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Ice Box Las Vegas Lights

I was quite glad to be able to break away from the Christmas manis since I have quite a few new polishes that I’ve been dying to try all December, but they do not quite fit with the Christmas theme.


One of the polishes I really, really wanted to wear was the Ice Box holographic polish that Michelle gifted me. I decided to use that as the main colour for my mani and accent with my Born Pretty Store Holographic Effect Polish #1 (get it here).


To start I painted all my nails with my Tip Top Miraculous Results base coat to protect my natural nails.  I painted Ice Box Las Vegas Lights on all of my nails besides my ring fingers. I was really impressed with the formula and application of this polish. It didn’t bald at all if you went over the same spot twice like my other holos do. It is more opaque than any of the other holos I own. The full size Ice Box bottle comes with a thick, wide brush (almost like the essence brush, but a bit bigger). It took a little getting used to as the brush can pick up quite a bit of polish, so I had to get the feel of how much polish to wipe off before applying. I adjusted quickly though and two coats gave me perfect coverage. The Born Pretty Store holo has a smaller brush and is quite sheer, so I needed 3 coats for opacity.  Both these polishes dry really nicely and I had no issues with bubbling as I’m prone to bubbles which probably has something to do with my technique. I sealed it all in with my Seche Vite top coat. Both these polishes were also a dream to clean up (considering I’ve been battling with reds and foils all month!). The results:


A beautifully muted mani, until these polishes meet the sun!


Just look at it!



Both these polishes are absolutely gorgeous! I am totally in love with my nails. I’m interested to see how well the Ice Box polish wears since I’m so impressed with it overall so far. Thanks so much for this gorgeous polish Michelle! I love it! [Update] I’ve been wearing this polish since Thursday night. It is Monday and the polish is still 100% perfect. Not a chip in sight and no tip wear to speak of. It could fall apart at any minute, but I’m happy with the wear time!


While I was taking photos of my supplies I spotted the water decals I bought from luckystarstyle. I decided to “enhance” my mani by adding a decal on my accent nail. I chose my Hello Kitty decals. They are so super simple to use. It is so quick and easy and looks great. Check it out:

And with the holo effect:


These are so cute! Even though you pay in dollars they are also relatively inexpensive and there are loads of designs to choose from. Customer service is excellent and no customs issues because they are mailed to you in an envelope. Try them out!


What do you think? Do you like holographic polishes? Would you try decals?