Guest Post by Ordinary Misfit

Today I have a real treat for you! I guest post from Ordinary Misfit! I’ll hand over to her and post my comments after :) I also have a guest post up on her blog today, which you can read by clicking here.




Hi lovelies,


I always feel so intimidated when I am asked to do a guest post for someone.  It is such an honour and a privilege and I am always worried I won’t quite be up to scratch.  That being said, I couldn’t pass up on a chance to feature here again.  So thank you Heather for letting me share something just for you.


I asked for some guidelines as to colour etc and they were fairly straight forward.  Pink, silver and lots of hearts.  I had this idea for a while and I knew it would be perfect for this post.  This is what I came up with.


I started off with two coats of Ice Box – Iva’s Berry Ice on my ring and thumb and Ice Box – Polar Lights on my pinky, middle and index.  Once that was completely dry I used my smallest dotting tool and Iva’s Berry Ice to make tiny little hearts in pink over the silver holo.  I then used my black striper to turn the pink hearts into leopard print and add a few extra black spots.


I then used Polar Lights and a bigger dotting tool to make the big hearts on top of the pink.  I then used my black striper to outline the big hearts and make a little accent spot inside.  Topcoat and you’re done.


I chose these colours and designs for a few reasons.  For one, I knew pink was Heather’s favourite polish colour (and was also part of the guidelines).  I also know she loves holo polishes.  We often talk about leopard print as well and she mentions all the time how she really wants to do it again.  Of course, she LOVES hearts too.  I think this is a combination of all her favourite things.


I wasn’t too happy with the outlines of the bigger hearts and wish that was neater.  I also had the hardest time to capture the holo.  It wouldn’t pick up in my light box at all (even though I did take photos there) so I had to take photos in the sun.  Even then, the holo didn’t seem that strong even though in real life it is a gorgeous strong holo.  It really was the first time I have had this problem.


What do you think?  Thank you so much for having me and letting me share in your space, Heather.  I really hope you like it.


Thanks for reading!


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As usual Michelle has completely outdone herself! When I saw what she had done, I immediately knew that she had taken into consideration things that I love and mashed them all together to make an awesome mani! It is always so special how she considers little things like *my* favourite colours and designs I like :) Also…I kind of like how the outlines of the hearts are “rough”. Aren’t our hearts all a little rough from that time that it was broken and we had to put it back together? 😉

Thank you so much Michelle! What a pleasure to have you here :)

Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice and Glass Pink

Oh how I loved and hated this mani! I decided I wanted to use my panda decals that I bought from luckystarstyle. I thought they would be fitting for the Valentine’s Day theme because the pandas are holding hearts. I also wanted to use my new Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice and Sinful Colors Glass Pink that I had bought and figured out a way to use all these things together. Once I had taken out the polishes and decals I was inspired and pulled out my stud wheel as well. That is when the struggling began!


I started off with a base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice on my thumb, index and pinky nails. It applied well and looked nice. I decided to accent all the Sugar N Spice  nails by adding a black stud near my cuticle. I absolutely LOVED how this looked. My troubles were with my accent nails. At first I tried to paint multiple coats of the Sinful Colors Glass Pink to opacity. Fail. 4 coats later the colour was still not opaque. After I added a coat of Seche Vite to dry it the polish was really thick on my nail and looked it too. Ordinary Misfit warned me that Glass Pink was really sheer and mentioned that it looked nice layered over Tip Top Melting Marshmallows. So I took off the 4 coats of Glass Pink and repainted my base coat with two coats of Melting Marshmallows. I painted one coat of Glass Pink over the Melting Marshmallows and sealed it in with a coat of Seche Vite to dry it quickly so I could apply my decals. I am not usually one for redoing nails when I stuff up. I would rather try to ‘fix’ whatever is wrong, but in this case I had to redo and my patience (as well as Rudi’s) was running out. The kids were getting restless and I needed to get done. So I decided that my nails were dry enough to apply my decals. I was wrong. I have used these decals before on nails that had been painted the previous day and had zero problems with them. I really think the issues I had were because my nails were not properly dry. I applied the decal, but when I stuck it down the polish was still soft underneath so I could only press down on the middle of my nail. Pressing it down over the curve of my nail would have been catastrophic. I rationalized that the decal would soften when I applied the water and stick over the curve. It did, but I still had to apply some pressure. Then this bright spark painted another coat of Seche Vite to get everything dry so I could attend to the whiny husband children. Somehow my top coat formed a big bubble on top of my nail. I think this was me trying to ‘float’ my brush (where the actual brush doesn’t touch your nail, just the top coat) and having too much top coat on the brush. At this point I was definitely not willing to redo them AGAIN, so I licked my finger and pressed down on the bubbles to make them more flat. Wah! I noticed later that this caused pink polish to ‘leak’ onto the decals. Oops.


