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I’m sceptical

Rudi started his new job on Monday. I urged him not to resign at his previous company until he had a letter of appointment or signed contract for his new job. Thank God he listened to me. He is back on leave. His new employer has decided that there just isn’t enough for him to do until the 1st of March and that he should only start there officially then. They did ask if he had already resigned and I suppose they would have kept him on if he hadn’t, but that is besides the point.

They insist on him being a sales rep for a period of time. He has told them repeatedly he is not good with sales and that he would prefer to work on the machines…but they keep pushing this sales pitch. Again yesterday they tried to make it shiny saying they will give him a petrol and car allowance (looks like he’ll have to use my car) and pay him commission, etc. It is no co-incidence that they are now in exactly the same business as Rudi’s old (current) employer. Rudi has all the inside information on who the clients are, where they are situated and exactly how much business they bring in. Wouldn’t it be perfect if he came over and brought some clients with him? They just saved themselves a shit load of work. The type of business they have is recurring as well. Most clients will come back to order more at least once a month.

So Rudi is being used to poach clients from his old (current) employer and he seems really happy to go along for the ride because a) he loathes his old (current) employer b) he’ll be getting a little more money and c) he has been made all sorts of promises. Rudi is too trusting and gullible when it comes to this. Lindor has tried to talk some sense into his head yesterday as well…which I am grateful for. At least then it isn’t coming from me. Lindor is a lot of things, stupid is not one of them. Lindor is a sales guy – which contributes to the reasons I’m not fond of him. He is one of *those* sales people who won’t let you hang up the phone. Scaly buggers they are. Lindor sees right through Rudi’s prospective employer, as do I and is trying to counsel Rudi into getting the best possible contract for himself.

Rudi was so happy to be leaving from his old (current) employer. He has worked there for over 5 years and really hasn’t been treated fairly. He works very hard and never gets paid overtime or appreciated. I feel bad for him that he has to go back there and that this other guy has effectively dropped him and keeps giving him thin strands of hope to hang on to.

I really hope it works out for him. He doesn’t really have any other prospects career wise and doesn’t seem motivated to change that. Whenever I try to motivate him, as encouraging as I try to be, he gets defensive and thinks I am being condescending. I’ve tried so many different approaches with no success.

*sigh* I’m sceptical.



will be holding thumbs that things ork out for the best with both you and Rudi! i think its a guy thing about listening to their woman in their lives call it womans intuition but sometimes we girls just know better! There has been times when i have also had to tell my bh that i think the choice he is making mite not be for the better then he thinks im just trying to b pessimistic but let someone else say the exact words that i say and he tends to agree with them GO FIGURE! So all i can suggest is stand by your man and try and b as supportive as you can b sometimes it is better the devil u know then the devil u dont but wither way just make sure whatever the new company says he gets it in writing! oh and if he is getting a travel allowance please make sure he keeps his log book so that he can claim against it and not get nailed by the tax man from this year no logbook-no claim then allowance becomes fully taxable BIG OUCH!

Shame babes it’s not easy. It is so hard to be supportive & encouraging without coming across as condecending or judgemental in these situations. Just hang in there, keep on praying and just let God have control. Not much more you can do.
Lots of love and hugs

Oy. I’d be very careful of client poaching. Most standard contracts contain some kind of clause that protects companies against this practice by former employees…
Anyway, hope you guys can resolve the issues quickly and to everyone’s benefit.

I also hope it all works out for both of you.

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