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It seems I will never be rid of her….

So the weekend begins. We went to visit Sarah and Brad last night at their new place. It’s HUGE. Personally I don’t understand why they need such a huge place, but whatever makes them happy! They have an AWESOME bathroom that has a corner bath with jets. I’m going to bath there. Sarah has been notified. It’s going to be freaking legendary! She also said we can house sit for them when they go away, which they do quite often. The only reason I would really want to is for that bath! I can see it now….candles…bubbles…


Yesterday we popped by my grandparents place to fetch a gift for Babyice. My grandfather had purchased tyres and gotten a free soccer ball. My grandfather will find any excuse for us to visit! While we were there a woman showed up. She’s the woman who runs the safe house. I ignored her presence there until she directly asked me if I was My Evil Mother’s daughter. I couldn’t deny it, so I said yes. She then started preaching to me about how I should be supportive of My Evil Mother and how much she needs me right now. She was speaking Afrikaans to me. I speak Afrikaans really well, but find it hard to express myself properly, specifically when I’m angry. I tried my best to brush her off. She is persistant though. She left her number with my grandmother and said we should meet for coffee sometime. She’d like to know the story of My Evil Mother. I don’t really want to speak to her. I don’t want to get involved and I also don’t want to ruin the chances that My Evil Mother has of staying at the safehouse. If she gets kicked out there, she’ll have no choice but to go back to Coke Head and we’ll be stuck with the same situation we were two weeks ago. The woman repeatedly asked if she was really abused while she was there. She said she can’t have people staying in the safehouse that don’t belong there. Has she picked up on My Evil Mother’s tendency to lie about everything?


The problem is…none of us really know. We have never witnessed it, or seen any evidence of it. My Evil Mother has less than zero credibility with anyone that knows her, especially her family who have been exposed to and uncovered so very many of her lies. I suppose that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t abused…just because we don’t believe anything she says doesn’t mean that it never happened. I can really understand that the woman that runs the safehouse needs to be careful. They are most likely grossly underfunded and there are women in dire need of their services. I hope that My Evil Mother is not robbing a true abuse victim of an escape.




I’m starting to get very excited about my baby shower. It’s going to be SO much fun!!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be “made a fool of”, so if you’ve been invited, come for the entertainment!