I loved the idea of this mani. If I had not messed up the accent nails in execution I’m certain I would have loved it in its entirety. The Sugar N Spice nails with the black studs just tied everything in so nicely with the black of the pandas and the hearts the pandas are holding. I often find I learn something regarding technique when I do a mani. First lesson here, trust Ordinary Misfit when she tells you something is sheer! Second lesson, don’t do decals on nails that are not 100% dry. Third lesson, hurry up and wait! Fourth lesson, don’t push around bubbles (which there won’t be if you learnt anything from lessons two and three).


I took a few pictures in different light for you. You’ll notice the polish leak over the decal on my ring finger. I nearly didn’t want to put these on the blog, but in all honestly, they are cute and I thought maybe someone else could learn from my mistakes :)







What do you think? Other than the polish leak the decals don’t look too bad in the photos. I definitely learned some lessons!

Itty, Bitty, Gritty

After Sanita stamped over China Glaze Unrefined, I immediately decided that I need to try stamping over a texture too!


Sick of all the pink and red Valentine’s manis? Look no further 😛 For this mani I used my China Glaze Itty, Bitty, Gritty texture which is a coral colour with pink undertones. I started of with a base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of Itty, Bitty, Gritty on all my nails except my ring fingers. There I laid down two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. In the hamper I won from Ordinary Misfit‘s blog one of the sponsored polishes from essence was a cracking polish. I was struggling to find something to accent the Itty, Bitty, Gritty with and when I spotted it I thought the colours complimented each other. I painted one coat of essence Crack Me Up! Peachy over the Snow Me White. Once the texture was dry I used my essence white stampy polish and the top image of PUEEN 43 to stamp on all my textured nails. The results:


Itty, Bitty, Gritty

Itty, Bitty, Gritty


Oh how I love my China Glaze texture! I wish they would bring out more colours! The texture dries so fast in comparison to my L.A. Colors textures. I could stamp over this 30 minutes after I had painted my nails. I’ve knocked an L.A. Colors texture more than an hour after applying it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my L.A. Colors textures and they are beautiful, but it is frustrating waiting for them to dry! The China Glaze textures are a dream in comparison.


Remember how I talked about disliking cracking polish in this post? That definitely hasn’t changed. I thought I would give it another shot. A fair chance. I haven’t change my mind. The essence cracking polish didn’t really crack that much in comparison to the other one I have. I don’t love it. It is just so unpredictable and you never know how it is going to look. Whenever people see me wearing cracking polish and I tell them what it is, the reaction is ‘Oh! It’s supposed to look like that’. Clearly I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the effect.


What do you think of this mani? Stamping over texture, yay or nay? Is crack whack for you too?

Elijah turns 4!

