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No nails today

Sheesh.  I’ve just realized I’ve posted about nothing but nails for the longest time. Technically, this isn’t a nail blog, but I’ve discovered a love for nails and nail art. Since it is occupying my time and my mind it is something I like to talk about. I really enjoy it. I also feel like it’s my creative outlet and I like expressing myself in this way. Do the nail posts annoy you? Or do you like them? I know I have one or two male readers who might find them boring. Sorry boys, you’ll have to like it or lump it. I’m going to keep doing them 😛 Speaking of nails, I won a Twitter competition yesterday! I won a R1500 nail hamper from Truworths and Revlon! I’m so excited! They’ve couriered my prize to me and I should receive it tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what they’ve included in the hamper! I have exactly one Revlon polish, so there isn’t much chance of them duplicating polishes I already have. I’ll take photos of what they send me and post them 🙂


The family is doing well. The sicks invaded our house for the first time this winter about two weeks ago. PrincessIce was the only one that needed antibiotics though. She had an ear infection, throat infection and conjunctivitis. We caught it early so she didn’t suffer too much. She is such a sweet baby. After a few days she wasn’t too uncooperative with taking her medicine. Babyice who is no longer a baby is getting so big and so cute. The things he says sometimes! It is very entertaining to have a small child in the house. Never a dull moment. It also renews your perspective on things. It forces you to look at life through the eyes of a child sometimes and it is truly a wonderful experience. I try my best to remember what it was like being a child. Especially when it comes to the “Why, why, why?” of things and discipline. Where I was once the disciplinarian in the house I’ve turned into the softie. How did that happen? There’s no such thing as sleep training in our house anymore. Besides me refusing to do it because Rudi would just muck it up again, I almost feel like I lost out on an opportunity to co-sleep with Babyice and that is something I can’t get back now. We co-sleep with PrincessIce and I absolutely love it. It is also extremely convenient for me since I’m still breastfeeding. It means no getting up at night for feeds. It really has been so much easier than with Babyice. I still need to wash and sterilize my breast pump equipment, but because I have a few sets this doesn’t need to be done daily and is not nearly as much of a chore as washing loads of bottles every day. Breastfeeding is really working out for me in that sense. We are all also getting a lot more sleep than we were when Babyice was this age.


PrincessIce seems to be lazy. She is nowhere near wanting to crawl, at least it doesn’t look like it. She doesn’t seem to like tummy time, so getting to the crawling part isn’t happening. She is almost 8 months old! Babies born around the same time as her are scooting around already!  I’m not worried that she isn’t developing properly. She has hit all her other milestones and isn’t behind in any way. I really just think she is spoilt 😛 Not spoiled in a bratty way. I don’t believe you can spoil such a young baby. I know many people will disagree, but I get to parent my way and they get to parent theirs. I do my best not to judge. On the one hand I am kind of grateful that she isn’t very mobile yet. Boy am I going to have my hands full with the two of them when she is!


I’ve just come from the dentist today. I lost the filling on the root canal tooth. When the filling came out part of the tooth came with it. He has put another filling in now, but it is hanging on a thread of tooth. It won’t last. He told me in so many words I am going to lose the tooth. He told me to pray when I left his office. So eventually it will be pulled. It is in my smile line and a bridge is apparently going to cost nine thousand Rand. 9k. 9 000. Holy crapola. It is the very last tooth in my smile line, so when the time comes I’m just going to have to pull it and see how it looks. A big black gap in a person’s smile really looks horrid, but since it is so far back there is a slim chance I could get away with it. I really hope I can. Ain’t nobody got R9000 to fix ONE tooth! In the interim we’ve attempted to attach a filling to the tiny piece of tooth left. This could go at any moment. So I’ve spent R450.00 to cling to this stupid tooth for dear life. Wish me luck!