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My Evil Mother Update

Just a quick update on My Evil Mother.


Yesterday my grandmother phoned me. She was hysterical. Coke Head (my mother’s husband if you didn’t know) had phoned her and said all sorts of nasty things, basically trying to palm my mother back off onto my aunt and uncle. He then phoned my grandfather and (respectfully) asked him to go with him and My Evil Mother to the police station to try and ‘sort out’ her “little” problem. Luckily my grandfather has finally seen sense and told him that he wants nothing to do with it. He then wanted to pass the phone to My Evil Mother and my grandfather said he didn’t want to speak to her.


My uncle told him that he doesn’t want her in his house and then she started making threats. She said she’ll tell the police that bought stuff on the stolen credit card for them. She also said she has photos of bruises on her body where my aunt had hit her when they had gotten into a fight and she was going to make an assault case against her. They had gotten into a fight quite a few months ago and they did come to blows, but they both had bruises. My Evil Mother photographed hers though. I’m not sure how she thinks she’s going to prove that my aunt was the one that hit her, or if she can still make a case months after the fact.


When I went to my grandparents after work yesterday, my uncle was still unconvinced and tried to talk us out of ‘turning our back on her’. I told him that we had all done what we can to help her and it was out of our hands. Rudi then went with him to take her clothes to Coke Head’s house, but they were not there. Rudi phoned Coke Head and he apparently got quite stroppy on the phone with him and also threatened him saying ‘You’re lucky I am not there’ implying that he would beat him up. Rudi, however, told him to come back and that he would wait for him. HA! *beams* Proud of my man! Although I’d really like to knock Coke Head’s lights out…and My Evil Mother if she’s there!


I wasn’t upset at all about My Evil Mother being under arrest, but I was upset that she had asked Coke Head to phone and upset her. I know this is how she operates and I also know that she would have told him what to say to try and manipulate and emotionally blackmail her. I was very upset about how upset my grandmother was. I was seething. She’s not young anymore, already has ulcers and a heart condition. My Evil Mother is going to send her to the grave before her time and then I will have to kill her.


Apparently My Evil Mother is somewhere in town for the weekend. Where she got money to go ‘away’ or even petrol money to get there is beyond me. She has said she’ll collect her things on Sunday. My uncle is afraid that Coke Head will drop her off and make a run for it, but he has said he’ll leave her things outside and not allow her into the house. Rudi will go for back up if necessary. If she lies crying outside (which she is likely to do, more manipulation tactics) he’ll phone the police to pick her up. She has a room waiting for her.