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Hell’s Kitchen

Forkit. Work was HELL today. The work was fine, actually. Problem is our air con was out. It was 32 degrees outside. Inside there are a ton of PCs and hot breathing people. I was literally sticking to my desk. Disgusting! Of course, it doesn’t help that I am incubating! My feet started getting all puffy again. Management did buy us cool drinks (which quickly got warm) and pizza to make up for it and let us go home earlier. Thank goodness! I was COOKING.


Antenatal class last night was fun. We were shown how to bath our babies and each had to follow the demonstration. Rudi was so cute. He was the only daddy that spoke to the baby *heart melts* It was our second last class. I’m kind of sad they’ll be ending soon. I really enjoy them. We also got two packs of J & J wipes. The lady offering the classes took some photos that I assume she’ll be giving to us next week. I’d definitely recommend her class to anyone.


I’ve seen my grandparents twice now since I sent them the letter. The first time I was there not so much as a whisper about My Evil Mother. My grandmother almost slipped, but then said ‘Oh. We won’t talk about it.’  This was the day after the letter. Today I called my grandmother and she started talking about My Evil Mother. I interrupted her and told her I didn’t want to know. When I was there earlier My Evil Mother called them. My grandmother did not mention that I was there. My grandfather said to me ‘If I had to be nasty to your mother I don’t think I could have peace in my heart’. I told him that was his choice. He left it there. Already their edges are blurring, but I am re-enforcing the boundaries. I’m sure I’ll have to do so for quite some time. I will keep doing it though. I am going to stand up for myself and make it clear to them that I mean business.


Rudi is bitching for my attention. Enjoy your weekend!