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It’s been long again…

A lot has happened since I’ve last posted. I was awarded Woman of the Week by She’s The Geek. A great honour! Feel free to go and leave a comment on the interview! I’ve also been published on Parent24! If you’re an avid blog reader, you’ll recognize the post. I really didn’t know if they’d be interested in posting something I’d written, but they were and I was very chuffed with myself!

Sjoe…it really has been long since I’ve posted. After our 4 month check up, Babyice was meant to move into his own room. Problem with that was that he really didn’t have one! I’ve mentioned time and time again that his room wasn’t finished and I really gave myself a hard time about it, but that weekend after our check up Rudi and I rolled up our sleeves and got it done! It’s not the most stunning baby room in the world, but it is the best we could do for now. We didn’t put up his mosquito net since we don’t want to make holes in the ceiling while we’re renting and possibly moving out soon. We bought some wall deco (Winnie The Pooh) and a proper Sangenic nappy bin (It ROCKS! I LOVE it! Don’t know how I lived without it!) and a cool green kiddies lamp. We moved all his stuff into his room, unpacked the box that had been standing in the corner for almost two years and donated to charity the teddy bears we decided we just didn’t have space for. I didn’t realize I had so many stuffed animals. I also gave away a teddy bear that was given to me by my biological father. I had hung onto it for years and wondered whether I should keep it or not, but I decided not to. It was just taking up space and I doubt he remembers even giving it to me. If it can lie in a box for two years, it can go to a child who has none.

Babyice sleeps well in his own room. It really is working out for us. Sometimes he sleeps even better than he did in our room. I think it is quite possible that we were disturbing his sleep with our tossing and turning!

Solids are going well. We figured out that Babyice HATES Purity Rice Cereal. After almost a week of trying (and failing) to feed him that we tried Nestum First Cereal. On the second day he was opening his mouth for more and actually moving it around in his mouth, tasting it. The Nestum has brown sugar and caramel in the ingredients and tastes much better than the rice cereal. My word, he is already full of nonsense! He also eats butternut with no complaints and today we’ll be trying carrots for the first time. He has no problem eating the jars of purity vegatables, he seems to like those just fine!

Over the weekend we went to visit the couple from antenatal class again. It was really nice seeing them again and we even got to leave at a reasonable time. We’re all new parents and used to going to bed early with our babies now, so late evenings are really difficult! They allowed us to bath Babyice at their house which was so nice of them and one less thing for us to worry about. We always pick up such good tips from them. C was showing me how she makes her daughter vegetables. She has a container where she freezes the portions in….almost like ice cubes, but bigger. It looks really cool and we’ll consider doing it for Babyice too! Rudi has invited them over to our place in two weeks time. It will be the first time they come to our house. Our entire flat probably fits into their living area…I hope they don’t get cabin fever after 5 minutes!

Father’s Day was quiet. Rudi isn’t phased much by events like birthdays, etc. I bought him a stainless steel travel mug. It’s what he wanted. I also bought myself a purple one and I’m loving it! It keeps my coffee warm while Babyice is demanding my attention…speaking of which…it seems I am needed again!