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Hospital Care V2.0

When Babyice was born I blogged about the care I received in hospital. I was less than impressed and didn’t even want to return to the same hospital to give birth to PrincessIce. I discussed this with my gynae and he assured me that it would be better. The maternity ward had been upgraded and the nursing staff rotated. He then mentioned something about getting stuck in traffic en route to another hospital and not being able to administer an epidural and the subject was immediately laid to rest. He obviously knows me very well. I was sceptical, but decided this time I would not be bullied by nurses and would stand my ground and complain if needs be. I’m not a complainer, working in the customer care industry myself I have every sympathy for customer facing staff.

The day dawned that we would have our baby. I never had a problem in the ward where I gave birth. In fact, the same nurse assisted with all 3 my births and she has always been lovely…and somehow always there. There was a second sister that popped in every now and then and she was very sweet. These were not my worries. I worried about the care after the birth.

I was fortunate enough to get a semi private room as the general wards were all full. About 2 hours in my roommate had to be rushed to theatre and I found myself alone in the room. She never returned to the room while I was there. Fortunately this time my room was far from the nurse’s station, but it was directly opposite the nursery.

I desperately wanted my drip removed from my arm. I loathe drips. They render my entire arm utterly useless to me. They require you to urinate on your own after your catheter is removed in order to take the drip out. Upon inspection my catheter had dislocated itself. After Babyice’s birth I was left to go to the loo on my own, resulting in a pool of blood on the floor next to my bed. After I had finally gone to the loo I waited another few hours for them to come and remove my drip, despite requesting they do it more than once.  This time a lovely nurse helped me prevent the pool of blood on the floor and even accompanied me to the bathroom to see if I required assistance. She left me alone and returned shortly after. I was unsuccessful. She told me to call her should I need to go. Later I wanted to try again and she again helped me. This time I managed and she came into the bathroom to assist and removed my drip before we even left the room. What a relief! What a difference! She was very kind and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Everyone knows you lose all your dignity when you give birth, but she never made me feel that way.

All the nurses were very professional and friendly enough. No surly ones this time! There was that one that dispensed incorrect breastfeeding advice, but I am sure she meant well and was only trying to help. Luckily I knew better than to listen to her. As mentioned in my breastfeeding posts the lactation consultant was much more attentive and helpful this time around too, despite being the same lady that was there 3 years prior. Kim suggested she may have gone on a course 😉

Not being in proximity to the nurses station was lovely (and quiet). Being opposite the nursery had it’s own problems. Whenever PrincessIce wasn’t with me and one of the babies cried I wondered if it was her. Yes, I went to check. Did no good for my lactating breasts either all those crying babies! She was with me most of the time though so that wasn’t too bad. I can sleep through crying better than a ringing telephone it turns out!

The maternity ward had certainly been pimped...our room's shower

Rudi and I received our Mediclinic Baby meal:

Still nothing to write home about

I received a roommate very early in the morning on my last day. A tiny little woman scheduled for a c section. Poor lady was in so much pain after I felt very sorry for her. I was out of there by 22:00 that night though, so never got to see her get any better.

All in all I had a MUCH  better experience than I did the previous time and can’t complain at all. Except about the pediatricians. That hospital has shitty ones. Much prefer the paeds closer to home. Happy it all turned out well 🙂