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Looking at houses

We’ve been toying with the idea of moving when our lease expires. It expires at the end of August this year. We would like to live in a house, without neighbours literally on our doorstep. We would like to have a garage and a yard with some grass for Babyice to play on. You would think that’s not too much to ask. Rental properties seem to be EXTREMELY rare. I could find NOTHING in our price range and we were looking up to R5000 a month.

Rudi has been itching to buy our own house for a long time. It is a dream of mine to have my own house, but I know that we just can’t afford it right now. Realistically. We’ve been to see a couple of houses for sale. The ones we can’t afford by a narrow margin are quite small, but not too bad. There’s always something. No space for the dishwasher is a biggie. There never seems to be! Also…many of the places have very little storage space…in the kitchen and elsewhere.

We saw a house we thought might be in our price range. The house is SO run down. I wouldn’t live in it until it had been fixed up. It needed a LOT of work. We may have been able to afford the house, but wouldn’t have money to fix the place up. The upside to such a property would be that you can make it exactly as YOU want it. Make space in the kitchen for the dishwasher, etc. It was also on a very big plot, so lots of space to build on. The main bedroom had no cupboards. The kitchen looked…dingy…to put it mildly. The roof had been leaking so there were water marks and mould all over the walls and ceilings. There must have been tenants in that house for a very, very long time. I just can’t see us having enough funds to make the place liveable. Sure, someone lives there already, but they obviously have no standards whatsoever. One other nice thing about this house is that it is in the same street as Babyice’s day mother. Very convenient. Someone with the ability to buy it, fix it up and sell it at a profit has probably already snapped it up though.

We’re speculating about what we can afford as well. We haven’t actually applied for a bond at the bank, so we have no idea what we actually qualify for. I’m sure it’s not as much as we think.

We might just end up having to renew our contract here at this rate.