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Hi everyone! Today I’ll be showing you my second attempt at decals or reverse stamping. I made my first set of decals for this manicure and was SO BUMMED when the top coat I used dried to a milky/clouded finish. SO annoying! It’s an essence top coat that I purchased specifically for making decals and I’ve only used it once or twice, now I’m going to have to chuck it. I can’t use it for decals or as a top coat anymore. I tested it out on my nail wheel as a top coat and it also completely obscured the polish underneath. POO. I’m not sure if I accidentally got some coloured polish in the bottle or if something else went wrong, but unless I can think of another use for it, I’m just gonna toss it. I already knew that a lot of my other top coats don’t work for decals. Most of them distort the images or “melt” the stamp on the stamper. So I wondered if I could make the decals using my matte or satin matte top coat. I figured it would work since they don’t drag nail art, so I gave it a shot. I made the decals a day ahead of time because I’m afraid I’ll be too impatient while I’m doing my nails and mess them up and have to start over. Let me show you the end result before I get into the nitty gritty 🙂

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse Stamping

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse Stamping

Magnetic Polish with Butterfly Reverse StampingI started off with my usual L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted one thick coat of magnetic polish on all of my nails. This polish was a gift from Leeza. It was the oldest untried in my stash and I really felt I should get around to using it. It has probably been standing there for almost 2 years. It just says “Magnetic Nail Polish” on the bottle and doesn’t have any name. The chevron magnet is on top of the lid of the bottle. On my index and pinkie I painted quite a thick coat, turned the brush around and held the magnet super close to my nail. I don’t find that the magnets are conducive to the curve of a nail. I think a curved magnet would do much better as I can never seem to get the magnetic effect right down to the sides of my nails. I didn’t use the magnet on my middle and ring nails because I knew I was going to cover them with the decals. I made the decals using the top image on PUEEN 39 which has some beautiful butterflies and essence wild white ways. I am completely in love with this white creme from essence and the fact that it stamps is just a huge bonus! It’s not super opaque, but it certainly shows up well, even on this dark colour. I filled in the largest butterfly with essence I don’t need money, honey. The pink butterfly is China Glaze Neon & On & On and the green butterfly is L.A. Girl Leap. I used my essense Satin Matte top coat to seal the stamp and left it to dry overnight. When I used the decals the following day they were quite brittle and I had to be very careful not to tear them. I am not sure if using them immediately after they had dried would have made a difference. I might just try that next time. I still felt like it needed a little something extra…so I added Catrice Glitterazzi over the butterflies. When Glitterazzi flashed blue it looks so cool with the I don’t need money, honey butterfly! I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. I only top coated the magnetic nails once they were dry as you can lose some of the magnetic effect otherwise.

What do you think of these? Tell me about a workaround you’ve had to use when your nail art supplies failed you in the comments below!