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Another week has flown by. I was on leave for most of last week after having worked the weekend, so I didn’t have much time for a blog post in between.


I have learnt that my children love to defy me, even from within the womb. I blogged that PrincessIce doesn’t kick me on my bladder like Babyice used to. Not two days after I posted that she started doing it. She is a strong kicker too, so it’s even worse this time! I have to find a way to turn this baby! Babyice used to make me a liar on my blog too. Specifically when I was blogging about the sleep training. If I would say he has slept through for a while, he would start waking up and visa versa.  I know it’s completely irrational since they obviously cannot read my blog, but this is something that consistently seems to happen. Perhaps it is a universe thing. Unlike ‘The Secret’ I’m getting back the opposite of what I put out there. That’s the best I can do about coming up with a theory 😛




I really enjoyed and treasured my pregnancy this weekend. At week 25 I’ve finally hit the ‘honeymoon phase’  that is supposed to come with your second trimester. I am quite emotional and hormonal. I cry at the drop of a hat. I was a little sad on Saturday. I lay on our bed feeling PrincessIce kick and suddenly felt really sad that this will be my last pregnancy and that it will be over soon. I know I may have said at some point that I love being pregnant, but that is easy to say when you’re not actually pregnant. I hated the symptoms of the first trimester, even while in awe of the miracle growing inside me. When I reach this honeymoon phase though, it is a beautiful thing and this is the part that I love. I never really got to experience this much with Jamie. Even though your second trimester starts at around 13 weeks, I only hit my ‘happy place’ much, much later. They discovered the problems with Jamie at my 20 week scan and from there on out it was just a nightmare. With Babyice I definitely got to enjoy parts of my pregnancy (also around this point) and now with PrincessIce too. I definitely do not want more than two children though and unless we have a HUGE accident, this will be my last pregnancy. As the thought struck me, I started to cry. Eventually I realized I was being silly. I’m still pregnant. Suck it up and enjoy it. I even caught a glimpse of myself and my bump in the mirror and couldn’t help feeling beautiful and smiling. That never happens to me. So while I’m in this appreciative mood I can overlook all the other discomforts and just be grateful for this opportunity and blessing.




Over the weekend we made a turn at Baby Boom. Babyice has been struggling to fit into his car seat properly and weighs enough for us to convert his car seat into a booster seat. Neither Rudi nor I had any idea how to do this though, so it was best we go to the experts. Car seats are like freaking rocket science to me. I don’t get how to install them and hate taking them out of the car. I am super paranoid about car seats. I am very insistent on the safety of my child in the car and will not let the car move without him being belted in. So having a car seat that isn’t properly installed is a huge no no for me. This lady who I have known from shopping at Baby Boom since I was pregnant with Babyice came out to the car to help us and started unscrewing things and whipping belts out, etc. I am super glad we didn’t try to do it ourselves. Even watching someone with years of experience baffled me! Now that all the fiddly belts are out of the way and we can just strap Babyice in with the seat belt it is super easy though. The seat belt just threads through one hole and Babyice and the seat clip in. You really can’t mess it up. It will also make it MUCH easier to move the seat from one car to another when the need arises. i.e. when Leebeesa takes Babyice while I am having PrincessIce. I cannot believe Babyice is big enough for a booster seat! My baby is gone, forevermore 🙁 I was going to buy another car seat for PrincessIce, but realized that someone with porridge brains shouldn’t make decisions when the Baby Boom assistant pointed out I just need a new booster seat for Babyice and that PrincessIce could use his current car seat. Duh. It would be much cheaper to add a booster than to purchase another car seat that converts into a booster. What was I thinking?!



I am quite looking forward to this weekend. We are going away with the in laws to Avalon Springs to stay in the luxurious mountain chalets. We went there last year as well, courtesy of the in laws’ time share. I felt ill most of the time while we were there though. I thought that I had altitude sickness and thought I would take meds along if we ever went again. Now I’m pregnant. Fail. Arkwife googled for me though and apparently pregnant women very rarely suffer from altitude sickness because the extra blood in their body provides more oxygen than normal. I was very happy to hear that. I plan to spend more time in the jacuzzi and hot springs than I did last time we were there. I also plan to make use of their spa facility to have a pregnancy massage. I even phoned ahead to make sure they offer it. Someone asked me last week who would be joining us and I suddenly realized that ALL my in laws would be there. Even Rudi’s brother from Durban and his wife and daughter will be there. The whole family including kids. I don’t have problems with my in laws and don’t dislike them at all. I suppose it is normal for me to feel like an outsider in that situation though, isn’t it? They would never intentionally make me feel that way, it is very likely something I do to myself. I’m not even the last one married into the family, so I really should just get over myself and have a good time 🙂 We’ll be leaving on Friday and coming back home on Monday. Luckily this time I won’t have to hunt for swimming nappies for Babyice like I had to last time. It really is a very small town and none of the ‘major retailers’ had them!  I’m sure that Friday will arrive in record time and I will have loads to blog about when we get back 🙂