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Ice Box Grape Ice and China Glaze Material Girl

I received an Ice Box Colors SA mini in my Durban Polish Party goodie bag that I won from Ordinary Misfit‘s blog. I was really impressed with my Ice Box pink holographic which I blogged about here. I was excited to try the other Ice Box that I had. Grape Ice is a purple metallic polish. I was quite meh about it when I started painting and realized it was a metallic. I am insecure about metallics because you have to apply them very carefully in order for them to look good and I don’t feel that my technique is very fantastic. I actually thought that my nails looked brush strokey when I was done. I usually paint my nails “in the dark” when I do them during the week since I do my mani at my dressing table and Gabby is sleeping. Rudi has a fanny wobble if I put the big light on in the room so I work by lamp light which isn’t great. I decided to accent the purple with my China Glaze Material Girl which I have been dying to use!


As usual I started with a base coat on all my nails. I painted 2 coats of Grape Ice on all my nails and 2 coats of Material Girl on my ring fingers. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite. Quick and easy, no fuss! I usually do straightforward manis during the week and leave the more complicated art/stamping/studded manis for Sundays when I have a bit more time and can work in actual daylight 😛 The results:


Ice Box Grape Ice, accent China Glaze Material Girl


While I’m still adjusting to the metallic, I am absolutely in love with the Material Girl! I am SO glad I bought it. It is such a gorgeous glitter. Easy to work with and full coverage in two coats. I don’t think any photo could do this sparkly polish justice. I also think this purple will be great for a base for stamping and it doesn’t look brush strokey at all. I also wonder how well it would stamp and I’m sure to give it a try sometime!


What do you think of metallic polishes? Do you like them?



I decided my mani was too boring and I wanted to jazz it up. I had a brain fart and decided to do a glitter gradient with the glitter I had used for accent. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It was also so quick and easy to do! The Material Girl glitter is quite dense, so to do the gradient I wiped almost all of the polish off the brush and painted about 2/3 of my nail. I dipped and left a little more on the brush and painted 1/2 of my nail and then coated the brush and painted the tip of my nail (about 1/4). Top coat and voila!





Absolutely in love with this!