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No Survivor?

[rant] I’m majorly peeved at SABC3 for not having any Survivor on last night! It’s the highlight of my Monday evenings and they took it away from me! What for? Cricket! Look, I have no problem with cricket, but it wasn’t even as if South Africa was playing! It was Sri Lanka against Australia if I’m not mistaken. Not interested. There should be no reason to take Survivor off TV. Ever. [/rant]

Anyway…I have lots of work to do, so I best not be farting around. I found my grandfather’s birthday present, but had to make sure he could use it. He wanted a pair of headphones that he could use to watch TV while my grandmother sleeps (he sleeps very little usually), but he has an ancient TV which doesn’t even have fittings for headphones!

I figured out though that he can play the TV through the auxillary and plug the headphones in there. I saw a really nice cordless pair at Game for R400.00. He’s going to love it!