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Ghosts of Christmas past

Right now I’m sitting at work, although I’m on leave. I’ve just come in to have my hair done. Yes! We have a salon at work! It’s so convenient and their prices are really reasonable. I’m having my colour done. I’m going to try and get back to my natural colour, or as close as possible. Hopefully maintenance will then be less frequent and less expensive. Since my hair is very dark right now it will be a long journey. I couldn’t possibly just bleach out all my colour. I might as well shave all my hair off! I can’t wait to see the outcome though. There should be a vast difference after today.

Anyway…the family have started thinking about how sad Christmas will be without my grandfather this year. His passing is still very fresh in our hearts and memories and it will be our first one without him. I agree that he will be missed, but I don’t think we should be sad about it. I thought back to last Christmas. My grandfather was still going through chemo at the time. He was very ill and didn’t even know if he felt like coming to our traditional Christmas Eve family gathering at our house. He was there but he felt horrible and didn’t really enjoy himself.

This year he might not be there in body, but he will be there in spirit. He is no longer ill, in pain or suffering. This year he gets an invite to the BIG birthday party and he’ll surely have lots of fun!

So this year I’ll do my best not to be sad. I know my grandfather won’t be and wouldn’t want us to be.

I wish all my Christian readers a blessed Christmas and a safe festive season to you all. Love one another and appreciate the time you have together.