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Nails, Nails, Nails!

For a while I might have forgotten that this here is my blog and that I can blog about whatever I want 😛 I stopped blogging about nails for a while because I started feeling like it was all I was blogging about. I suppose I felt that I had lost my mommy/family/domestic blog identity between all the nails posts. The truth is, they were quick and easy to compose and while year-end is descending at work and PrincessIce is sick every second week it was just easier for me to blog about nails. It was a way for me to keep posting frequently, without taking too much time and at least in that way staying connected to my readers. Once I had reached the decision to stop blogging about nails for a while it felt like my blog came to an utter standstill and that isn’t what I wanted either. So, the nail blogs are back. I will try to post other content when I can, but life is really hectic at the moment so I can’t promise how frequent it will be. My nails are getting done at least once a week though, so there will always be some of that 🙂



So what have I been up to nail wise? I thought I’d share the manis I’ve done since the last one you saw. I won’t go into too much detail about each one, just a general synopsis of how I felt about it and what I used 🙂

Maybelline Bubblicious

This is one of the polishes I received from Belgium. I have seen it at Clicks locally as well. I wanted to recreate the dots Siobhan did on her guest post for Ordinary Misfit, but I failed. I think the difference between the sizes of my dotting tools isn’t big enough, so the dots looked about the same size and didn’t quite create the effect I wanted. Next time!


China Glaze Unrefined, essence hello marshmallow accents

This is the first textured polish I have ever bought. I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love playing with the texture on my nails and once I had taken this off it felt weird to have smooth nails again! Now that the photo is bigger I realize that it isn’t quite colour accurate. This is a bubblegum pink which I also really enjoyed wearing. I definitely want more textures! This was easy to work with and I just loved the final effect 🙂

China Glaze When Stars Collide and Gamer Glam


I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I love holographic polishes. This is the first time I’ve worn When Stars Collide (index and pinky). I was worried that it might be too dark for me and it teetered on the edge, but I enjoyed it. I think the Gamer Glam accent (middle and ring) lightens the whole mani up.


I have been wanting to try out stamping for a really long time. Ordinary Misfit loves it and @SanitaShimmy has also been converted. I did need to try with a polish that was known for stamping well and a decent plate. Leebeesa brought me a plate set and stamper that she found at some Chinese shop for R25.00 and I couldn’t tell if it was user error (being a newbie), bad polishes or bad plates which gave me the results I got, so I borrowed essence plates and Tip Top Gold Digger from Sanita to try my hand at stamping and this is what I got:


The white stamping was done with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I found it a bit more tricky to stamp with as it dries faster than the Gold Digger, but I managed to get the images over. I immediately fell in love with stamping! I am fussy with nail art, I don’t like doing gradients cos I don’t like the process (even though I love how it looks), I enjoy doing water marble, but it is time consuming and the clean up is a bitch. So finding something I like to DO which has awesome results has been great! I played around with some more stamping and my striping tape on my other hand:

Stamping and Taping


I felt the contrast between the polish and the stamping polish wasn’t great enough for the effect to be “WOW”, but it was just me messing around and I’ll take these things into consideration in future. (From me to me for Christmas) I’ve ordered myself a full set of the pueen love elements stamping plates (squeee!) and I plan to get myself proper black and white stamping polishes (Only R20.00 each from essence at Dischem). I’ve also ordered myself hundreds of studs so I can start adding them to my manis. Yes. I’m proper obsessed! (FYI – the studs come in wheels of 400 each, so I didn’t buy hundreds by choice :P) All the stuff I’ve ordered is coming from overseas so delivery is going to take a while. Hopefully before Christmas!



Of course I wanted to stamp again immediately on my next mani 😉 Misfit was nice enough to test out her essence romeo to see how it stamped and it worked pretty well, so I decided to stamp that over Tip Top Cha Cha Cha. I absolutely love the colour combo! On my pinky and thumb I have essence julia layered over romeo (both from the twins collection).

Tip Top Cha Cha Cha and essence romeo and julia


I’m not 100% happy with how the full nail stamp came out (the dots), but I have since figured out that my actual stamper (the one from the Chinese shop) isn’t quite pliable/flexible enough and that may be why I couldn’t get my whole nail covered nicely. I’m going to get myself the essence stamper to resolve this issue. @SanitaShimmy has let me borrow hers to try out as well as another image plate so I can play a bit.


So I decided to update this mani with a matte top coat over the stamped nails and add more glitter on the other nails. I quite like the contrast between the matte nails and shiny glitter 🙂 The matte top coat made the stamping look like I doodled on my nails with a pen 🙂


Matte top coat and more glitter



So after all of that, all I wanted to say was expect more nail posts 🙂