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In case you missed the “announcement” in my Valentines Day blog post to Rudi, I’m officially saying it’s official. We are officially throwing caution to the wind and ‘trying’ for another baby. I was ready to start trying around September last year. While we were at it I thought I could snag myself some December/January maternity leave. What? It’s the last maternity leave I will have and optimizing it isn’t a bad thing. I calculated more or less how long I thought it would take me to get pregnant (based on previous experience) and thought September would be a good time to start. Rudi was not ready though. So, I put it off and continued to take preventative measures. At some point he said ‘When Babyice is 2’ and sure as the sun will rise, he turned two. I was still meant to continue with birth control through February, but at some point (ironically around Babyice’s 2nd birthday) I had skipped three consecutive days (not on purpose) and we decided to go with it. I doubt I will get December/January maternity leave now, but it isn’t really what is important.


I promised myself I would not obsess about it. We’ll just stop taking preventative measures and see what happens. Right. I found myself dragging out my ovulation microscope last night and charting dates on Fertility Friend this morning. In my defense, I didn’t do this because I have a need to be pregnant immediately (like I had after Jamie). I have been feeling tender in certain areas and was curious to know if these pains are because I am ovulating. The signs are pretty standard, but I wanted to check. According to my fertility friend chart I will be ovulating soon, but my ovulation microscope showed no signs of  ‘ferning’ last night or this morning.


So here we go. I’m not going to worry about it, or stress about it. I’m not going to be uptight about it either. We’re just going to carry on as normal, without trying to prevent getting pregnant and see what happens. I sincerely hope that I can keep this mindset and not become completely consumed with it like I have been before. I know it will just cause me to stress and worry and eventually break my heart month after unsuccessful month. At the same time I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I will probably become more and more focused on it as time goes by without success.


So, dear readers, wish us luck. Baby dust and prayers are welcome. Here’s to a happy, and healthy baby!