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Never say never

I never though I would say this. Perhaps I’ll change my mind. Here goes.


I prefer not having a housekeeper.


There. I said it. Pick your jaw up off the floor. It is there in black and white. I set up a chore chart. Rudi and I split the chores. It’s a two week chart and the chores are alternated each week. At first I thought this really wasn’t going to work. Rudi started skipping chores on day 2. My heart sank at the prospect of having to find someone else again. It turns out Rudi will play catch up on chores that he has skipped though. Sometimes the assigned chores are not 100% necessary on the day. For example:  I have the bathroom on the chore chart twice a week. It isn’t always necessary to do the entire bathroom on the day, so sometimes you get to relax a bit on your chores. We do laundry and ironing twice a week. Doing it regularly and alternating it means that it is never a HUGE mountain of ironing that needs to be done and that in itself is usually half the problem. I’ve also taught myself a faster way of ironing things. WOOT!


When I walk out of the house and it is generally tidy I feel so proud of us. Visitors could practically pop in at any moment and not be met by a complete disaster and I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I feel a sense of achievement when I do my allocated chore for the day. I’m so awesome I’m ahead on my chores this week! I only have to do laundry tomorrow, but I started it yesterday already. Actually, that was completely selfish. I started the laundry early, to ensure it is all done and ready for Rudi to do the ironing in his allocated slot. This means that the unfinished laundry won’t be left over for me to do when it is my turn to iron later in the week. Sometimes you have to work smart!


Not having a housekeeper means a lot of positive things as well. It means I don’t have to worry about the contents of my home being compromised (again). I know what has been cleaned and that it has been done properly (or when it hasn’t!). I know where everything is packed away. I save quite a bit of money every month (almost R8000 a year!). We don’t mess as much as we know that there is nobody else to clean up after us. We are teaching Babyice to clean up after himself as well. I’ve done thing that I have left for the housekeeper that never got done anyway.


Not having a housekeeper is paying off. You could never have convinced me of this before it happened. I hope it stays this way 🙂