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Omega Emerald Isle is all about that base

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Hi everyone! Today I have another Omega polish to show you. This was sent to me by the lovely Gael from Glamore Cosmetics for review and swatching. I have two sets of photos to show you today. I struggled with this polish when I first swatched it. Let me show you the first set of photos:

Omega Emerald Isle with Tip Top Base Coat

Omega Emerald Isle with Tip Top Base Coat

You can clearly see bubbles in the polish here. Above is 3 coats over my Top Top base coat with no top coat. I brought the polish to work and asked 2 colleagues to swatch it as well to eliminate application and environmental factors. Neither of them had bubbles. I was quite bummed because that meant it was me, right? I painted badly! For those of you that don’t know, adding too much polish to your brush and painting too many strokes can result in bubbles. So I figured I probably had too much polish on the brush or overworked it and resolved to swatch it again.

Enter Ordinary Misfit who also had a few Omegas to swatch. She noticed with one of the polishes she also had bubbles. We chatted about it and she figured out that we had both used a Tip Top base coat. When she swatched her Omega again, she used an essence base coat as well as Tip Top and over the Tip Top base coat she had some bubbles again, but over the essence base coat she didn’t have any. It occurred to me that the ladies that swatched for me at work weren’t wearing any base coat at all. I decided that I should paint my next swatch with no base coat. I did exactly that:

Omega Emerald Isle  swatch no base coat

Omega Emerald Isle  swatch no base coat with top coat


Much better, no? Shown above is 3 coats with no base coat. The first picture has no top coat, the second is topped with Dashing Diva Top Seal. Emerald Isle is a gorgeous dark green metallic polish. It is a beautiful colour! The formula is on the thinner side, but I had no problems applying the polish at all and I didn’t flood my cuticles while painting. It seems very sheer on the first 2 coats, but builds up nicely to the deep, rich green seen above. I can’t wait to pull this polish out come Christmas time! You have already seen how I “upgraded” this mani in a previous post, here is the photo again:

bornprettystore rhinestone review

If you want to buy Emerald Isle click here.  You can also find Glamore Cosmetics on their other social media channels:





I would love to hear your thoughts on this polish in the comments below 🙂 Have you ever found that specific base coats don’t seem to do well with some of your polishes? I’ve never had a problem with this base coat before, so it never occurred to me that it would cause any issues. Huge thanks to Michelle for helping me figure it out and restoring my confidence in my painting ability!