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Hair Happy

I had no hope for my hair. I went to the hairdresser yesterday willing to chop as much as was necessary off to get my hair looking half decent again. I really thought I would have to lose a lot of my length to get rid of the orange/damaged crap at the bottom. Here is the ‘before’ photo, taken on Monday. My hair was clipped up before the photo was taken:
The hairdresser came and assessed my hair. He asked me a few questions and lifted a few sections, checking it all out. After a while he said ‘I’m going to fix this’ in a determined way and moved me to the colouring section. My previous hairdresser was never really sure what she was going to do, other than highlighting my hair to get the colour right. This obviously wasn’t working. This hairdresser’s jaw dropped when he saw the colour my hair used to be:
Dark Hair
He said we had done well getting *that* out so far. We started with highlights to my roots and some of the bottom of my hair. He applied them in two different stages. My hair was washed and then the bottom was completely covered with another mixture of colour. They were mixing so many bowls of colour for me that I started worrying that it was going to cost both arms and legs! After a while they covered all my hair with the colour mixture (likely a toner). They probably wanted to give the discoloured ends more time to ‘lift’.  After this was rinsed it was finally time to cut. He said he would just ‘texture’ my hair (cut layers) which will also get rid of some dark that is left. Mostly if I am at a hairdresser with wet hair after colouring I cannot see the difference, but this time I really could. I could see my hair wasn’t the same colour anymore. I couldn’t BELIEVE IT! I lost almost NO length and my hair is A LOT less orange! I was so happy I nearly cried. This hair dresser is also very professional. He has a wonderful, soft spoken manner with his staff. He has seriously mastered the art of whispering. He would be standing right next to you and say something to his staff member standing beside him and you would have NO idea what he said. I was impressed by that. You know how it usually is in a salon, loud voices shouting over haird dryers, but it was really quiet and peaceful in this one.  Here is the ‘after’ photo:
I mentioned that I wanted to get a GHD so that I could start styling my hair and wearing it loose. My hair has an awful kink in it if I don’t flat iron it and I have been tying it up every day for the longest time now because I’ve been trying to hide the orange at the bottom. I was going to get the bottom of the range (read: cheapest) one I could find. I enquired at a salon near where I live and they were having a special on a gift set for R1750.00. It is the ‘normal’ one with a handbag and clips. I thought I’d leave it and see what the new hairdresser has before going back to purchase one. Not only did he have a GHD in my favourite colour, I got it for R1700.00! This is the one I bought:
*image courtesy of www.ghdhair.com
It is beautiful! I love it! Since my hair was already flat ironed yesterday, I haven’t had a chance to use it. I also don’t usually wash my hair the day after it has been washed, but we *are* going to gym tonight and my hair usually soaks up all the sweat. Perhaps I should wash it tonight. It will also put me back into my routine since I usually wash my hair on a Wednesday. Win/win 🙂
So the first time in a long time I am happy about my hair. I barely lost any length and it is MUCH more evenly coloured than before. YAY!
P.S. This hairdresser can stay 🙂