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I’m weird that way…

I have lots of little quirks that people aren’t necessarily aware of and I thought I’d share them.

Some of these may make you think I’m a bit OCD, but I’m not really. I think.


  • The TV or radion volume (if indicated numerically) always has to be either on an even number or a multiple of 5. i.e. 32, 34 and 35 are OK. 33 would not be acceptable. 36 and 38 would be OK, but 37 and 39 wouldn’t be.
  • I always separate my task bar buttons on Windows
  • At work, my applications have to be opened in a specific order so that the windows are open in a specific order on my task bar. If one logs me out and would need to be re-opened (thereby changing it’s position) I close everything and open them all up again in the correct order. This does not apply at home or to tabbed browsing.
  • Rudi always has to walk on my right hand side, he’s become so accustomed to it, that if he happens to stray to the left, he automatically corrects, or tells me I’m walking on *his* wrong side 🙂
  • I cannot group my food together on a fork and eat it. I will eat each individual portion of whatever on it’s own (and finish it before starting on the next). I always leave what I think is best for last.
  • I sometimes wave goodbye to people when I’m speaking to them on the phone. Rudi thinks this is hilarious.
  • I cannot watch TV and listen to someone talk. It’s one or the other.
  • I am almost always sitting with my right leg under me at work.
  • I am left handed, but almost only write and play pool left handed. I cut scissors, hold a knife and fork and do almost everything else the right handed way.
  • The first stuffed animal Rudi bought me was an Eeyore, one night we got into a vicious fight and he ripped Eeyore to shreds. I developed an obsession and collected so many Eeyore’s that I don’t know what to do with them now. Guess what kind of room baby is going to have?
  • If there is a newspaper in a room, even if neatly folded, it makes the entire room look messy to me.
  • I loathe it when people capitalise ‘acidicice’. acidicice just looks so much better than Acidicice – doesn’t it? Or is it just me? I understand that people that do this are just being gramatically correct…but it annoys me because I am weird. That being said, I also hate it when people don’t capitalise their own name/surname. Your name is not joe smith. It’s Joe Smith mkay?


Somehow I thought this post will be a lot longer…but I guess I’m not *as* weird as I thought 🙂