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Lovely leave

I had a glorius, lazy week of leave. It was lovely. I was actually on leave from the 13th of October, but Rudi and I had had a fight and I wasn’t in a great mood. He then came home early from work and we carted him and Babyice off to the doctor as they were both not well. The doctor diagnosed them both with bronchitis. I had a viral throat infection as well, but I had no other symptoms so I just popped painkillers and sprayed my throat. R900 later we had a replenished pharmacy in our house and two sick boys. They both stayed home on Friday.


So, on Friday I baked a cake! At first I thought the cake had flopped because they seemed to come out really flat…but once the cake was iced it looked fine! It also tasted awesome! Yay me. I got a new piping bag to try and was messing around with the nozzles. I found the star nozzle quite easy to pipe with and I’m sure I can make some great cupcakes for Babyice’s next birthday. No help required from My Evil Mother! 😀


Cake 🙂


Yes, it’s not 100% neat and I couldn’t sell it…but it was just for us and we all loved it 🙂


On the Saturday Leebeesa came to look after Babyice as Rudi and I had planned a date night for him to make up for pissing me off the previous Saturday.  This does not include him pissing me off on Thursday! We went out to dinner to our usual favourite spot, Panarottis. We love their pizza and Rudi is gaga over their chillies. He usually bribes the waiter to bring him a take away container with extra chilli. We chatted about some of the issues we’ve been having lately. It has been really tense between us and Rudi misbehaving constantly hasn’t helped. This left me more and more resentful and frustrated and him not at all comprehending what I was upset about. We called a truce and went to see ‘Friends with benefits’. It was quite a cool movie and had a few funny moments. We had a good date. Even though we flared up at each other a few times in the following days, things are calmer now.


We had prepared some fish fingers for Babyice to eat while Leebeesa was watching him. While he was eating she said to him ‘Eat your fishy’. He looked at the fish fingers and said ‘Fishy. Nemo.’ and refused to eat any more! We suspect that he has made the connection between what he is eating and his favourite cartoon character…so when we feed him fish now we just tell him it’s chicken. He doesn’t seem to know the difference quite yet.


I spent practically the whole week doing as little as possible, catching up on series mostly. On Monday I did do all the washing, complete with carrying it up and down the stairs to hang it on the line. On Wednesday I went back to the dentist to replace the temporary filling he had put in for me the week before. It was painless, until the drugs wore off, but the next day everything was back to normal again.


On Saturday I returned to work. Taking leave before my working weekend might seem like a silly idea, but it really does have its benefits. Firstly it allows me to ease back into work since it’s not full day and instead of working 12 consecutive days, I only work 7 consecutive days. At least I *thought* I could ease into work…until I realized that my PC was stuffed. I had to sit at a different PC  both Saturday and Sunday. It really is inconvenient since all my applications and links, etc don’t work and I have to set up my profile on someone else’s machine. It took up a lot of my time. IT came to have a look on Monday and they will be coming to rebuild my machine tomorrow.


This week is slowly dragging by…and I have another Lindor weekend looming ahead of me. Rudi is going to be helping Lindor move his office (not just one office, the entire office) to Somerset West. Apparently his services (read: free labour) is required at 9AM on Saturday morning already. This means I won’t be seeing him AT ALL on Saturday. Heaven knows when he will make his way home >.<


I had plans with Sarah to go for a mani/pedi on Saturday, but we’ve postponed it anyway since she isn’t sure whether or not she would have been paid yet. Suits Rudi and Lindor just fine. We wouldn’t have had anyone to watch Babyice if we were both out. I guess I’ll just spend some quality time with him (and Nemo and Barney, no doubt).


I might also take my grandmother shopping since she has just had an op on her little finger and is finding it difficult to drive or do much for herself. They put a metal pin into her finger which has to stay in for 6 to 8 weeks. At least it will give us something to do and I’ll be helping her at the same time 🙂