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New Tattoo!

On Saturday morning it was time to go for my new tattoo. I was very nervous. I’ve had one before, but it was many years ago…so I couldn’t really remember what it felt like. I got to the tattoo parlour a few minutes early, then realized I had grabbed an empty box of cigarettes on the way out. Luckily one of the tattoo artists had one for me.

I had a smoke to relax, then Tristan and I started discussing and working on my design. I had already decided on a font for the names and Tristan designed the pattern around it free hand. Once we were happy he went to the back to get everything ready. Listening to the machine of the other tattoo artist was like listening to a dentist’s drill before going in for your appointment.

About an hour after I had walked in he was ready to go. I was expecting the worst. He positioned me and started his work. He stopped after 10 seconds and asked if I was okay. I was fine! After a few more minutes he asked if I was okay again and I was! It was not bad AT ALL. It’s like something you build up in your mind…the anticipation is crazy and you expect the worst. I swear if I had a pillow in front of me I would have napped through it, instead I sat tweeting. It took about 45 minutes to complete the tattoo.

The result:

Tattoo for my babies

I am really happy with how it turned out! I have to go back in 3 weeks to do a touch up and voila! All done and beautiful.

Tristan is really awesome. If you’re interested I had my tattoo done at Mirage Custom Tattoo in Durbanville.