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It’s Monday, right?

So here I am at home. I don’t feel like I won’t be going to work for the next six months. It feels like I have a day off. It must be very hard for Rudi to get out of bed and go to work while I get to lie in. I know it is for me when he is off and I have to go to work. It is going to be lonely for the first while…until Babyice gets here anyway. At least I have the couch all to myself during the day 🙂

On Saturday our water was off. Almost the entire day nothing happened when we opened the taps. At some point we got some brown, dirty water coming out…but we were relieved we could flush the toilet. Icky. I know.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 6:30 so I could shower and wash my hair before church. The water was back on, but no hot water. Eventually we discovered that the geyser switch keeps tripping at the main board. We assume the element of the geyser must have burnt out because it was running dry for so long. I wish we had thought of switching it off, but we really didn’t have any warning of the water being cut off. We’ve never been in a situation where the water was completely off…so we really didn’t know what to do.

We contacted the landlady yesterday and she’ll be sending out a professional to come and assess the situation today. It’s a good thing I’m on maternity leave, otherwise it would have had to wait till after hours or Wednesday when the housekeeper is here. I went to have a shower at my grandparents house yesterday. I’m not taking cold showers!!!

Being the end of January the cupboards and fridge are bare…I suppose I could have sent Rudi shopping this evening, but we decided to go and watch Avatar in 3D instead. I’m dying to see what all the fuss is about! Tomorrow night we have dinner with my grandparents. If they schedule for around 7…we’ll probably be able to fit in a quick shop beforehand. Although…there is no way I’m going shopping right now! I don’t see myself waddling through aisles of stuff comfortably anymore. I’ve registered with Pick ‘n Pay online shopping, but they have to verify my address which can apparently take up to 72 hours. By that time it will be too late…although…I could always use it after Babyice arrives. Might be really handy then!

I still haven’t gotten anywhere with the baby room. I feel so lazy and demotivated. When is that nesting thing going to kick in again?