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Inspired By Fashion

So I blogged about the Huggies event that I attended here. Of course I planned an outfit and a mani to match. I went shopping in @SanitaShimmy’s wardrobe for something to wear to the event and I found a lovely flowing top that I liked. Here is a picture of the pattern on the top:




I wanted to wear something on my nails that matched the top and decided to draw inspiration from the colours and patterns. I decided to do an ombré because of the colours that melt into each other. At first I thought a regular ombré from cuticle to tip would work, but realized the patterns on the top were a lot more random and would be more fitting.


I started off with my regular base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of essence café olé on all my nails. After I gave that a little time to dry I used essence purple sugar and Tip Top Flashback to randomly sponge on the nail. I didn’t over think it and sponged the colours all over. Some at the tip, some at the cuticle and some on the sides. Both Flashback and purple sugar required a few coats of sponging over café olé for opacity. Once I was happy with the placing and amount of sponged colours I took a fan brush and used essence crazy fancy love to fan golden stripes over the nails. I placed a single round gold stud from my previous Born Pretty Store purchases on my ring nail near the cuticle for accent. The result:





I really loved these nails. I think the colours matched the top I wore beautifully and I again realized that I really like fan brush art. I should do it more often. What do you think? Did I get it right?