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Mamma Pride

Taking Babyice for a haircut has always been a traumatic experience for all parties involved. You’ll remember his first haircut which did not go very well. We took him back to the specialized salon for kids and the second time was no better. No amount of Barney or blowing of bubbles would keep him distracted. He screamed and cried the entire way through.


One day we were walking through a small shopping complex where we regularly pop on to the supermarket and noticed a regular hair salon there. We chanced a walk in and they shaved his hair. It went better than it had gone before. A lady named Fiona helped us. The next time we took him to the same salon and the screaming and crying happened again, this time a different lady shaved his hair. The next time Rudi was alone and Babyice returned home without a haircut because they just could not get him to stop dodging them. We all know that Rudi cannot handle crying/screaming, so he wimped out.


On Wednesday I tried to arrange another walk in, but they were full and asked me to make an appointment for yesterday. I forewarned the lady that it would most likely be a difficult case. She narrowed her eyes, looked at me and said…’Oh! You’ve been here before. Didn’t your husband bring him in? I tried to cut his hair, but we couldn’t.’  This was a few months ago. Babyice clearly created an impression. As we were receiving a family visit from our priest last night, Rudi stayed home to tidy up while I took Babyice for the haircut. I grabbed a book with brightly coloured pictures and whipped him off. I tried to talk him up, saying what a big boy he is and that he will look so nice after his haircut, but he kept saying ‘No’. I was not looking forward to this!


When we walked in the salon was quiet. Nobody else was there except for one stylist and Fiona. I sat down with Babyice on my lap. They put a cape on me and they tried to convince him of a cape, but he would have none of it. I told them not to worry since I was going to bath him afterwards anyway. I was nervous. I told her to leave the scissor and just shave it all one length. This might space the visits too! Fiona was amazing. She found some horse riding magazines and started distracting Babyice by showing him all the pictures of the horses. Fiona showed him photos, commenting on the horses jumping and how funny some of them look with long hair. The stylist began to shave his hair and he flinched a little, but was soon caught up in the horsey magazine. Intermittently all the hair falling on him/sticking to him bothered him and he complained, but they took a brush and brushed some of it away, putting him at ease. Fiona and I continued to marvel over the horses and he was kept occupied. It allowed the stylist to take her time and get all the hair evenly shaved and his hair trimmed around his ears and at the nape of his neck. He didn’t cry even once! I was astounded, amazed and grateful. I gladly handed over the R70.00 they charged (yes, it’s a lot. Totally worth it.) and thanked them profusely for the amazing job they did.


I suspect that Babyice really likes Fiona. Both times that she was involved he was a lot calmer. She is an older lady (mid to late 40’s) who looks like she has a couple of kids of her own. The rest of the stylists are all quite young. I think that she has a special gift and Babyice sees it! I will definitely book him there again and specifically request her attention. The salon is close to home and open till 19:00, so it is convenient for us. I also think that having daddy around for haircuts isn’t a good idea. Babyice knows that he can manipulate daddy and that daddy has a lot more ‘give’ when he is trying to get his way. I think haircuts will be exclusively my job from now on and if it goes like it went yesterday, no problem! 😀


My heart burst with pride at how brave Babyice was, so I let him sit on all the little kiddy rides in the centre. We can’t put money in them though, as soon as they start to move he screams in terror and wants to get off.


My Brave Boy


He then got off the duck, went to a car a little further on and sat there for a while. Before I knew what was happening he had raced into the supermarket, grabbed a kiddy sized trolley and started running around the shop…as if we were there to buy something. I was so chuffed with him I just followed him around and let him run around with the trolley. He passed a shelf with Kinderjoy eggs at eye level and started chucking them into the trolley. A stopped him at the second one, but decided to buy him a small gift for his bravery. I had to supplement the purchases so that I didn’t have to swipe my card for R9.00, but he totally deserved it :).


Hopefully haircuts will be less traumatic from now on!