Tattoo Extension

For my birthday this year I wanted to extend my tattoo by adding PrincessIce’s name. I already have Jamie and Elijah tattoed on my left shoulder:


Current Tattoo

Current Tattoo


I don’t think my tattoo artist will do it for me while I’m breastfeeding though, so I might just have to wait. Since I’m not sure when I will stop breastfeeding I might only be able to get it for my next birthday! Or sort of take a rain cheque till I stop. Obviously the font will be the same as the other names, but as you capitalize the letters, the font changes the look of her name. I’m interested to know what you think.










PrincessIce’s second name is Rose and I thought it would be nice to have a rose somewhere. Rose tattoos can so easily look crappy/cheap/horrible. So I hit Pinterest to see if there was anything I liked and I found something I really do like!


Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest



I wouldn’t want it as big as that and if my tattoo artists cannot get it to look as 3D as this, I would rather leave it. I know he will be honest with me. He is amazingly talented and I trust that he will be able to do this and I know he will be honest with me if he can’t. Isn’t it beautiful? Technically Elijah has a second name too, which hasn’t been included. His second name is James and it would seem rather redundant next to Jamie, now wouldn’t it? PrincessIce’s second name is also linked to the meaning of my name which means ‘Like the flower’ – although that refers to a specific flower and not a rose as such.



Anyway, this is my tattoo desire at the moment and I really hope I can get it done soon. Typing this post has made me so excited, but I’ll just have to wait. Hrrmph.

My Evil Mother turns 50

…this Saturday. Of course this has resulted in me being guilted into spending the day/weekend with her. The guilt trip started early. The last time we went to go visit her a couple of months ago. I’m not sure if I blogged about it or not. Probably not since I was still on maternity leave when that happened. We finally made the trek out to Wellington where she is staying after much nagging and guilt flinging from her. Reluctantly, I went. I never look forward to these trips/seeing her. Even when we speak on the phone I don’t have much to say to her and barely tolerate listening to her because  she is mostly telling lies about something or other. I don’t really believe anything she says, so listening to words come out of her mouth is really a waste of time for me. I once tried to sort the truth from the bullshit and nothing fell through the sieve, so I gave up. It’s very much a smile and nod situation with her. I’m basically placating her.


Having a psychopath for a mother? Not so great. Calling her a psychopath might seem harsh to some, but she really does have all the personality traits of one. I know the first thing a person thinks of when they hear the word ‘psychopath’ is ‘serial killer’, but that really isn’t fair. There are many psychopaths living in our society who lead perfectly murder-free lives. You probably know one or might even be related to one without realizing it. Apparently lawyers and CEOs are often psychopaths. It explains a lot. My mother hits almost every one of the personality traits on the head, she’d score high on one of the tests online. I’ve taken one for her. She doesn’t kill people…well, not violently anyway. Slowly. She kills their spirit and then preys on them while they are weak, discarding them at will once they have lost their usefulness.  The biggest tell is her lack of remorse. I digress.


She turns 50 this weekend and wants us to come and celebrate with her. She has called me and asked me what we want to eat and whether she can get anything specific for the kids. She is like a kid before Christmas. She can be so very juvenile. It is something I never realized, but now that I am no longer juvenile myself it is easier to see. At some point her husband was trying to organize a party for her. He called me to ask me to invite people, but I never heard from him again after asking him to forward me the details to pass on. Shame. I guess there won’t be a party. I sort of feel sorry for her on the one hand, but on the other, I don’t. You know how your kid’s 21st birthday is supposed to be a big deal? Mine wasn’t. Not even a little bit. I got a cooked Sunday lunch and a home made cake. I suppose that sounds very ungrateful, some people have nothing. My grandmother was involved in the cooking and so forth. I don’t think I got a gift from her either. This transpired during a time they were taking their friends out for dinner regularly and other lavish purchases were made. So for me, there was no interest in making it a special birthday for me. It wasn’t for lack of funds, or due to circumstances. It was simply a lack of interest. Rudi and I were together at the time and my mother’s jealousy of our relationship had already manifested and reared its ugly head. Again, I digress.


