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Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and a toothache. My mouth had suddenly become very sensitive to heat or cold the night before. When I brushed my teeth it didn’t hurt, but as soon as I rinsed with cold water I felt a sharp pain.


I took some Echinaforce to help with the sore throat and hopefully it will sort that out. While sitting at work moping about my sore mouth I decided to go to the dentist. My medical aid is finished and I knew I would have to pay cash for it, which is why I was hesitant. I decided to bite the bullet. This couldn’t wait till next year.


Leebeesa recommended a dentist for me to go to. The last two dentists that I found and liked both moved away from their practices. The one resigned from dentistry completely!  I decided to give them a call and they were able to see me immediately. Thankfully I didn’t require x-rays or a root canal. The dentist saw that one of my fillings was cracked and another had aged. He proceeded to inject me and didn’t hurt me at all. He then removed the one filling and said that the other one was still okay to keep in. He put a temporary filling in with clove oil behind it to help for the pain. I have to see him next week Wednesday to replace the filling completely.


The best part is that the entire exercise is only costing me R650.00. That really is reasonable. He also noted that the rest of my mouth seems okay for now and I need not worry.


I’ll be on leave from Thursday and won’t be back at work till the 22nd of October. I plan to do as little as possible and relax and sleep a lot. Don’t expect too many blog posts. Unless something really important happens.