Elijah turned 4 on Sunday. Four. FOUR. When did that happen?? I can’t believe how big he is and how the past 4 years have flown. He has enriched my life in so many ways. He has challenged me in so many ways! As much as he has frustrated me, he has taught me new things and filled my heart with more love than I knew I was capable of. Sometimes I feel bad for him. He was the guinea pig. The first child. The one I was super strict with. The one I wouldn’t allow to sleep in my bed for fear of never getting him out. The one I didn’t breastfeed for longer than 3 weeks. There are so many things I would have done differently, if only I had known. I did what I felt was best at the time and for that I am not sorry.


We threw him a big party this year. He wanted a Superman theme. While out shopping for the party I wondered over and over why he had not picked Spiderman. It would have been so much easier to find Spiderman decorations and themed party goodies. We managed to find some Superman stuff though. We had the party at the day mother’s house. I felt Elijah needed a big party this year. He has been oh so gracious with his sister entering his life. He has experienced big changes and taken everything in his stride. Setting up for the party with Gabby around proved challenging as she wanted to cling to me the whole time, but we managed.  I booked Elijah a superhero jumping castle. It was the most epic jumping castle he has ever had. It was huge and had space for water which was a blessing since it was stupid hot on the day of the party. He absolutely loved it! This is the first year that we’ve had a jumping castle for him that he has actually used. He was always afraid of it before. He thoroughly enjoyed it this year.


Superhero Jumping Castle

Superhero Jumping Castle


There he is in the red pants. I also ordered him a custom made Superman cape. He is always asking us to tie baby blankets/dishcloths/towels around his neck as a cape. Now he has one of his very own he can keep!


Superman Cape

Superman Cape

He loved it! Of course the cake had to be themed too. Elijah loves blowing out candles and while out shopping I found some relighting candles. I bought them immediately. I just knew that he would love to blow them out over and over again.

Superman Cake

Superman Cake

Blowing Candles

Blowing Candles


Get in my face!

Get in my face!

I was right, he really enjoyed blowing the candles out. The children watching also enjoyed the spectacle and giggled every time the candles sparked up again. So fun! I specially requested that the cake be red inside. All these little surprises just added up to make everything special for him. 


Elijah and I

Elijah and I

We had to take a selfie at some point, despite my make up having melted off my face. It was so very hot. Luckily the little bit of water and the roof on the jumping castle helped keep the kids cool. Every year we make a “punch” in a huge glass punch bowl. I take ice, fruit juice and Sprite Zero and mix them all up in the bowl. It is always a huge hit. 10 litres were consumed in just a few hours! Either it was THAT hot, or the punch was delicious. Or both 😉


Elijah’s paternal grandparents also attended the party and bought him a….





This is the second bike he has gotten from them. How cool are they? The party was exhausting. The kids all loved it. Clean up wasn’t a complete nightmare. It was lovely. Unfortunately Rudi missed the party. My car packed up the day before and he had to have a new alternator fitted after work on Friday. He only managed to get there just before 5 and by then all the proceedings were over and some of the children had left already.


His actual birthday was on Sunday. I had to work. Luckily he woke up before I had to leave for work, so he could open his present early. He had asked for a Spiderman electric toothbrush after giving my electric toothbrush a try and finding it ‘didn’t even hurt!’. He was really pleased when he opened it.


Spiderman Electric Toothbrush

Spiderman Electric Toothbrush


We decided to take him out for lunch on his birthday to his favourite restaurant, Panarottis. He disappeared into the play room and we had to drag him out for them to sing for him. He gobbled up his pizza and his complimentary birthday ice cream :) We took him to Reggies and let him pick out a few gifts within a budget. He chose a plastic sword, a race track with a car and a pinwheel. Gabby wasn’t really fussed with all the proceedings. As long as she was occupied, she didn’t mind all the attention her brother was getting.


Play Dough

Play Dough


I think he had a good birthday weekend. He was utterly spoilt and he really enjoyed everything. I can’t believe my baby is 4 already!