So we’re heading over there this weekend. She wants us to stay over for the night. They are living in a guest house type of place. The owner of the guest house took pity on them when they had no place to stay and they have been leeching there ever since. Apparently they help out there in some or other way. It seems to be a semi-permanent arrangement since they have been staying there for a while. I have been asked to lie about her past or about events to benefit them or to further pull the wool over this women’s eyes. Although I have met her, I haven’t found it necessary to lie to her and do not plan to do so. Just the other day my mother said if someone asks where she is I should tell them I do not know. I told her in no uncertain terms that I am not prepared to lie for her or cover her tracks. I am already annoyed that I am receiving e-mails at my work e-mail address from lawyers looking for her in connection with unsettled debts. Not least of which are with my own employer! I contacted them to tell them that their communication is not reaching the intended recipient and supplied her contact number, but the e-mails keep coming. She has apparently arranged a room for us to stay over in. I told her we couldn’t take a room with anything less than a king size bed so that we could all sleep together. PrincessIce sleeps with us anyway and Babyice probably wouldn’t sleep on his own in a strange place. I’m in two minds about staying over though. Who knows? We might get stuck with a bill for the room. I can’t be naive when it comes to my mother. I don’t know what to think. It’s about an hour’s drive out there and it won’t be too bad to make the trip both ways in a day (which is what we did last time), but if Rudi decides to have a few drinks it might be better to stay. Yes, I could drive…but I really don’t like driving long distances. I also don’t feel like packing a whole lot of stuff just to stay overnight. We’d all need pyjamas and outfits for the next day and toiletries. Is it really worth all the trouble? I don’t know. The nice thing about going there is that they have large lawns and places for Babyice to play. He’ll have fun at least.


I’ll post about how the weekend goes.


She asked my grandmother to get her a Bauer pan as a gift. Suggested my aunt could add money. My grandmother discovered the smallest pan costs a whopping R600. She got her a towel bale instead. When I asked my mother what I could get for her she said ‘Oh, you’re getting me a cell phone’. O.o I said ‘Excuse me?! I have two kids and barely two cents to rub together, you ain’t getting no cell phone!’. She laughed as if I had made the funniest joke. She wants an expensive one with Whatsapp and other bells and whistles too. Bugger that. When I asked her again on another occasion, advising her I do not have money (which is the truth) she said I could get her some shower gel or something. Sorted.


Now to plan a mani…


About a week ago we started PrincessIce on solids. We chose butternut as her first food as I’ve read that the baby cereals are loaded with sugar and don’t really have much nutritional value other than being fortified with iron.


She absolutely adores food! This baby can’t get enough! We have since incorporated the cereal into her diet, as well as sweet potato, carrots (the day mother’s doing) and milk tart (that was Rudi!). She eats so well, she doesn’t mess or spit out her food at all. She leans into the spoon for every bite and if you take too long to have the next spoon ready she gets upset! It is the cutest thing to behold. We started Babyice on solids at four months old and there seems to be a marked difference when waiting longer. PrincessIce really seemed more ready. I remember Babyice resisting a lot. He didn’t want any stuff in his mouth, what did we think we were doing? PrincessIce on the other hand has been staring longingly at me while I eat and took to eating like a duck to water. She even makes “chewing” motions with her mouth, despite there being nothing to chew. Practicing mommy!


I’m a bit weary of giving her Simba Flings chips though. We already know that Babyice is allergic to something in them and since allergies can run in families I wonder if we shouldn’t just skip them altogether. I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to give her and Babyice can’t have. I’m not sure if he has outgrown the allergy or not. I’m actually too scared to try and give him some. I know if he is still allergic it will result in a doctor’s visit. It is such a pity since Flings are the best baby chips ever. Cheese Curls are more or less the same, but they are ORANGE. Once they’ve been sucked to a sticky pulp and rubbed all over their clothes it is not a pretty sight. I’m not even sure if that fancy new (and expensive) stain removing washing powder will stand a chance.


So even though she isn’t yet managing to sit up on her own, she is a champion eater. I just knew that she would have a healthy appetite. I’m going kind of nuts with people saying that she mustn’t eat as much as she is because she is going to get fat. I’m a bit horrified actually. She is a 6 month old baby and already people are flinging remarks about body issues around. I mean, really. Baby fat is healthy fat. Once she starts crawling/walking she’ll lose her baby fat. It isn’t like we’re pumping her full of sweets and chocolates. We don’t add sugar or margarine or anything to her vegetables. Yes, she had a little milk tart ONCE, it’s not her staple diet. Even the day mother is in on it. I’ve had to tell her repeatedly I don’t mind if she gets fat BECAUSE SHE IS STILL A BABY. Perhaps if she was an older child I could understand their concern, but a 6 month old? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Am I being an oversensitive fatty? I must say I think the fact that she is a girl influences these remarks. Babyice was much chubbier at her age and I don’t once remember someone remarking on how much he eats or expressing “concern” that he would get fat. Society!


