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My Evil Mother – Needs to go!

*deep breath* I could kill My Evil Mother, although, I shouldn’t say that on my blog…just in case I do.

My uncle was put on short time a little while ago (due to the economy I guess) and very recently my aunt lost the little work from home job she had that gave her a little income each month. No doubt because My Evil Mother kept on phoning out all the airtime her boss put on her phone so she could do telemarketing and make appointments for him to see prospective clients.

My uncle was paid a very small amount this week and it doesn’t look like they’ll have enough money for petrol, food and the water account. My grandmother asked me to help, but I don’t think that would be condusive to getting My Evil Mother out of there. I do not want to see them go hungry (which they very well might), but if you give them anything, she will get her grubby paws on it. She has said she doesn’t mind not having food since she doesn’t eat much. Selfish bitch. *ahem* Excuse me.

She is working at the moment, for minimum wage, but a job none the less. She hasn’t given them any money for the past three weeks (and very little before that, she’s been living there for over a year, her husband with her at a stage and they have given less than R1000 in all that time) and has said she was short paid. In the meantime she is making appointments to have her legs waxed.

I’m hoping that she will leave as the grass is no longer green where she is, or that they will finally have the resolve to kick her out on her ass. They seem to think she’s going to ‘be out on the street’. Are they STUPID? This women is so very cunning and manipulative she’ll show up at YOUR door and talk you into letting her stay.