You Drive Me Coconuts

Welcome to February! It is the month of love (at least up until the 14th), so I’ll be sharing my Valentine’s Day themed nails with you. The manis that I have done thus far are by no means conventional Valentine’s Day nails, but they all have the love theme going on. I’ll see if I can fit in a more traditional one at some point before Valentine’s Day :)


I was really excited about this China Glaze polish. I really love most of the colours from their Sunsational collection and the fact that half of them are jellies is really up my alley! Not only is this polish a jelly, but it is shocking pink!  While I was looking around for inspiration I came across this mani from Let Them Have Polish. That was all it took for my mani to be born :) I also acquired As Long As You Love Me from essence’s Beauty Beats (Justin Bieber) collection. I thought the grey would contrast nicely with this shocking pink and decided to use it for accent.


I started with my regular base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results and painted China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts on all except my ring fingers which I painted with As Long As You Love Me. I struggled a little with the formula on You Drive Me Coconuts. Even after 3 coats it just didn’t smooth out nicely. It was still very bumpy even though it was opaque. I only needed 2 coats of As Long As You Love Me. I painted a coat of Seche Vite on all my nails to quickly dry my mani and prepare it for stamping. The Seche did a great job at evening out You Drive Me Coconuts. Once I was happy that the polish was dry enough I used my PUEEN 35 stamping plate and stamped the left hand image with essence black stampy polish on all my nails.  I even had the presence of mind to turn the image plate when doing my thumbs so I didn’t stamp them upside down. Practice helps! I sealed everything in with another coat of Seche Vite. The results:


You Drive Me Coconuts

The stamping isn’t perfect. I would have liked for the black to be more opaque, but in general I don’t think it is bad at all. I also really like the grey and the pink together and think the black stamping looks great on they grey too.


I hope I can figure out a way to get the black more opaque. I used a black stamping polish, so it shouldn’t be so faint. Maybe it is user error. I’ll do some research and see if I can improve :)

Hello Marshmallow (The Original)

I’ve really been hankering towards using some of my older polishes that I have worn and really loved. For me, it is difficult. I’ve been working my way through my untried polishes, but the untrieds never end because I keep on purchasing. I even did a no-buy for 30 days to try and remedy this, but I received polish gifts in that time and have since purchased…so the untrieds grow. I feel quite bad buying new polishes when I have such a lot I haven’t used, but I still want all the pretties! #polishaddictproblems So after a little poll on Facebook in a group of polish addicts that have similar tendencies I realized my little pile of untrieds isn’t that bad and that there is no reason why I shouldn’t wear a polish that I love again.


After much consideration I decided to pair my black and white glitter with a nice light background. I was torn between essence that’s what i mint and hello marshmallow*, but since I want to do something else with the mint soon I went with hello marshmallow**. I started off with a base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted two easy coats of hello marshmallow on all my nails. I have forgotten how much I love to paint with the wide essence brush. Most of the essence polishes I have used lately are limited edition and have a regular brush. I also forgot how nice and quickly essence polishes dry. When I came in to paint the glitter the essence polish was already touch dry! I painted one coat of L’Oreal Confetti Top Coat on all my nails. A really quick and simply mani, but I am so in love with the results! The glitter topper dried matte, but after I applied my Seche Vite top coat everything was nice and shiny again :)

essence hello marshmallow topped with L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti

essence hello marshmallow topped with L’Oreal Top Coat Confetti


The Top Coat Confetti is in a clear base with small and large black and white matte hexes. There is a very fine silver shimmer which isn’t apparent in the bottle or really on the nail unless you eyeball your nail seriously. It is a pity that they didn’t put more in to make it more apparent, but if the look they were going for was generally matte it makes sense that they didn’t. The glitter is dense and doesn’t need to be blobbed and spread. Unfortunately I’ve never seen this in South Africa. It was a gift from my Belgian friend. The Maybelline black and white glitter from the Polka Dots collection also isn’t available in South Africa at the moment.  essence is releasing a collection in Europe that has a black and white glitter topper, but I don’t know whether this collection is destined for our shores either. I know that isn’t helpful for those of you who might want one. I had to resort to asking a friend overseas to send me some.


