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Misfit Mani Challenge

If you have been paying attention to these nail posts and actually reading them and not just looking at the pictures (I’m talking to you Shanita!) you would have realized that Ordinary Misfit is my partner in polish crime, often an inspiration and my sounding board for everything nail related. We don’t often do manis for each other though and it always feels like we are doing something for someone/something else. I suggested that we do a mani where the parameters are set by the each other.


Misfit chose two polishes from my collection (both untrieds, at my request). I was allowed to leave out one of the following stipulations:

  • Gold Stamping
  • Gold Studs
  • Striping Tape

I immediately had an idea of what I wanted to do. I started off with a base of OPI Nail Envy to protect my natural nails. On my pinky and thumb I painted two coats of Grazia green. This polish doesn’t have a name or a brand. Grazia is a fashion magazine and I got this polish in a box set from Clicks. It has a gold colour shift, depending on the light which you will be able to see in the second picture below. On my index, middle and ring nails I painted two coats of L’Oreal Shocking Pink. Shocking Pink is a dark red toned pink. This polish is very pigmented and the formula was great. It is one of the polishes I was gifted by my friend from Belgium. After my middle and ring nails were dry I taped off half of them with striping tape and painted them with a generous coat of the Grazia green, immediately removing the tape once it was applied. I tested this beforehand and painting the pink over the green changed the colour, so I chose to paint the green over the pink. When planning this I made sure that I painted the nails so that the colours would alternate. I thought it worked quite well. I used a clear top coat on the same nails and placed gold studs that I purchased from Born Pretty Store along the line between the two colours. My original intention was to stamp over the nails with the split colours, I thought that would look rather funky, but the gold stamping just wasn’t working with the polish I was using and I decided to leave out the stamping altogether. Instead of just leaving it like that, I went rogue and added L.A. Colors Dizzy gold glitter top coat over the nails without the studs.  I only realized afterwards that the glitter was not part of the brief and technically not allowed. Misfit forgave me though and gave me a stern warning for next time 😉 The result:







I ABSOLUTELY adored these nails! I could not get over how gorgeous they looked. I received lots of compliments (even from strangers!) on them and was really taken with them myself. The gold glitter over the green is sublime. I adored it! I was sad when I had to take this off. I really loved these and I hope Misfit did too 🙂


You can view Misfit’s half of the challenge by clicking here.