Sparkle appears a bit more muted. I really don’t need both. The China Glaze gives a more beautiful end result, so I think it will be the one I hang onto when I purge polish.


I loved wearing this mani. Work has been dreadful and looking at the bright colour cheered me up. It is quite a bold statement though and I don’t know if I’ll wear an all-yellow mani again soon. It also made me think of Siobhan all the time because she so loves yellows :)


My only frame of reference for a yellow mani is remembering photos I saw of my mother’s engagement to my stepfather. I distinctly remember her wearing a yellow dress, yellow heels, a purple blazer with shoulder pads, long yellow nails and a perm. My stepfather had a perm too. So, to me, a solid yellow mani screams bad 80s fashion. I hate 80s fashion so the association isn’t great. This contributes to the reason I probably won’t wear a mani like this again, but I’ll try anything once :)