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I seriously jinxed it. I am NOT going to talk about the sleep training on this here blog again if it is going well!


Babyice woke up twice last night. Once just after 03:00, Rudi got up and gave him his dummy. He then woke up again shortly after 04:00. This time he wanted ‘bottie’, but didn’t want water. Rudi insisted I give him his bottle since it was only an hour or so from the time I would give him his bottle anyway. I gave him his bottle and walked away. He then asked Rudi for Barney, since he had stayed behind for some reason. Luckily Rudi didn’t give in to *this* request and he went back to sleep.


So mommy was a little resentful when she woke up this morning. I was also a bit jealous that he got to snooze while we were getting ready for work. He wanted to get up just as much as I did. Rudi was chipper and was trying to wake him. I was not so sympathetic. Bad mommy.


In other news, Babyice is so very clever! I wish I had a better camera for this beautiful picture:


Building blocks
That tower is 10 blocks high! He built this all by himself! As you can see the blocks are tiny and not very easy to balance, but he managed it! I am super proud of him 😀
So no more sleep talk and hopefully he’ll go back to sleeping through.