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National Braai Day/Heritage Day

Tomorrow is National Braai (BBQ) Day in South Africa. It’s actually Heritage Day, but having a good braai is part of our heritage, which I think is where the idea came from.


Nothing like a crackling fire...
Nothing like a crackling fire...


Rudi and I have already decided not to make any plans with anyone else. We’re going to celebrate our braai day at home…with a braai of course. We haven’t quite decided on whether we’re going to make hamburgers or boerewors (farmer’s sausage) rolls for lunch yet…but I have decided that marshmallows will be in order, as will some veggie skewers. A colleague gave me the idea to put some peppers, baby potatoes (slightly cooked), mushrooms (she totally sold me on the mushrooms) and onion on the skewers. NOM NOM NOM!


I will sleep late tomorrow. I’m working the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) so I won’t have the opportunity to have a lie in for quite a while…so I’m going to laze around tomorrow as much as I can.


Public holidays FTW!!!!!