Time to adopt the sage parenting advice – Smile and nod.


Breastfeeding is still going well. PrincessIce seems to feed mainly at night nowadays and isn’t very interested in drinking during the day. Even when we get home after work, she is so easily distracted that she doesn’t drink much. It’s a little frustrating because I usually need a little relief myself after work, but she manages to take the edge off. I hope that her disinterest during the day isn’t a sign of her wanting to wean. I know that solids aren’t going to be her main source of nutrients until after she is at least 12 months old and I’m hoping that she isn’t starting to prefer the bottle/formula. I will continue to offer her feeds though. I have learnt that breastfeeding can take perseverance, so that is what I will do! I do also know that babies change their feeding patterns after mom is back at work and this may also be what has happened. I can’t even say for sure how much or how often she drinks at night, but it is more often than she used to. Because we co-sleep I often just give her a boob and drift back off to sleep myself. The only reason I know that she is waking up more often is because I alternate sides which involves me moving her on the bed.


Due to size limitations I can’t upload a video of her eating to this post. The shortest video I have is over 6 MB. My phone only takes HD videos. First world problems.


Once again our domestic bailed. She simply didn’t pitch for work, after telling me she wouldn’t let us down. I guess she meant it when she told the downstairs neighbour she wasn’t earning enough. Which is fine, really. It would of been nice, however, if she had spoken to me about it. We’re adults. Just a week before this I told her if she is unhappy or has any issues she should feel free to discuss them with me. I would of told her I really cannot afford to pay her more and that I would look for someone else. I asked her so nicely to let us know if she couldn’t come in, or didn’t want to work for us anymore. That would of been nice. I tried to call her at the number I had for her. Apparently it is her mother’s number. Someone else answered. After a scuffling and mumbling I was told she wasn’t there, that she was outside somewhere. I left a message, asking her to send me a free message so I could call her back. No reply. No message. I sent a text saying I was trying to reach her, that it was a pity I couldn’t and that I would have to make another plan. Having a domestic without a cell phone? A bloody nuisance. No way to communicate other than notes on the fridge. I still haven’t heard from her.


Rudi decided to call our previous domestic who had taken ill and didn’t know when she could return. She was happy to hear from us and agreed to come in and work on Monday. So the majority of our Saturday was spent cleaning. Taking off bedding/curtains, laundry, vacuuming and polishing. You name it. Just how I love to spend my weekends. The kids kept occupied by TV where possible, while we try to find some order in the house. As the day grew to a close I decided I wanted to do my nails as I wouldn’t be able to do them on Sunday and it was already getting late. This was around 19:00 and we still had stuff to do in the house. I was trying to pack away laundry that didn’t need to be ironed so that Betty didn’t have too much work to do on the Monday. She would have almost two weeks worth of ironing to catch up on. I only got about halfway with that as I needed to wait for laundry to dry. It was a stop/start process.


On Sunday night I called Betty and confirmed that she would be coming the next day. She agreed and I was so relieved. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to come home on Monday to a clean house. To a domestic that I trust implicitly. No doubts in my mind about her honesty. She was just finishing up and was flitting about with the last few things she had to do. She seems to have come back rejuvenated, even cracking a joke with me about not finishing the ironing. I really hope Betty is back for good now and that she remains in good health. She works really well and is reliable and honest.


Fingers crossed.

Mermaid Mani

Originally this mani would be a base coat of essence That’s What I Mint topped off with my essence circus confetti glitter for accent. I’ve fallen in love with the circus confetti glitter and can’t wait to use it again. I actually have quite a few polishes that I love and can’t wait to use again. Aren’t I lucky? If only I had the time to do my nails more often, I could perhaps get to it quicker!


While painting my two thin coats of That’s What I Mint I decided that the essence brushes are my absolute favourite. If you do it right you can cover your entire nail in one or two strokes, depending on the width of your nail beds. Mine are quite wide, but I find two strokes completely cover them. essence brushes are much wider and flatter than regular brushes. They are great!  I managed to paint a few of my nails without any mess! That’s an achievement for me. I don’t paint neatly at all, so it really is nice not to have to clean up as much. I’ve found that painting the thin coats rather than thick coats still gives me even coverage and helps to prevent bubbles, which I’m prone to.


