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Laundry #fail

Laundry #fail:

So we went to pick up the sling yesterday. We still have to figure out exactly how it works, but Pinkhairgirl has volunteered to Skype me to show me or to show me when she comes to Cape Town in the beginning of March 🙂 I decided to wash it right away since it needs a couple of washes to soften the fabric as the dye makes the fabric stiff. I threw some of the new unwashed baby items in with the load. One of the items being a white hooded towel. Let us just say it is now a blue hooded towel. Luckily it dyed pretty evenly and it looks fine. I don’t think anyone will even know. Luckily everything else in the load was already blue. I wasn’t kidding when I said we have a lot of blue stuff!

Today is my last day at work. It has not been different from any other day at work. I have still gotten the same amount of work and I am super tired. I’ve been quite irritable today…because I would have really like to relax on my last day…instead of it being a normal, stressful Friday. The team I am in is the most hard working team in our department. This is as a result of a work ethic that we have developed and a team mentality that never lets the work fall to the wayside, no matter what. I could seriously go into labour at work and they would plan getting me to hospital around the work. There is never any mercy. That is why our portfolio performs the best in the entire department and why we very rarely fail. Our scores carry the rest of the department where they fall short. We are awesome…but it means hard work and determination. It means sticking it out and working when you’re meant to. It means not getting cut any slack. It also means I had to work as I usually do, till the bitter end. Even my 12 consecutive days. After this though…I’m free. 6 months of zero obligation to work. What a relief!

Also…my Sing Star has arrived! We’ll be picking it up after work. I can’t wait!!!! Guess what we’ll be doing after work?! Whoopie!!!!