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New Tattoo

I knew that if I had another baby I would add his/her name to my current tattoo featuring Elijah and Jamie’s names. Since I’m breastfeeding it was advised that I wait a year before getting a tattoo to be safe. The information regarding tattoos and breastfeeding can be found here on the La Leche League website. I watched my tattoo artist prepare carefully. I watched him disinfect his hands and all the surfaces he placed his equipment on. I also watched him open the needles that he would be using on me. He uses disposable needles so each client has their own needles which are only used once.


Here is a photo of my tattoo with only Jamie and Elijah’s names before I had the additional work done:



As it turns out I got an appointment to have my tattoo done the day after Gabby’s first birthday. I was so excited. I’ve been waiting since I was pregnant to add to my tattoo. I am by no means a tattoo addict or someone who itches to have a new tattoo often, but I really wanted to have all my children honoured in this way. I sat down with my tattoo artist, Tristan, and we planned the addition to my existing tattoo. I used tattoofonts.net to find the font I used for Elijah and Jamie’s names so that I could have Gabby’s name in the same font. I also had a picture of a rose pinned to my tattoos board on Pinterest for the longest time. So on the 3rd of January, we added Gabby’s name and the rose. When he started I moaned a bit as it was a bit sore, but I quickly got used to the feeling. The actual tattooing couldn’t have taken longer than 20 minutes, if that long:


Gabrielle Rose

For those of you who don’t know, Gabby’s second name is rose. Once this was done I knew I needed some more twirls to join the tattoos together as they looked disjointed with just the name and the rose added. I booked an appointment for 5 days later. Tristan was hesitant as I would still be healing and probably not want any more pain. I assured him I would be fine. Tell a guy “I’ve had 3 kids, pain is relative” will shut him up real quick. LOL. As it turns out, it really was fine. I started healing very quickly and the pain just didn’t seem so bad. I remembered it to be far worse actually. Perhaps as I’m getting older my pain threshold is increasing? I can’t explain it, but it just wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


For my next appointment Tristan free handed the extra art and as discussed we re-did Jamie and Elijah’s names so that the whole tattoo would be the same colour when it healed. This final session was a little more painful than the first because almost everything he was doing was ‘outlines’ which tend to hurt a little more than when you are filling in colour, it was totally bearable though and I played Candy Crush while he was torturing me with a needle that pierced my skin around 3 000 times a minute. The results:


Completed tattoo
All my tattoos, cameo by Gabrielle Rose


It ended up being a lot bigger than I anticipated. I didn’t really want a big tattoo, but I really do love how it turned out. It is healing really well and I am very much in love with my artwork. Tristan has predicted that I am going to be back to somehow incorporate the butterfly into the tattoo. I’m not so sure. Maybe 😉