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New Years Celebration

So now that I’ve run out of scheduled blog posts…I guess I have to write something new.

New Year’s Eve was spent with my fabulous friends from Twitter. @al_ice, @cc_monkey, @Riven16, @kambabe and @Squidsquirt. We always enjoy each other’s company and @al_ice put on a proper spread! There was a variety of food to choose from and she mixed some cocktails. Two large jugs that surprisingly enough made it through to the next day. We started playing some 30 seconds which was loads of fun…but 2010 started to sneak up on us and we had to break up the game in order to get ready to welcome the new year. I promptly got into the jacuzzi as this is where I planned to start 2010.

The countdown on the radio was a bit confusing (as I’ve found it to be before)…they randomly stopped a song and suddenly started counting down from 10. We were a little confused – ‘Is this it?’ and it was! We all toasted with champagne and continued to chat away till almost 2AM. I’m surprised I made it that far without an afternoon nap. I wasn’t even a grumpy cat! We all stayed over at @al_ice’s house and only ended up leaving the next day at 3PM after lounging around and having a swim.

Thanks @al_ice for all your effort and trouble to make it a special occasion for us!

Furthermore I’ve discovered that being in moving water gives me motion sickness. I’ll have to have a pool to myself if I want to chill out. My pelvis is starting to hurt proper now, my back also. Its getting increasingly difficult to turn over at night and to get up and walk, even short distances.

There is so little time left now. I need to get my hospital bag packed. Seriously. EEK!