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Happy Birthday Babyice!

Happy First Birthday!

Today, my baby boy turns 1! I cannot believe that the first year of his life flew by so quickly. I cannot believe how much he has grown, progressed and developed in what seemed to be a blink of the eye. I cannot believe how much I love him. Remember the first picture ever taken of him?

Elijah James aka #Babyice

Nu nu ma. So much has changed since then! Mommy has a big boy on her hands now! An independant little personality that is constantly on the go!

Nommy turtle
Nom nom

Hospital baba

Family time

Cutie pie

A special moment

First haircut 🙂

My boys

In anticipation of Christmas 😉

Say no to this face. I dare you.

And so a year has come and gone. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be his mother. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey.

I LOVE you Lijah bums!