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Huggies DryTouch™ Review

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A while ago I went to a Huggies event in Johannesburg where they announced the launch of their latest DryTouch™ nappies. I was completely amazed by the demonstrations of how quickly the nappies absorbed moisture and raved about them in this post.


I incorrectly received an old pack of nappies at the launch and the PR company was kind enough to replace them with the correct product. Shortly after we started using them we noticed that Gabby developed a horrible rash, only in the area where the “focused absorption” would be. The rash did not extend to her bum area. She was also on antibiotics at the time, so we dismissed it. Something we also noticed was that we would often find that her clothes were wet. Like the moisture had sucked out the nappy so fast it had sucked right through! Were we leaving her in the nappy too long? Maybe, but we had not changed the frequency between nappy changes at all, leading me to believe that the nappies were the common denominator. It happened more than once too. We had a lot of nappies to get through and the rash just would not go away, no matter what we used, which led us to change nappies again. It took some time, but the rash disappeared and has not resurfaced since.


These nappies will not be on my repurchase list, even if I find them discounted somewhere. I know not all babies will have sensitivity to whatever is in the nappy, but ours does and of course that is what matters. It is strange too since she has never had a reaction to any other nappy that we’ve tried (including the older Huggies nappies). Even though these nappies really absorb moisture well, they need to be changed more often in our experience and that affects my bottom line and will mean I have to buy more nappies.


So despite me being super duper impressed with the demonstrations, in practice these nappies just don’t work for us. Have you tried them? What do you think?




I thought it might be best to show  which packs I am referring to as there was some confusion about which nappies we were using. Here you go, note the DryTouch promotion on the front of the pack:

Huggies Size 3 Girls
Image courtesy of Sabio Communications