What do you think of this? Do you like the black and white glitter enough to beg someone to send you some across the waters?


*this is the original hello marshmallow. essence has released another version that is very different to this one. I have both. The other one is among my untrieds 😉

** I have seen marshmallow spelled marshmellow too many times recently. STOPPIT.

Breaking Fevers

Sheesh. Gabrielle is really putting us through our paces as parents!


She started with a fever again last week Thursday and on Friday morning it had jumped to over 39°. There was no way either of us could stay home from work, so I had to send her to the day mother and made a doctor’s appointment for her for after work. We toddled off to the doctor and came back with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. Not even a full week back at the day mother and she is sick again. She seems quite prone to picking things up. He also gave us an immune booster (Zinplex) to try and help her fight off the bugs. I asked him how long we should wait before bringing her in and he said if we were worried to always bring her in. If we had waited another two days (after the weekend) she would have been a LOT worse. We stopped to get some take away on our way home and I could see that she didn’t look well at all. Almost like she was about to lose consciousness. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was falling asleep (as we were in the car) or if it was something else. The doctor had not taken her temperature when he examined her and didn’t show any concern. When I took her temp when we got home it was 40°. While we were at the doctor she didn’t even really feel warm, so it must have elevated rather quickly. My thermometer has never shown a temp that high before. Elijah never went there. We worked quickly to get her temp down. Of course she is vomiting up her antibiotics again. She makes herself sick before the spoon even gets to her mouth. I’m not sure what to make of that. It seems like she is being “naughty”. I know the antibiotics taste shit, but puking before you’ve even tasted them? I don’t know.


On Saturday night we all went to bed and around midnight she started getting restless and crying. I tried to feed her, but she didn’t want to drink. I felt that she was quite warm and decided to take her temperature. 40.4°! I’ve never shot out of bed so fast. I stripped her down, gave her a suppository and ran a tepid bath. Her skin was so hot it felt like it was burning my hands when I touched her. She has been screaming at bath time for about a week. I’m not quite sure why, but bathing her has been trying. She stayed relatively calm for this bath though. I wet her hair and kept pouring the tepid water over her. We fed her some paracetamol and ice cream and within 45 minutes we had brought her temperature back down to 37°.  That was freaking scary! We watched her very carefully after that and started medicating proactively. I’m so glad we took her to the doctor when we did, otherwise we would have ended up in the emergency room for sure. 


She seems to be a bit better. At least when she is at the day mother the administration of antibiotics shifts to her. I seriously dread medicine time. The day mother usually has much better luck than us, but on Monday first thing the antibiotics came back up. She had a little more success the second time around. She also has to eat before she takes the antibiotics and it is always fun wondering if you’re going to see her meal again. Not.  The day mother has also been instructed to give her fever meds on a 4 hourly basis, alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen. I think we’ll give her a suppository at night when we go to bed until she has completed her antibiotics. I might not have a medical degree, but it feels like I’ve got the hang of this medicating thing. I can tell you breaking that fever of over 40° felt like such an achievement! Scary as it was, we did it! Even though neither of my children has ever had a convulsion from fever, it is always a risk and I am very afraid of it happening. Gabby is clearly in a league of her own with her hotness, so I’ll be sure to be extra careful with her.


I’m really hoping the immune booster is going to make a difference and help her feel better and stay healthy. She’s developed an ugly rash on her face, probably from the antibiotics. Poor baby looks like she has been through the wars with mosquito bites, a bruise on her cheek (thanks to her brother) and now this rash on her face.  I wish I could just make her better already!

