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My Own Domain

So Angel has gotten her own domain. I’ve toyed with the idea before…and could not justify the cost in my head. Not that many people read my blog…do they?

So I was telling Rudi that Glugster gave Angel her own domain as a gift and that I had considered it. I told him about my reservations and he said ‘Why not?! It’s not *that* expensive. You should do it!’ Encouragement from a very unexpected place. Rudi doesn’t read my blog, he barely realizes that I blog even though I have saved the link on his phone for him to visit any time (at my own peril!). He saw me reading my comments on my phone once and asked to see. He read an entire page of entries (probably more text than he has ever read since I’ve known him) and complained that I hadn’t mentioned him. LOL. Luckily he landed on THAT page and not another one where I was having a good whine about something that he had said/done.

So somehow his encouragement has gotten me to reconsider and start putting feelers out.

Of course…I’m probably going to have to move to WordPress and I have no idea how I’ll design a template for myself since I’m not that way inclined. Angel had merylpixelmagic design hers and she did a smashing job!

Sherbet. My lunch is over. So. Maybe someone will be nice enough to offer to design a template for me? *hints* 🙂