In closing…it’s Friday!

Antenatal class went on very late last night. We had a session on breastfeeding. It was all very, very interesting. I would honestly love to breastfeed. I’m going to try my very best. Please remind me when I get frustrated and I’m ‘so over this breastfeeding thing’. Point me back here. I was thinking of breastfeeding at home and then trying to change over to formula when I come back to work. It just seems like such a mission to express (sometimes at work). Any moms out there done that? Was it hard to do? We got home quite late, it was almost 10PM. Waaaay past my bedtime! I drank some Gaviscon before going to bed and managed not to wake up with fire in my throat in the middle of the night. That layer on the top of your stomach really works 🙂 I think I’ll pre-empt the heartburn at night though, since it’s pretty consistent no matter when or what I eat in the evening.


On Wednesday Rudi’s phone was stolen. I was actually quite upset about it. Probably irrationally so. It’s just a phone, really. Not even a very pricey one at that. He also hated it. He was practically begging someone to steal it though. He was driving with it on the dashboard of his work vehicle with his window down. He said it happened with lightning speed. Yes, my dear. Criminals are good at what they do. Yesterday I organized a SIM swap to get his old number back and he is loaning a spare phone my grandfather had lying around after his upgrade.


I felt so cut off from him yesterday. So disconnected. It was horrible. I picked up my phone numerous times wanting to call him or send him a message. We’re creatures of habit, aren’t we? Also, he had to work late and had no way of letting me know when he was coming to pick me up. I sat waiting for him for almost an hour after I finished work, reading tweets about gridlock traffic on the national road, wondering if he was stuck in it. He asked one of my colleagues leaving the building to let me know that he was here. We’ll probably go buy him another handset over the weekend. I’ve also finally put insurance on it for him, which he doesn’t know about. I don’t want him to be careless just because there is insurance in case something happens. His previous phone went for a swim with him after him and Lindor had too many…and now this one is stolen. In six months. Two phones. I’m hoping he will be more careful now. I am also hoping that he doesn’t get the Samsung Star, because then I will be green with envy. It’s a nifty little phone that! If I can’t have an iPhone, I’ll settle for the poor man’s version! The phone is really not very expensive, but I can’t really justify forking out R1800.00 for a luxury like that. Something that I just want. Although, my handset is giving me crap again. Killing itself intermittently. Irritated much? Hmmm. Maybe I can convince Rudi to buy me one for Christmas. Now there’s a thought!


In closing…it’s Friday!

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