Ice Box Grape Ice and China Glaze Material Girl

I received an Ice Box Colors SA mini in my Durban Polish Party goodie bag that I won from Ordinary Misfit‘s blog. I was really impressed with my Ice Box pink holographic which I blogged about here. I was excited to try the other Ice Box that I had. Grape Ice is a purple metallic polish. I was quite meh about it when I started painting and realized it was a metallic. I am insecure about metallics because you have to apply them very carefully in order for them to look good and I don’t feel that my technique is very fantastic. I actually thought that my nails looked brush strokey when I was done. I usually paint my nails “in the dark” when I do them during the week since I do my mani at my dressing table and Gabby is sleeping. Rudi has a fanny wobble if I put the big light on in the room so I work by lamp light which isn’t great. I decided to accent the purple with my China Glaze Material Girl which I have been dying to use!


As usual I started with a base coat on all my nails. I painted 2 coats of Grape Ice on all my nails and 2 coats of Material Girl on my ring fingers. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. Quick and easy, no fuss! I usually do straightforward manis during the week and leave the more complicated art/stamping/studded manis for Sundays when I have a bit more time and can work in actual daylight 😛 The results:



Ice Box Grape Ice, accent China Glaze Material Girl


While I’m still adjusting to the metallic, I am absolutely in love with the Material Girl! I am SO glad I bought it. It is such a gorgeous glitter. Easy to work with and full coverage in two coats. I don’t think any photo could do this sparkly polish justice. I also think this purple will be great for a base for stamping and it doesn’t look brush strokey at all. I also wonder how well it would stamp and I’m sure to give it a try sometime!


What do you think of metallic polishes? Do you like them?



I decided my mani was too boring and I wanted to jazz it up. I had a brain fart and decided to do a glitter gradient with the glitter I had used for accent. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It was also so quick and easy to do! The Material Girl glitter is quite dense, so to do the gradient I wiped almost all of the polish off the brush and painted about 2/3 of my nail. I dipped and left a little more on the brush and painted 1/2 of my nail and then coated the brush and painted the tip of my nail (about 1/4). Top coat and voila!





Absolutely in love with this!


Three years ago I was reunited with my paternal grandparents. I wrote about that here. We recently visited them. On our last few visits my grandmother had been talking about going for testing as she thought she might have Alzheimer’s. On our last visit she confirmed that she had been formally diagnosed. She could not remember our last visit and meeting Gabby. She thought she was meeting her for the first time. We also (accidentally) found out that my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder in July when he casually mentioned a “chemo injection”. Somehow this news never reached me. I think because we were separated for so long I am not part of the family grapevine anymore. My heart sank.


My grandparents are moving up country to live with one of their sons (not my father). They are currently living in a house owned by their youngest son (they have 3, one of which is my father and a daughter) and are opting to move to Mpumalanga. It is a good move for them as there will be someone there to assist them and help look after them on a day to day basis whereas now they are mostly doing things with help of their youngest son who also has a demanding career and a fiancé. There will be someone to help with chores, cooking, etc as well so my grandmother doesn’t have to do it all. For me this means that I will likely never see them again once they have moved.


I am torn. On the one hand I am going to miss them terribly. There is a big difference between not visiting someone and not being able to visit someone. I will make a plan to see them at least once a month until they leave. My grandfather is already working in his month’s notice at work. On the other hand I know this means that I will not have to watch these diseases ravage them. Apparently my grandfather stands a good chance at remission. I am afraid to hope. My maternal grandfather was given a very good prognosis as well and I watched him waste away. I don’t want to do that again. I want to remember him as I do now.


It is such a crappy situation. I hope to get at least a couple more visits in and want to take photos of them and us and the kids.  I know I’m lucky to have grandparents living at all (thanks to my mother who had me really young), but it is very hard watching them go. Whether they are moving away, or leaving this earth.


I am glad to have had these 3 years with them. Granted we have only seen them a handful of times, but they have been good. *sigh* Life is hard.

