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Growing up!

So on Friday, not long after I posted my last blog post, I got a call from the day mother saying Babyice’s fever was back, he was ‘pap’ (no energy) and that he was talking ‘deurmekaar’ (not making sense). PANIC STATIONS. I felt even worse for not giving him medication earlier and immediately phoned Rudi and told him to drop everything to take Babyice to the doctor. I called the doctor and advised them he was coming in and called the day mother back to ask her to administer a suppository. I was very upset. Feeling guilty and quite helpless sitting at home without the car. Worried sick. He had never spoken funny before. I didn’t realize at the time that he has only recently started speaking coherently and we probably would not have noticed it before. Rudi got to the day mother very quickly and ended up waiting about an hour to be seen by the doctor. When he went into the doctor’s office I called him and asked him to put me on speaker so I could also hear what the doctor was saying. Babyice was diagnosed with a severe throat infection and given antibiotics. Rudi decided to bring him home to me and I was glad to have him with me, even though I was sick and was supposed to be resting. When he got home his temperature was down and he was tired, so I gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap. He took a long 3 hour nap and I allowed him to sleep so his body could rest and fight the bugs inside him. On one hand I was a little surprised that it was a throat infection because he hadn’t had trouble eating or drinking. The fever was the first sign. On the other hand it isn’t very surprising since he had no other symptoms it was likely to be a throat or ear infection. I’m glad we caught it. My cousin had a convulsion from a fever caused by a throat infection. Not something you toy with. The doctor prescribed Babyice some throat lollies, but he wasn’t very keen on them. I have also learnt that he doesn’t like jelly, but he’ll eat all the ice cream you can dish.


By Saturday I was feeling a lot better (thank you Echinaforce!) and Babyice was showing signs of improvement. He was a little miserable throughout the day, but not unbearably so. On Sunday we stayed home from church and Babyice dragged me out of bed to come and sit on the couch while he watched his movie which we have both seen a gazillion times. I didn’t understand why he insisted on having me there, until I realized that he was scared of certain parts of the movie. For instance, in Toy Story he is afraid of the pit bull and clings to me whenever the dog is shown. He has never responded to movies with fear. I have actually looked at children’s movies from a different perspective since having him around and some parts of the films are always downright scary! I’m not sure WHY they do that. At least Barney isn’t scary. I was afraid to put underpants on for him and I delayed it for as long as I could. I figured that the antibiotics might of affected his tummy and a poo accident was just going to be one big mess. Rudi asked me if I would clean the kitchen (which looked like a hurricane had run through it)  if he took Elijah to a nearby shopping centre to play on their jungle gym. I agreed on the condition that he would also clean up any poo accident that might occur that day. *evil laugh*. He agreed (the kitchen was a really big mess, see?). Some time after he had come home Babyice started letting off some really stinky farts. We decided to put him on the potty every 10 minutes or so ‘in case’ and encourage him to poo. It finally paid off! Babyice made his first poo in the potty at home! Rudi lucked out and didn’t have to clean any messy clothes. I didn’t mind too much though, I was too happy and excited about the potty training breakthrough to care 🙂


Babyice playing on the jungle gym:




Taking 'ga ga' out from between his toes (fluff from his socks)


We’re all doing much better now. We need to get back to gym. We really do. I need to go. Feeling so fat again 🙁 I haven’t been wanting to go, but I really must. Rudi also wants to go back, I somehow always get the blame for us not going, despite not saying no when he suggests we go. We were planning to go yesterday, but Rudi worked late and had a dart league meeting last night, so time did not allow (not my fault!). Hopefully we’ll pluck up the time/courage/energy to go tonight. I simply must get my fitness levels and strength up. Babyice is now weighing in at 17 kg and I can hardly pick him up anymore! He certainly still expects it and I still want to pick him up every now and then, even though I know it won’t be possible forever.
My baby is growing up so fast! 🙁