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I need some motivation (again)

I’ve decided to quit smoking again. I’ve been smoking since just before my grandfather died. It was a stressful time and I had a lot going on. I was very worried about the family and I guess I used it as an excuse to start smoking again.

I weaned myself off the anti-depressants I was taking in December. I feel fine without them now. I really just needed something to get me through that rough time. Now I have to wean myself off cigarettes again. Since I fell pregnant with Babyice I’ve had allergies/sinus/chest issues. I experience post nasal drip on a daily basis. Without allergy medication this settles on my chest and results in full blown bronchitis. Some evenings my chest wheezes audibly. It is very annoying and a horrible feeling. I am sure that the smoking contributes to this and it is one of the reasons I have decided to quit again. Not that there aren’t a million good reasons to quit, the cost not being the least of it.

I’ve been having difficult trying to quit again. Even when I don’t buy myself cigarettes, someone else does or offers me. Last time I was having trouble the ticker on my blog helped me stick to it (just before I fell pregnant with Babyice). I think the fact that it is so public and anyone can see my success/failure is a good motivator. The ticker is on the left.

So here’s to healthier lungs!