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My Favourite Household Appliance

I am so often grateful for the appliances in my house that make my life easier. Like my washing machine. It’s so easy to wash your clothes in a washing machine, as opposed to hand washing. Even someone as undomesticated as me can do it. There is an appliance in my house, however, that I would grab in a fire and instantly replace if it broke. I would make debt to replace it. I hate debt, but it would be totally worth it. I am talking about my dishwasher. Ok, I probably would not be able to carry it by myself should my house burst into flame, but I would really want to!

I currently have a Whirlpool dishwasher that we purchased before we got married, so it is easily already 8 years old. We were living in a flat smaller than our current one that somehow had water connections available for a dishwasher and a washing machine. There was only one sink in the kitchen and I remember feeling so frustrated when washing dishes because I couldn’t rinse them after I washed them. Rudi and I soon decided that this dish washing lark was not for us and as a Christmas gift to ourselves we split the costs and bought a dishwasher. BEST PURCHASE EVER. Not long after we bought it, ants invaded the electronics of the dishwasher. Every time we put it on we would see a swarm of ants exit around the on/off button. It was something to behold. It stopped working. A technician came out to check and found the ants nesting behind said button on the electronics. He cleaned it out and replaced it for us. We asked him how to prevent it from happening again and he said it would be safe to put a deterrent or poison in with the circuit board as it would not come into contact with the dishes at all. So we did. We’ve never had an ant problem in the dishwasher again and we’re not dead, so I guess it worked 😉

I literally use the dishwasher every single day. It is a lifesaver. If I think about how much time I don’t spend behind the kitchen sink. Time that I can spend doing other things. Not necessarily things I LIKE to do (like cooking or other cleaning), but it definitely saves me time. It also preserves my nails and you know *that’s* a huge bonus too 😉 Not everything comes out perfectly clean every single time and sometimes if everything doesn’t fit I will wash the leftovers by hand, but it still isn’t the truck load of dishes my family seems to produce on a 3 hourly basis.

One of my requirements for purchasing anything for the kitchen is “Is it dishwasher safe?”. The dishwasher does make some of my plastic things go a bit weird, but it is totally worth it. I don’t really care. I shudder at the thought of sticking my hands into dirty dish water. It freaks me out completely. I do wear gloves now when I wash dishes, for that very reason and because nails. The water gets icky so quickly though and washing dish after dish in the same water also just seems counter productive. My mother used to tell my grandfather that she uses a dishwasher because it sterilizes the dishes (he accused her of being lazy because she refused to wash dishes). I don’t know about that, but hey…that would be cool too! All I have to do now is teach my children how to pack and unpack the dishwasher and I’m set for life!

Do you have a dishwasher? Which is your favourite household appliance? Tell me which one you couldn’t live without in the comments!