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My Evil Mother continues her reign of terror

I had a lovely light hearted blog post planned for today, but as she loves to do, My Evil Mother has screwed up that plan. I think I’ll write it anyway and draft it for tomorrow.


I find it very difficult not to resort to foul language when talking about her, but I try my hardest, especially in print.


She had her court case yesterday. None of us really know what happened there and it looks like she’s trying to use that to her advantage. She’s still sending my uncle threatening messages one minute and the next begging him to take her back. My Evil Mother is a fuckwit. *ahem* excuse me. She has now called my grandfather and implied that there is a lot more to the court case than we think and requested to see him this evening. Of course my entire family goes into a flat panic, assuming that she is somehow trying to implicate my aunt and uncle. My grandfather is much more calm about it than the rest of them, but I know it worries him, even though he doesn’t show it like everyone else. I don’t know how she can possibly implicate my aunt and uncle in her crime. She’s said she’ll tell the police that she bought stuff for them on the stolen credit card, but I don’t see how that makes them guilty of anything. They didn’t know the credit card was stolen and co-incidentally did not accept anything from her as they were dubious of her motives (everything with a hidden agenda you see).


So my grandmother calls and asks if I will accompany him to go and see My Evil Mother and Coke Head this evening. So my blood is boiling once again and I’ve been waiting so long to give this woman a piece of my mind. I’ve agreed to go with him and so has Rudi.


My aunt then SMS’ me to tell me that My Evil Mother asked to see my grandfather and asked me to keep them in my prayers. I advise her I’m going with and that I’m tired of My Evil Mother’s nonsense. She then SMS’ me to ask me to please not tell My Evil Mother that I heard about the meeting from her and that she’ll worry about it all day. You see what My Evil Mother has done? She’s put the fear of God into my family with her threats. I am so enraged. I am so angry I want to cry. Worst of all?! I’m supposed to be relaxed and zen and not to be stressing over this kind of shit. I don’t have only myself to consider anymore!


This woman ruins EVERYTHING!


*deep breath* So…I’m all amped right now to give her a tongue lashing…and I’ll speak my mind, however, My Evil Mother can get really nasty and in a sense I am also afraid of her. I suppose she’s already blurted out the most damning thing she could say about me to my grandfather…(she told him that I used to use cocaine)…but she might have forgotten that I have some artillery that I have been saving since I was a child. Something HUGE that will shock her I guess. I think she thinks I’m too ashamed to talk about it and in a sense I always have been…but I’ve started to realize that she is the one that needs to be ashamed of this secret, not me. Whether or not I’ll pull it out of the archives tonight is unknown.


I know My Evil Mother all too well and I’m pretty sure that tonight is going to be a session where she tries to convince my grandfather that she needs to continue staying with my aunt and uncle or she’s going to try and bully him into giving her money or something of the sorts. I don’t think she knows that I’ll be coming with, but I don’t think she is afraid of me at all.


I had nightmares about her the other night. You know things are really bad if you have nightmares about your own mother. I dreamt that she had found my blog and read all the things I’d written about her. Then she turned into the evil thing that she can become and I was truly afraid for my life…and for the life of my baby.


You see…I don’t know exactly how much of a fucking nutcase  crazy she is. I’m not sure what lengths she will got to, although I do know she is all about self preservation, no matter who stands in her way. At this very moment I cannot say whether I will even be upset if something happened to her. She is THE villian in my life.


So. All things considered I am afraid of her, but I yearn to tell her to *restrains self* leave us all alone. To move far, far away and never come back. What did we do to deserve this? There’s going to be a scene in a restaurant tonight…and I’m going to be at the centre of it.