After finishing my base I eyed my glitter and realized I hadn’t used my essence mr & mrs glitter yet. It also matches the polish and when I asked Rudi’s opinion he said I should use the mr & mrs glitter for accent. I found the glitter a bit difficult to work with. I struggled to get the glitter out of the bottle if I just tried to paint it on. It’s a clear base coat with large lime and blue hexes. I found it much better to dab and spread to get maximum glitter coverage, but you struggle to move the glitter around. I tried moving it around with a dotting tool, but ended up messing up my base coat that way. Also, once the base coat starts getting tacky you can’t move the glitter around at all and that happens pretty quickly. Ordinary Misfit mentioned some people blob the polish out the bottle on another surface and pick up the hexes and put them on the nail individually. Mission much? I also ended up bashing my accent nails quite badly while bathing PrincessIce about an hour after I had painted and had to redo them. With the glitter polish on top it takes forever to dry properly so you need to be careful. My essence nails dried beautifully and were knock proof by that time already! While looking at the finished product, my nails really reminded me of mermaids. I think the large hex glitters remind me of shiny fish scales. Really pretty. Here is the result:


Mermaid Mani

Mermaid Mani


Mermaid Mani

Mermaid Mani


I was struck by how similar the colour looked to Tip Top Cha Cha Cha, but when putting them side by side you can see they are quite different. I’m a bit confused as to why the Cha Cha Cha looks more green than the colour with mint in the name. Probably because I’ve always thought of Cha Cha Cha as a blue and not a green. Here they are side by side:


Tip Top Cha Cha Cha/essence That's What I Mint

Tip Top Cha Cha Cha/essence That’s What I Mint


I received feedback from Gosh Cosmetics regarding my Gosh Matte Effect top coat that didn’t work properly, saying I should return it to the store where it was purchased. I did that without any hassles. I honestly thought the store would give me flack for trying to return it. Cosmetics aren’t usually an item you can return. I was dubious about it working because the sales assistant checked and the bottles seemed to come out of the same batch. Well, I tried it over my “mermaid” mani and was absolutely over the moon! It dried really fast (probably aided by the fact that the polish underneath was already dry) and not one of the nails dried shiny! They were matte within 30 seconds of applying the polish :) I really love the results!


Shiny - Matte

Shiny – Matte


It doesn’t look too bad over the glitter either. Almost like frosted glass. I am really chuffed with it and I really love the That’s What I Mint matte! I should probably test the matte top coat over semi dry polish to see if it works properly as well. I’ll do that soon. Perhaps I’ll add another coat on one of my nails and top coat it again to see if it works. I’ll let you know :)




Matte vs. Shiny

I bought myself a Gosh Matte Effect top coat with my nail polish haul a while back and had been wondering how to use it. I saw the following mani on Pinterest and decided to give it a try:


Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest


Stunning hey? So I started with two coats of Tip Top Black Forest and on my ring fingers I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby. I then applied my matte top coat to all my nails. I noticed that only some of my nails were drying matte. I kept on painting coats until they all sort of dried matte. I let them dry completely since I knew I’d be sticking tip guides on my nails to do the tips. Actually, Rudi decided he wanted to do the tips, so I let him.


I think this mani is one for Pinstrosity:



Matte vs. Shiny

Matte vs. Shiny


The matte top coat didn’t work like I thought it would. The black polish looked like badly painted chalkboard paint when it dried. It also seemed very prone to knocks. Also, in the “example”  picture, she has beautiful long narrow nail beds. Mine are short and wide and I don’t think it suits me so well. By the next morning the “shiny” tips had linen print on them and everything looked matte/textured. For me this mani was an utter fail, but because I don’t have time to do my nails during the week I wore it till it chipped.


I spoke to Gosh about the matte top coat not working well. They were very helpful and quick with feedback. They asked me to return the top coat to the store where it was purchased as it seemed to be a quality issue. I did this and my polish was exchanged, no problem. I still need to test the replacement as the store assistant checked and the bottles are from the same batch. I hope it works. If it doesn’t I’m going to ask Gosh to send me a new one.


Would you try this mani?

And The Winners Are…

Lizelle Goliath

Jamie Knupp

Cara Eachus

Valda Gertse

Beth Naidoo

Dhesh Chetty*



Congratulations ladies! You have each won a copy of Toddler Sense by Anne Richardson!



Toddler Sense by Anne Richardson

Toddler Sense by Anne Richardson



Please e-mail me your postal addresses to acidicice[at]gmail[dot]com in order for me to send you your prize. Once I have all the addresses I will send off the prizes. Thank you to everyone that entered!



