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Mommy is a liar

Isn’t it fabulous how our little angels like to turn us into liars? This time I didn’t mind! Just after I bitched and moaned on my blog about Rudi effing up my sleep training, Babyice decided to turn me into a huge liar. I’m cool with it. I hope to God that I don’t jinx this. He has been sleeping through now for the past 6 or 7 days, basically since my last blog post. He has woken up once or twice and moaned or cried, but both time soothed himself back to sleep. Neither of us have HAD to get up since I last posted about this. I’m not sure what suddenly clicked…we didn’t do anything differently.  I have noticed that Babyice sleeps better throughout the night if I put him to bed for some reason. I’m not sure why or whether he thinks that Rudi isn’t there or whether he has just discovered the awesomeness of being asleep all night that we all used to take for granted, but he has been sleeping through beautifully.


Nap time on weekends is a different story. Now that we have sleep trained him, nap time has become almost impossible on a weekend. We have tried putting him down like we do in the evenings, but he simply gets up and plays in his room or bangs on the door. We have tried sitting with him while he falls asleep. This doesn’t work. Rudi even tried to lay down next to him while he drifts off. This doesn’t work. Rocking him? Not a chance! The only solution we have found is to do what Christelle does. We put him in the car and drive around aimlessly until he falls asleep and we think he is asleep to the extent where he won’t wake up if we take him out of the car. This had to be done on Saturday AND Sunday. He slept soundly for a respectable amount of time on Saturday, but only slept for about an hour on Sunday. The day mother also said he would not go down for his nap this morning. She struggled with him from 09:30 till after 11:00! I wonder if he isn’t trying to drop his day time nap. Surely he should still have one? He is a MEAN tantrum thrower when he is tired, so sleep he must. Just….HOW? *sigh*. At least we are sleeping at night. I have found this makes me a much happier mommy and I am really happy to see him each morning. No resentments for broken sleep. It is awesome.


He also has his fingers in his mouth constantly lately. We are still waiting for the canines or ‘eye teeth’ to come out. Apparently those are quite traumatic teething wise and I’ve been dreading them for ages. I must say he went from 4 to 12 teeth very quickly, this resulted in a constant bum rash and lots of misery and an infection or two, but it happened quickly. Only the canines and his ‘big molars’ are still outstanding. He almost has a mouth full of teeth now. I always used to marvel at small children with a mouth full of teeth as I understood what them and their parents must have gone through to get them all there. Perhaps we almost have a complete sets ourselves 🙂


I still have to download the photos from our weekend away, but I think I’ll write a blog post about it in the meantime while I get the pictures ready for a post of their own.


Thank you for your patience, dear reader 🙂