Mermaid Mani

Originally this mani would be a base coat of essence That’s What I Mint topped off with my essence circus confetti glitter for accent. I’ve fallen in love with the circus confetti glitter and can’t wait to use it again. I actually have quite a few polishes that I love and can’t wait to use again. Aren’t I lucky? If only I had the time to do my nails more often, I could perhaps get to it quicker!


While painting my two thin coats of That’s What I Mint I decided that the essence brushes are my absolute favourite. If you do it right you can cover your entire nail in one or two strokes, depending on the width of your nail beds. Mine are quite wide, but I find two strokes completely cover them. essence brushes are much wider and flatter than regular brushes. They are great!  I managed to paint a few of my nails without any mess! That’s an achievement for me. I don’t paint neatly at all, so it really is nice not to have to clean up as much. I’ve found that painting the thin coats rather than thick coats still gives me even coverage and helps to prevent bubbles, which I’m prone to.


After finishing my base I eyed my glitter and realized I hadn’t used my essence mr & mrs glitter yet. It also matches the polish and when I asked Rudi’s opinion he said I should use the mr & mrs glitter for accent. I found the glitter a bit difficult to work with. I struggled to get the glitter out of the bottle if I just tried to paint it on. It’s a clear base coat with large lime and blue hexes. I found it much better to dab and spread to get maximum glitter coverage, but you struggle to move the glitter around. I tried moving it around with a dotting tool, but ended up messing up my base coat that way. Also, once the base coat starts getting tacky you can’t move the glitter around at all and that happens pretty quickly. Ordinary Misfit mentioned some people blob the polish out the bottle on another surface and pick up the hexes and put them on the nail individually. Mission much? I also ended up bashing my accent nails quite badly while bathing PrincessIce about an hour after I had painted and had to redo them. With the glitter polish on top it takes forever to dry properly so you need to be careful. My essence nails dried beautifully and were knock proof by that time already! While looking at the finished product, my nails really reminded me of mermaids. I think the large hex glitters remind me of shiny fish scales. Really pretty. Here is the result:


Mermaid Mani

Mermaid Mani


Mermaid Mani

Mermaid Mani


I was struck by how similar the colour looked to Tip Top Cha Cha Cha, but when putting them side by side you can see they are quite different. I’m a bit confused as to why the Cha Cha Cha looks more green than the colour with mint in the name. Probably because I’ve always thought of Cha Cha Cha as a blue and not a green. Here they are side by side:


Tip Top Cha Cha Cha/essence That's What I Mint

Tip Top Cha Cha Cha/essence That’s What I Mint


I received feedback from Gosh Cosmetics regarding my Gosh Matte Effect top coat that didn’t work properly, saying I should return it to the store where it was purchased. I did that without any hassles. I honestly thought the store would give me flack for trying to return it. Cosmetics aren’t usually an item you can return. I was dubious about it working because the sales assistant checked and the bottles seemed to come out of the same batch. Well, I tried it over my “mermaid” mani and was absolutely over the moon! It dried really fast (probably aided by the fact that the polish underneath was already dry) and not one of the nails dried shiny! They were matte within 30 seconds of applying the polish 🙂 I really love the results!


Shiny - Matte

Shiny – Matte


It doesn’t look too bad over the glitter either. Almost like frosted glass. I am really chuffed with it and I really love the That’s What I Mint matte! I should probably test the matte top coat over semi dry polish to see if it works properly as well. I’ll do that soon. Perhaps I’ll add another coat on one of my nails and top coat it again to see if it works. I’ll let you know 🙂




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