*This post has been updated as one of the winners is from the USA, which contravened the terms and conditions of the giveaway. A new winner has been added!

Fan Brush Nail Art

A while ago I saw a post on Siobhan’s blog for a fan brush art tutorial. I immediately decided I *needed* a fan brush and that I want to do it too! It seemed easy enough. I bought a fan brush rather cheaply (I think about R20) at Dischem and have had it stashed away for when I had played out all the manis I had planned in my head ahead of time. I lacked some inspiration for my next  mani (after running out of pre-planned ideas), but knew I wanted to use my new essence hello marshmallow. Then I remembered my fan brush!


I have very little time to do my nails in the week. I usually end up sitting at 21:00 doing my nails once Babyice is in bed and Rudi can entertain PrincessIce. Doing your nails at night has some disadvantages. The light quality is terrible and you have a much bigger chance of linen print on your polish since bedtime is around the corner. I can’t possibly only do my nails on weekends though, sometimes a mani is required during the week! My nails had already been bare for two days after removing my glitter gradient mani and I couldn’t stand it anymore!


I decided to use essence hello marshmallow (lilac) as my base coat and Tip Tip Melting Marshmallows (pastel pink) for the fan brush art. I started off with Tip Top Miraculous Results as my base and two thin coats of essence hello marshmallow. After fanning on the Melting Marshmallows I realized you couldn’t even see what I had done. There was not enough contrast between the two marshmallows to see the fan brush effect! I rifled through my polishes and came across my Tip Top Sexy Bikini which is a bright pink neon. You couldn’t miss this! So I fanned that on over the other two colours. Once I had finished brushing all my nails I added some Tip Top Rocky Road to my ring fingers for accent (any excuse to use Rocky Road!). I finished it all off with my Essie Top Coat. This is the result:


Fan Brush Art

Fan Brush Art

Fan Brush Art

Fan Brush Art



Executing the fan brush effect is rather simple and doesn’t really require much clean up afterwards.  Even if the polish comes off the brush looking solid, dragging the brush over the polish again separates it and the fan brush effect shines through.  Today in proper light I can see that there may be places by my cuticles or tips where I needed more Sexy Bikini to cover some bald patches. I’m not really sure I like this mani. I’m not certain if the colours are putting me off. While doing the fan brush art the polish you are brushing on dries pretty quickly, which causes the polish to feel very textured and sticky while you are brushing on extra layers/filling in gaps. That felt weird and I think contributed to me not loving the end result so much. A top coat evens it out nicely. Also, my nails are shorter now than I like them to be. Everyone who has seen the mani likes it though, so perhaps I’m just full of nonsense.


What do you think?


P.S. I stuffed up my ring finger really badly on my other hand after going to bed, somehow wiped off all the layers of polish on half my nail. Luckily with all the layers, textures and the Rocky Road it was fairly easy to do emergency repairs  and cover up on this with zero time while getting ready the next morning. Messy manis have advantages!

Circus Confetti Glitter Gradient

I have always loved glitter gradient manis. I’ve seen a lot of them on Pinterest and Facebook and wasn’t sure if I could pull one off. The first time I saw the essence circus confetti glitter I didn’t like it. I thought that it was too busy and that there were too many colours. Then I stumbled on a mani on Pinterest. A white background with a polish similar to  circus confetti glitter gradient and I fell in love with it. It was then that I decided to buy the circus confetti glitter and a white polish as I only had Tip Top Cream Puff which is a creme polish and slightly off white. For some reason I didn’t re-pin my inspiration and I can’t for the life of me find it now again, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with my version of it! I actually went to go and search Pinterest for glitter gradients and am starting to think that I made the whole thing up in my head. Or I may have seen something and then modified it in my head.


I decided to do this mani for the Huggies event that I attended. I wanted to do something fun and frivolous. I also like doing my nails specifically for an occasion. I wasn’t sure how I would do the gradient. I asked Ordinary Misfit for advice and hunted down tutorials on YouTube. Misfit suggested I use an eye shadow applicator sponge to sponge the glitter on, giving me more control of placement. The YouTube tutorial suggested tearing a piece of sponge from a make up applicator and using that. I started off using the eye shadow applicator, but it was pink and I noticed that the colour from the sponge was transferring onto my white base coat. I then switched to the make up sponge, which is white.


