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Rudi needs to go and have his wisdom teeth out. They have been bothering him for a while now. One of them broke through the gum I think about a year ago and became infected. We didn’t have the money to fix it then since there is quite a large co-payment for the operation. Now one of them is pushing his rear most molar out towards his cheek. His molar is cutting into his cheek and causing him pain. Of course, the medical aid savings are done for the year, save a handful of GP visits.


I phoned the medical aid and it was the same story. If you go into hospital to have them removed there is a dental admission fee of R3650. Not pocket change we have lying around. He has to go into hospital, the dentist told him it could not be done in the chair. I took out gap cover a long time ago and decided to give them a call. I thought they only cover hospital costs if doctors charge over and above medical aid rates. That’s not true! They also cover co-payments! We will have to pay the amount upfront and they will reimburse us after the fact.


I am so glad I took out gap cover. This probably means they will also cover the next colonoscopy I go for. I’m kind of overdue for that. Meep.


I’m also glad Rudi will be able to go and get this sorted out. He has been suffering with it for a while now. He pays his share of medical aid all year long and this is the first time he will use the hospital benefit and finally get some value for his money. Shame, he is a bit scared. He has never been for an operation before. The man still has his tonsils! We were already together when my wisdom teeth came out in 2001. I remember waking up in the middle of the night in pain and Rudi fetching me an ice pack in the kitchen and bandaging it to my cheek to help. I hope he has forgotten how painful it was for me. It was no fun!