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Housekeeping sucks!

So I spent the large majority of my weekend doing housework. Not only did we have to clear the backlog of ironing that had been created by the absence of our housekeeper, but I did a lot of the things she had been neglecting to do.


The kitchen is a daily battle. Even though I have the luxury of a dishwasher, not everything goes in there. I have an old school dishwasher (it’s already about 5 years old) and it doesn’t wash pots. Sometimes I try my luck and put them in there, but they usually don’t come out clean. I also don’t put Babyice’s bottles in the dishwasher since it turns the plastic milky and it makes them look dirty when they are not.


On Saturday morning we woke up and I started working. Over the weekend I did the following:


  • Unpacked/repacked the dishwasher 3 times
  • Washed dishes (more than once!)
  • Stripped all the bedding, washed it and hung it up
  • Did more washing and hung it up
  • Put new bedding on
  • Ironed (!)
  • Washed windows
  • Washed marks off the walls that have been bothering me forever
  • Cleaned the bath
  • Packed away ironing that Rudi had done
  • Packed Babyice’s drawers straight
  • Made a potato salad for a get together
  • Cleaned the washing machine


Rudi helped by:


  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Removing washing from the line
  • Taking out the rubbish 3 times (!)
  • Cleaning out the broom cupboard
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Ironing a lot of the back log (but not packing it away…I did that)


I’m really glad he helped. Even with him helping it was a fuckton of work and I am DONE FOR! It doesn’t seem like a lot of work when you write it down, but it WAS. So. Much. Work. Rudi did help quite a bit, especially with the huge pile of ironing on Saturday, but I still did the majority of the work. Unfortunately this housekeeper thing also co-incided with my PMS week. Rudi went to shower on Saturday and left his clothes on the floor. I nearly died. I decided that I was not doing a single thing further until he had picked up his clothes or that  I would leave them there until HE picked them up. I am not his mother. It’s one thing having to do the housework, having someone make it a  lot more difficult for you is quite another. Another thing he did was throwing empty wrappers down on the kitchen counter, walking past the bin while exiting the kitchen and just leaving them there. WHY? Our house seems to be more constantly tidy (since there is nobody other than ourselves to pick up after us), but I think we need to change our mindset and make less of a mess to begin with! This is much more challenging for Rudi than it is for me. I am always the one cleaning the kitchen, so instead of piling dishes into the sink, I pack them straight into the dishwasher.


Last night I managed to rope Babyice into picking up his toys. He doesn’t respond to ‘Pick up your toys!’, but he will follow a list of commands if you tell him ‘Put the monkey in your toy box, please’ and then ‘Put the car in your toy box, please’. He picked up all his toys by himself last night (while instructed to do so). I’m definitely going to keep that trend up!


I think I’m going to work out a roster for us and split the chores evenly. Hopefully we’ll get into a flow of doing things that will prevent us from spending our weekends doing housework. Otherwise I foresee many a fight over this!