First Day of Playschool

For ages now the day mother has been telling us about a playschool in her area where all her grandchildren and a few other children staying with her went when they were younger. She raved about it and has recommended Elijah go there for at least two years already. Seeing as how he will probably go to primary school next year, we thought sending him to the play school to prepare him a little for that this year would be a good idea.


It really is convenient as there is transportation available (at a cost) from the day mother to the playschool and back to the day mother again. He will go there 5 days a week from 9 – 12 every day. I’ve been trying to get the number for this playschool from the day mother for ages and only managed to get it early January. When I phoned the owner of the school told us to come around on Tuesday as she was having a “welcome party” for all the children that she would be teaching this year.  We were only able to go after work, but we went to check the place out and discuss everything. The day before classes start. I was in a bit of a tizz. Other parents had already paid school/transport fees for January ahead of time in December and had a list of requirements. I hadn’t budgeted to pay for January/February (we pay in advance) and wasn’t prepared for what was required. The owner assured me we could work out a payment plan as I will be able to catch up at the end of February. I don’t like it though. I like to be prepared and for everything to be done/ready/settled. We came home with a paper outlining the rules etc. and they also have to have a sandwich/drink packed. Oh my hat! We don’t have cooldrink bottles for him or anything. We made a plan and sent him with a sandwich wrapped in foil and a drink in a gym water bottle. We were also asked to label clothes and shoes.


We dropped him off at the day mother this morning with his school bag containing his application form and his lunch. We always drop him off in his PJs so I couldn’t even take a “first day of school” kind of photo since he wasn’t dressed yet. The kids have breakfast and are dressed at the day mother where they are picked up and taken to the play school. They do their thing there and are then taken back to the day mother where they will have lunch.


I was on an emotional roller coaster all bloody day. I was looking at all the “back to school” photos on Facebook and just wanted to cry. I felt like I should have gone with him, even though this isn’t “real school”. I phoned the day mother to ask how he was when he was picked up. The night before he had said he didn’t want to go to school because the children were going to point at him and talk about him (no idea where this comes from). The day mother said she thinks he was a bit nervous as he was hanging on her pant leg all morning, but he went with the bus when they came to fetch him and he seemed okay.


I was happy/proud/excited/nervous/tearful, even though I wasn’t there. So to make myself feel better I went out to lunch with a colleague and we bought all of his school supplies for the year. The school really doesn’t ask for much. They only need two reams of paper, two bottles of wood glue, another tube of glue, envelopes and some toilet paper. I also purchased 5 lunch boxes with two separate sections. The lunch boxes came with a cooldrink bottle that slots into one of the lunch box sections. Old school! They were also really cheap, so if they get lost or whatever I am not going to cry about it. I also ordered labels from the moment I stepped into the office. Their prices are really competitive and they will courier my labels to me for only R49.00! The labels take 5 – 8 working days before they are sent, so I’ll likely only get them next week sometime, then I can label his shoes and lunch boxes and his bag, etc. I ordered the pre-school pack of labels since I don’t require any stationery labels, so I paid R169.00 for labels and delivery!  I really would have done all of this ahead of time had I known what was required. Soon I’ll have everything sorted! I feel a lot better now that I have everything that I have to supply to the school and can’t wait to get his things labeled.


I called him at the day mother after he came back from the playschool. He said ‘Mommy! I love that school where I was today! It was so much fun! I love it!’…and then he was talking about zombies. Another child from the day mother has also joined this year, so at least he knows one of the children there. He seemed so incredibly excited and my heart soared. My heart is so full of happiness and pride. I am so happy that he loves the school and so proud of him for being brave and delving into the unknown. He is a really bright kid and I feel he deserves some structured educational stimulation. I cannot wait to see how he develops from here. I am very excited. The day mother said he was very excited and she offered to pack his lunch for him to take to playschool every day. That woman is a saint! She also told me that he refused to take off his backpack all day and was walking around with it on his back since he was dropped off.


Boo for tardy mommies, but yay for playschool!