On the tutorial they just concentrated on placing glitter on the tip of the nail and then when the glitter was sparse on the sponge they sponged down to place some glitter further down the nail. It is difficult to predict how much glitter is going to rub off the sponge though, so you may end up with nothing or too much. If you end up with too much dabbing the sponge again sometimes picks up some of the glitter, or you can attempt to move the glitter with a dotting tool. I was obviously working with bigger glitter chunks so was able to move the pieces around a bit. You can’t do that with regular, fine glitter.


I started off with my Tip Top Miraculous Results as a base coat. I always use this as a base coat. Since I’ve started using it I found that my manis actually lasts longer. Before I used to use my Essie Top Coat as a base and top coat. I’ve since decided that it is better to use something for what it was intended. I then painted two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I’ve seen this polish used on a lot of blogs as a base for nail art, which is why I purchased it. I painted both my ring fingers with two coats of Orly Vinyl which a colleague lent to me to try out. I gave my polish a little time to dry. I was scared I would smudge my base if I sponged while they were too wet. I started sponging on glitter to the tip of my nail and then moved down slightly. Sometimes more glitter came off than I would of liked and I manipulated it to look sparse. I covered all my nails with the glitter gradient, which is why I painted my ring finger black for accent. I finished it off with an Essie top coat. Even though I put a top coat on, I still had some glitters sticking up. I could of added another top coat to help for this, but just never found the time to do that.


Here is a picture of the finished product:


Glitter gradient

Glitter gradient


Click to enlarge the picture. What do you think? Would you try this on your nails?











Letting Go

This November it will be 3 years since my grandfather passed away.


It all really feels like it happened a long time ago. Although 3 years flashes by in the wink of an eye, it just feels like so much water has flowed underneath the bridge since then. Babyice was just 10 months old when it happened. He is a boy now. PrincessIce was conceived, carried and birthed while her brother grew up. As far as life goes, a lot has happened since he left us. I remember him saying to me once that we will forget about him once he is gone. He was already sick when he said this. I assured him he would not be forgotten. And he won’t.


Leebeesa’s aunt procured a Livestrong bracelet for my grandfather after he was diagnosed. You couldn’t just find them anywhere anymore. We thought it would be something nice for him to wear, to encourage him during his treatments. He wore the bracelet proudly. He rapidly deteriorated and when he became gravely ill he was given morphine to help for the pain and to keep him more comfortable. I lost my grandfather to the drugs then. He often looked panicked (probably paranoid) and would say strange things as he hallucinated. He once asked me to help him die. Have I ever told you that? On the one hand I wish I could of (legalities aside), on the other I never could. The Livestrong bracelet started to irritate him. He didn’t like things touching his skin and was annoyed by sounds and light. More side effects from the drugs I assume. I took the bracelet from his arm and put it on my own. I told him I would wear it in solidarity, on his behalf. I have been wearing it ever since. I only took it off for a few minutes for the Cosmo cover shoot I did, once the photo was taken I put it back on. Other than that I don’t recall taking it off at all.



Of course after the Lance Armstrong scandal hit the news some silly people were “shocked” that I was still wearing it. As if me wearing it had anything to do with Lance Armstrong. It didn’t. I was wearing it for my Oupa.



Almost 3 years later,  I feel like it is time to take it off. I don’t need the bracelet to remember him. In fact, looking at it isn’t what reminds me of him. I think of him when the clouds are particularly beautiful. He once said if he could have a job in heaven, he would like to design the clouds. I think of him when I see beautiful things in nature like waterfalls or butterflies. He used to love nature and went on hikes regularly to be outdoors. I think of him when I wear the gold pendant he bought me. I think of him when someone talks about WWII or Marilyn Monroe. I think of him when Babyice does something particularly cute or even naughty and how much he would of enjoyed spending time with him if he had gotten the chance. Sometimes I look at PrincessIce and wonder if he had a hand in picking her for our family. This yellow piece of plastic is not what reminds me of him.



For a long time I somehow thought that taking it off would be some kind of betrayal to him, or his memory. I realize now how silly that is. So it is time to take it off. In some ways I am really glad to be liberated of it. It’s not exactly a beautiful accessory. I’ll put it somewhere safe.


Finally, letting it go.




Livestrong Bracelet


P.S. I wrote this post a few days ago and didn’t actually take the bracelet off. The post was scheduled to release today. Last night Babyice asked me if he could wear it and it occurred to me that I was meant to take it off already. I gave it to him to play with. He figured it made a great chew toy. Luckily it’s hardy. This morning I put it in my jewellery box. Strange how things happen sometimes. Perhaps a sign that it is okay and it really was the right time. Do you believe in co-incidence?